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HigherDOSE Expands Their Award-Winning Red Light Collection With New Red Light Hat Innovation

Meet the next supercharged hair growth and scalp revitalization solution.

May 10, 2024, Los Angeles, CA — Innovative wellness technology brand HigherDOSE, known for bringing infrared to the masses and making biohacking accessible, is unveiling a brand new wearable tech innovation with the launch of the Red Light Hat. The first-of-its-kind baseball cap design combines sleek aesthetics, discreet wearability, and science-backed red light technology to promote healthy follicle growth and scalp rejuvenation.

HigherDOSE has seen overwhelming success harnessing the power of red light in their popular skincare devices including the Red Light Face Mask and Red Light Neck Enhancer to boost collagen + elastin production, ignite radiance, and reduce fine lines + wrinkles. They are now excited to integrate the technology into a new format targeting the scalp. With the recommended use of 10 minutes per day, the Red Light Hat fits into your wellness routine seamlessly — make it a daily ritual to wear on your morning coffee run, commute, or meditation session. With consistent use, results can be noticed within 12 to 26 weeks.


How does red light therapy help with hair growth?

First, the red light increases better blood flow to the scalp by increasing microcirculation to hair follicles to optimize their function, addressing underlying factors contributing to hair thinning and shedding. In addition, red light lowers inflammation to help minimize DHT, a byproduct of testosterone that can contribute to hair loss and encourages a healthy scalp.

Backed by science, HigherDOSE’s Red Light Hat features:

  • 120 Medical Grade LED Diodes — FDA-cleared technology with significant data that shows the effectiveness for stimulating hair growth. The removable red light insert allows you to clean the outer hat shell when preferred.
  • 650nm Red Light — A highly researched wavelength for hair growth, lowering inflammation, and accelerating healing.
  • Cordless, Sleek Design — Wear anywhere, anytime, and get 8–10 sessions per full battery charge.
  • Zero EMF Emission — Due to the cordless, battery-powered design, you will not get any EMFs during your treatments.

On the product expansion, HigherDOSE Co-founder + Co-CEO, Katie Kaps, says, “Since launching our red light mask in 2021 we've seen massive growth in consumer demand for this efficacious light-therapy technology. As pioneers in beauty biohacking, we saw white space to further expand our red light product line into the hair growth category, launching the only everyday wearable solution on the market. We're thrilled to see results speaking for themselves in consumer trials and look forward to bringing the red light hat to the masses.”

HigherDOSE Co-founder + Co-CEO, Lauren Berlingeri, adds, “Whether you're a man or a woman facing the challenges of hair loss, embracing red light therapy is a game-changer. Our device is designed with your well-being in mind, free from any hormones or harmful chemicals. It's about nurturing your body while rejuvenating your hair naturally.”

The HigherDOSE Red Light Hat is now available exclusively on their website for $449.

About HigherDOSE


HigherDOSE’s mission is to make supercharged self-care and beauty biohacking accessible to the masses through efficacious, portable wellness technology, tools, and accessories.

Since 2016, HigherDOSE Co-founders and female biohackers, Katie Kaps and Lauren Berlingeri, have designed the next generation of cutting-edge wellness technology. HigherDOSE offers premium products inspired by the healing power of nature with science-backed Infrared, PEMF, and Red Light therapies developed to boost longevity and vitality from the inside out. The DOSE in HigherDOSE signifies dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins to ignite well-being through the recovery, relaxation, detoxification, healing, and glowing benefits of the product suite.

HigherDOSE has become a juggernaut in the wellness tech space, striking national retail partnerships with Sephora, goop, Blue Mercury, Best Buy, and more, while also becoming a necessity for top celebrities, athletes, and wellness enthusiasts. HigherDOSE also operates its own branded wellness sanctuary at 11 Howard hotel in New York City, which has become the premier infrared sauna destination, in addition to offering touchpoints at global hospitality destinations including 1 Hotels.

To DOSE is a lifestyle. It’s a commitment to ritualizing your daily well-being, wherever you are. HigherDOSE offers educational content and community to support your journey and help you get high, naturally, alongside a best-selling arsenal of healing tools.


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