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ZAMATHOME Pillow Receives High Praise for Effective Neck Pain Relief

June 20, 2024 — ZAMATHOME, a leading brand in providing solutions for neck, shoulder, and back pain, has recently garnered significant attention and endorsements from over 150 sleep experts, doctors, and physical therapists. These professionals have praised the brand's flagship product, the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow, for its exceptional comfort and effectiveness in relieving neck pain.

The Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow has been a bestseller for ZAMATHOME, with over 200,000 units sold in the past year. Its unique design and superior quality have made it a top choice for customers in the U.S. and Europe seeking relief from neck discomfort. The pillow's innovative button technology provides customized support, adapting to the individual's neck curvature and sleeping position.

In a groundbreaking move set to alleviate chronic neck pain, a new neck pain relief bundle has been introduced to the market: the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow and the NekGenic™ Pro Heated Neck Pillow. The NekGenic™ Pro is lauded for providing effortless pain relief within minutes. Meanwhile, the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow offers sustained support, ensuring ongoing neck care even when there is no pain. This innovative combination promises to bring much-needed relief and comfort to those suffering from neck issues.


Dr. Caleb Burgess, a renowned physical therapist, commented, "The combination of the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow and the NekGenic™ Pro is a game-changer for those suffering from neck pain. The customized support of the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow, coupled with the therapeutic heat of the NekGenic™ Pro, offers a comprehensive solution for pain relief and improved sleep quality."

ZAMATHOME's commitment to innovation and customer well-being has been evident in the development of these products. The brand's dedication to working with experts in the field ensures that its offerings are not only comfortable but also clinically beneficial.

The founder of ZAMATHOME, stated, "We are honored to have such strong support from the medical and sleep communities. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for a pain-free night's sleep, and these recommendations validate our efforts."

As ZAMATHOME continues to grow, the brand is set to launch new products that will further assist individuals in achieving better sleep and overall health. For more information about ZAMATHOME and its products, please visit or contact via [email protected].


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