The Top 15 Diet-Obsessed Countries

Curious about which countries are most obsessed with dieting? Spoiler alert: United States makes the list, but not at the top.

To answer this question, we turned to Google Trends. This tool effectively assesses public interest by monitoring the frequency and patterns of specific search terms on Google over time. It helps identify a search term's global traction at any given moment.

Our analysis focused on search data related to the Diet (nutrition) topic, incorporating queries made in native languages to generate our rankings. Google Trends offers scores for countries, indicating the local engagement with diet-related searches.

Although Google Trends does not provide statistics on actual diet adherence, search frequency can indicate people’s intentions to follow a diet. It's important to remember that diets are adopted not just for weight loss but for other reasons as well. People may follow specific dietary plans to manage health conditions, enhance physical performance, or align with ethical and environmental values.

This analysis is based on Google Trends data from April 22, 2023, to April 23, 2024.

ScoreMost popular dietEmerging trends
#1 Czechia100Ketogenic Carnivore (+650%)
#2 Poland99
Ketogenic Carnivore (+850%)
#3 Greece87Ketogenic Macrobiotic (+1,100%)
Longevity nutrition (+4,900%)
#4 Kuwait73Ketogenic Caloric deficit (+160%)
#5 Slovakia70
Low-FODMAP (+100%)
Fasting (+60%)
#6 Australia65Ketogenic
CSIRO (+250%)
Rice method (+3,050%)
Cortisol detox (+700%)
Eddie Abbew (+700%)
#7 United States64Ketogenic

Bland (Breakout)
Clear liquid (+200%)
#8 Lebanon62Ketogenic

Carnivore (Breakout)
Nut (Breakout)
#9 Italy62Ketogenic
No-carbohydrate (+80%)
Intermittent fasting (+60%)
#10 Iran62Ketogenic

Canadian (+130%)
#11 Jordan59Ketogenic
Dates and milk (+120%)
Nupo (Breakout)
#12 Hungary56Ketogenic

Flexitarian (+500%)
Nutritarian (Breakout)
#13 United Kingdom53Ketogenic
1:1 by Cambridge Weight Plan (+190%)
Eddie Abbew (Breakout)
Blood sugar (+4,800%)
#14 New Zealand53Ketogenic
Whole30 (+3,550%)
MIND (+3,400%)
Rice method (Breakout)
Cookie (+500%)
#15 Georgia52KetogenicGout (+1,150%)
Hypoallergenic (Breakout)

#1 Czechia (100)

Czechia scenic city view

Czechia tops the chart with a Google score of 100, indicating the highest relative volume of diet-related searches compared to other countries. This peak interest shows Czechia as the global leader in diet curiosity, maintaining first place for three years in a row since 2022.

The most popular diet among Czechs is the ketogenic diet, known for its low-carb, high-fat regimen. The carnivore diet, which focuses on consuming animal products exclusively, has seen a dramatic rise in interest, with searches increasing by 650% over the past year.

Contrary to recent studies' findings that suggest a significant shift towards plant-based preferences among Czechs, the popularity of meat-intensive diets shows a strong interest in animal products.

#2 Poland (99)

Poland scenic city view

Poland ranks just below Czechia with a score of 99. Historical data from Google Trends reveals that Poland held the top spot for diet-related searches globally for three consecutive years, from 2017 to 2019, and again in 2021. This interest had only slightly declined by 2024.

The ketogenic diet continues to dominate as the most popular choice among Poles, while the carnivore diet has seen an 850% increase in searches.

#3 Greece (87)

Greece scenic city view

Greece ranks third with a score of 87, again with the ketogenic diet being the most popular.

Notably, Greece is also witnessing significant interest in more niche diets. The macrobiotic diet, which balances whole grains, vegetables, and beans, has risen by 1,100%. This may be influenced by Greek food traditions, which emphasize fresh produce, grains, and legumes.

Also, in the past year, interest in longevity nutrition has increased by 4,900%, showing people want diets that promote vitality. This concept is deeply rooted in local culture, where a long and healthy life is a central aspect of dietary traditions.

#4 Kuwait (73)

Kuwait scenic city view

In Kuwait, ranked fourth with a score of 73, the ketogenic diet remains the top diet choice. Recently, the diet's effectiveness in managing type 2 diabetes has been demonstrated in a Kuwaiti man who placed his diabetes into remission using the Low Carb Program.

The concept of a caloric deficit has also gained traction with a 160% rise in searches, pointing to a growing awareness around calorie and weight management.

#5 Slovakia (70)

Slovakia scenic city view

Slovakia, with a score of 70, shows a strong preference for the ketogenic and low-carbohydrate diets, both of which focus on reducing carbohydrate intake to various extents.

There's a growing interest in the low-FODMAP diet, with a 100% increase in searches. This dietary approach is specifically designed to help manage symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other functional gastrointestinal disorders. Fasting is also trending, with searches rising by 60% over the past year.

#6 Australia (65)

Australia scenic city view

In Australia, ranked 6th globally, the ketogenic, carnivore, and Mediterranean diets are the most favored.

Besides, the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is emerging strongly, with a 250% surge in interest. This plan, developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia's national science agency, is designed to foster weight loss and improve overall health.

There's also significant curiosity about niche diets, such as the rice method diet, which surged by 3,050%, the cortisol detox diet, which increased by 700%, and the Eddie Abbew diet, also up by 700%.

#7 United States (64)

U.S. scenic city view

Ketogenic and Mediterranean diets are the top choices in the United States, which ranks 7th globally.

Over the past year, Google has marked the bland diet as 'Breakout' due to its sudden and substantial increase in searches. This diet consists of soft, not very spicy, low-fiber foods, often recommended for digestive issues.

The clear liquid diet has also seen a 200% increase in search interest. It includes clear liquids and foods that are liquid at room temperature and typically prescribed before medical procedures that require no food in the stomach.

#8 Lebanon (62)

Lebanon scenic city view

Lebanon ranks 8th globally for diet-related searches, with the ketogenic diet and fasting being the most popular dietary choices. The carnivore diet has also made a significant mark as a 'Breakout' search trend.

Another notable pattern in Lebanon is the high interest in a nut diet, which is gaining popularity for its health benefits and versatility in culinary uses. Nuts are a staple in Lebanese cuisine, featuring in dishes like kibbeh, hummus, and baklava.

#9 Italy (62)

Italy scenic city view

Italy is 9th in terms of global diet-related searches. The ketogenic diet is (again) the most popular choice among Italians. Additionally, the traditional Mediterranean diet remains a staple. Featuring fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, it is an integral part of Italian culture.

Speaking of emerging trends, the no-carbohydrate diet, which completely eliminates carbs, had an 80% increase in searches, while intermittent fasting also saw a 60% rise.

#10 Iran (62)

Iran scenic city view

Iran ranks 10th with, not surprisingly, the keto diet most favored here. Fasting, traditionally ingrained due to religious practices, also remains a prevalent dietary approach.

What’s actually surprising is that Iranians are looking more for Canadian cuisine, with searches up by 130%. Who knew poutine and maple syrup would catch on so far from Canada's snowy peaks?

#11 Jordan (59)

Jordan scenic city view

In Jordan, standing 11th, the ketogenic and fasting diets are the most popular. Notably, the dates and milk diet has seen a 120% interest increase. This diet typically involves consuming just dates and milk, capitalizing on their natural energy and nutritional benefits.

The Nupo diet and high fiber diets are marked as 'Breakout' due to their sudden spike in searches. It is a commercial meal replacement product designed for weight loss, offering a controlled intake of calories with balanced nutrients.

#12 Hungary (56)

Hungary scenic city view

According to diet-related searches, Hungary is a strong proponent of the ketogenic and Mediterranean diets. Trends include the flexitarian diet, which has seen a remarkable 500% increase in interest. It is largely plant-based but occasionally includes meat.

The nutritarian diet, marked as a 'Breakout,' emphasizes nutrient-dense, plant-rich eating plans over calorie counting. Thus, Hungary appears to be shifting towards more sustainable and health-conscious diets.

#13 United Kingdom (53)

U.K. scenic city view

In the United Kingdom, which ranks 13th for diet obsession, the ketogenic diet and the low FODMAP diet are the most common choices. The low FODMAP diet is effective in managing IBS symptoms and other gastrointestinal disorders.

Emerging trends include a 190% increase in interest in the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. This diet is known for its personalized meal replacement products and one-on-one consultations. Additionally, the Eddie Abbew diet has been marked as a 'Breakout.'

The most notable trend is a blood sugar diet, which has seen a staggering 4,800% interest increase. It typically involves a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate plan aimed at rapid weight loss and diabetes management but may pose serious health risks if not carefully monitored.

#14 New Zealand (53)

New Zealand  scenic city view

New Zealand, holding the 14th spot globally, shows a strong inclination towards the ketogenic, carnivore, and Mediterranean diets.

Meanwhile, the Whole30 diet, which focuses on whole foods for 30 days to reset health, has surged by 3,550%. The MIND diet, which combines elements of the Mediterranean and DASH diets to potentially reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, is up by 3,400%.

Moreover, the rice method diet has been marked as a 'Breakout.' It focuses on simplifying dieting by primarily consuming rice. The cookie diet, known for using meal-replacement cookies to aid weight loss, has also seen a 500% increase in interest.

#15 Georgia (52)

Georgia scenic city view

Last but not least, Georgia ranks 15th with a strong preference for the ketogenic diet. This country has become a hotspot for health-focused specialized diets.

For instance, the gout diet, which targets reducing uric acid levels to manage and prevent gout flare-ups, has soared by 1,150%. The hypoallergenic diet has been labeled a 'Breakout' trend, indicating an interest in diets designed to eliminate common allergens.

Map representing diet consistency in top 15 contries

The 15 countries demonstrating the highest interest in diets consistently show a strong preference for the ketogenic diet. Renowned for its low-carbohydrate, high-fat approach, this diet is primarily adopted for weight loss and improving metabolic health.

However, some experts warn it should be approached with caution due to potential long-term health impacts such as nutrient deficiencies, liver and kidney problems, and the risk of heart disease.

Dietary preferences also vary in specific regions. The carnivore diet, which involves exclusively consuming animal products, enjoys particular popularity in Australia, Czechia, and Poland and is emerging as a trend in New Zealand and Lebanon. This reflects a growing global interest in protein-centric nutritional strategies.

The Mediterranean diet, celebrated for its optimal balance of fresh produce and healthy fats, continues to be favored in Italy, Australia, Hungary, the United States, New Zealand, and Lebanon.

A notable 4,800% surge in interest in the blood sugar diet in the UK highlights a global focus on managing diabetes and enhancing metabolic health.

The flexitarian diet, which promotes a plant-based yet flexible eating regimen, is gaining popularity in Hungary, signaling a shift towards more sustainable eating habits. Specialized diets like the gout diet in Georgia and the low FODMAP diet in the UK address specific health issues.

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