This Is How Much Home Birth Costs in Every State

In the United States, the number of people choosing to give birth outside the hospital is steadily increasing. In 2022 alone, home births surged to 46,183, marking a 56% rise from 29,592 in 2016.

There are various reasons why people prefer to have a home birth. For some, home births offer a sense of privacy and control over the birth process. Others choose it because they have had negative experiences in hospitals in the past. Additionally, some individuals might opt for home birth because of the high costs associated with hospital deliveries.

According to an analysis by the Healthnews team, the average home birth fee in the United States is $5,396. In contrast, a vaginal birth in a hospital costs more than twice as much — approximately $13,024 before insurance.

To find out where home births are the most affordable in the country, we compared the fees for home births in each U.S. state.


To calculate each state's average home birth cost, we gathered data from 245 public websites of U.S. clinics and midwifery services in April 2024. The prices represent out-of-pocket expenses and are provided in USD.

It's worth noting that certain states had limited data available. States of Delaware, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Rhode Island were excluded from the research due to a lack of publicly available data. The costs provided should be treated only as general estimates for reference.

What’s included in a home birth fee?

Midwives who assist with home births usually charge a ‘global fee’ covering prenatal appointments, labor and delivery services, and six weeks of postpartum care. Some home birth packages may also include blood lab work and ultrasounds.

Additionally, midwives may provide extra services like birth pool rentals, supplements, or access to educational materials. The price of a home birth kit is typically not covered by the midwife service package and could cost an additional $50–90.

map of average home birth costs in U.S.

The 10 most affordable states for home births

  1. Montana. The mountainous state stands out as the most budget-friendly for home births. On average, a midwife service package costs $3,716, 31% below the national average. Recent legislative changes have made home births more accessible in Montana, such as expanding Medicaid coverage to assist with expenses. Therefore, it's no surprise that Montana ranks second among states where home births are most common, accounting for 3.9% of all births in the state, according to 2022 data.
  2. West Virginia. In West Virginia, an average midwife service fee for home birth is $4,100. However, a hospital birth without insurance is nearly three times more at $11,514.
  3. Oklahoma. Some Oklahomans choose home births to connect with their Native American heritage, emphasizing traditional birthing practices and cultural continuity. Similar to West Virginia, home birth fees in Oklahoma average $4,100.
  4. Mississippi. Home birth prices in Mississippi range from approximately $3,000 to $5,500. The average price for a home birth stands at $4,167 — 23% below the national average.
  5. Nevada. People considering a home birth in Nevada can expect to pay around $4,350, placing the state in the 5th spot regarding affordability. When it comes to hospital births, Nevada is among the most expensive places, with an average fee of $18,028 for a vaginal birth.
  6. Indiana. While home birth costs in Indiana are around $4,350, people can expect to pay a much higher fee of $12,643 for a vaginal hospital birth, while C-section costs are among the highest in the country at $34,415.
  7. Louisiana. Opting for a home birth in Louisiana typically comes with a price tag of around $4,500. On the other hand, choosing a hospital vaginal delivery could set you back as much as $11,596.
  8. Illinois. An average home birth cost in the Windy City is slightly higher than in Louisiana at $4,600. However, it’s still 15% below the U.S. average.
  9. Idaho. Idaho leads the nation in the popularity of home births, with 4.2% of all births occurring at home. One contributing factor to this popularity could be the state's pricing of home birth services. Idaho midwives charge an average of $4,600 for their services, placing the state in the 9th spot in terms of affordability for home births. In comparison, an average hospital birth (before insurance) costs approximately $14,417.
  10. Ohio. Ohio rounds out the top 10 most affordable states for home birth, with an average fee of $4,638. It also ranks in the most affordable state top 10 list for hospital births, with an average cost of $6,097 for vaginal deliveries and $8,568 for C-sections.

The 10 least affordable states for home births

In some states, the cost of home births can be significantly higher. In California, for example, prices for a home birth vary between $5,000 and $9,000. On average, people who opt for a home birth in the state can expect to pay $7,432 — 38% more than the national average. This makes California the most expensive state in our analysis.

Next is Florida, where the average payment for a home birth service is $6,960. However, a hospital birth in this state can cost $15,135 before insurance.

South Carolina is not far behind, with an average price of $6,833 for home births. Meanwhile, people in New Jersey can expect to pay around $6,800, followed by North Carolina with $6,733.

Rounding out the bottom five are Connecticut ($6,500), Maryland ($6,350), New York ($6,333), Massachusetts ($6,250), and Georgia ($6,240).

Even though giving birth outside a hospital may cost less, hospital births are more likely to be covered by health insurance, and patients without home birth insurance coverage could end up with higher out-of-pocket expenses. To determine the most cost-effective option, discuss pricing with your chosen home birth service provider and verify the coverage details with your insurance company.

Home birth costs by state in 2024

StateAverage fee, USD
New Hampshire5,000
New Jersey6,800
New Mexico5,360
New York6,333
North Carolina6,733
South Carolina6,833
South Dakota6,000
West Virginia4,100

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