Top 5 Nations With the Highest Love for Sex Toys in 2024

​Google search data has determined which countries are hunting hardest for pleasure devices.

To get the saucy statistics, the Healthnews team has ranked the populations of 30 countries worldwide, from most to least interested. We tracked ‘sex toys’ search queries throughout 2023, translating them into each country’s native language. The relative search numbers were calculated based on the number of internet users in each country.

While the Google data shows interest in sex toys among different countries, it doesn't necessarily confirm actual purchases of these products. Nevertheless, this data is still valuable in understanding the sexual interests and desires of people across the globe.

Without further ado, let's explore the top 5 countries, starting with Canada leading the pack.

Most popular sex toys in countries

#1 Canada

With 188 yearly searches per 1,000 internet users, residents of Canada have secured the top (G) spot. Here, Uber Eats isn't just for your late-night snack cravings. Canadians are getting a bit more intimate with their deliveries, welcoming sexual wellness products right to their doorsteps.

When it comes to sex, Canada is as open-minded as it gets. In 2016, their Parliament researched the impact of porn on society, leading to policies that didn't stigmatize it. Safety measures are prevalent throughout the country, extending even to airport bathrooms where condom vending machines are as common as maple leaves.

It's also legal, though not encouraged, for kids to watch pornography. The underlying message is that exposure to such content doesn't necessarily harm them. There's no evidence that Canadian youth engage more in watching porn than, for example, their American counterparts.

Most popular sex toy in canada

#2 Sweden

Sweden takes second place, with 163 yearly searches per 1,000 users. Here, casual sex is as normal as fika (that's coffee breaks for us non-Swedes). Early flings? Totally fine. Midday coffee turning into a midday romp? That's the Swedish way, even on a first date.

In Sweden, people are remarkably open about sex. Nearly 80% of adults are sexually active, but issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are openly discussed. When it comes to sex education, awkwardness isn't in the Swedish dictionary. They embrace nudity and body positivity, which translates into a healthier sex life.

Equality reigns supreme in Sweden, even in the bedroom. The act isn't just about the man, and it doesn't end with his pleasure. Swedish love life revolves around preparation — condoms, lube, and a toy or two are must-haves for a planned or spontaneous encounter.

Most popular sex toy in Sweden

#3 United Kingdom

The Brits, always full of surprises! They limped into third place with 151 searches per 1,000 internet users. What's truly intriguing is that the 45–54-year-olds own the most sex toys. In fact, 8% of individuals in this demographic possess five or more of these items.

British bedroom behavior is evolving — less anxiety, more adventure. Over 16% of British men are enjoying a solo toy dance daily, with nearly half discovering the joy during the pandemic. Partner play? Yes, but solo fun takes the throne.

In 2021, the late Queen Elizabeth II herself gave a nod to Lovehoney, a British sex toy brand, with a royal award for business excellence. Fast-forward to 2023, and a study hints that most Brits have had either zero or just one partner in the preceding three weeks. It appears that the Brits are increasingly embracing solo adventures and, as a result, turning to sex toys for their personal pleasure soirées.

Most popular sex toy in UK

#4 Mexico

Mexico, ranking fourth with 145 searches, has its own dance with desire. Here, the rules are as spicy as their cuisine. Picture this: a city in Mexico legalizing public passion as long as no one's complaining.

Mexican flirtation thrives on albures, clever wordplays veiling sexual innuendos, making the taboo tantalizingly approachable. It's a linguistic salsa, turning even chili-talk into something zestier.

And when it comes to fantasies, Mexicans are not holding back. Public rendezvous? A resounding yes from 90%. Kitchen escapades? Almost unanimous at 98%. From monogamous dreams to wild orgies, the spectrum of desire is varied.

Most popular sex toy in Mexico

#5 Brazil

The Land of the Holy Cross secures the fifth spot with 138 searches. In the sultry streets of Brazil, the Covid pandemic has sparked a renaissance in the ‘pleasure market.’ Enter the world of ‘sex techs,’ startups predominantly led by audacious women, challenging the norm in a culture that traditionally favors modesty.

Brazilians in Rio savor the moment, with sessions lasting 45 minutes on average. Here, sex is a marathon, not a sprint, with over half of Brazilian women claiming they reach the big 'O' every single time.

Most popular sex toy in Brazil

All these countries have something the rest of the world might learn from, especially when it comes to exploring sexual wellness. Among those who sneaked into the top 10 are Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States, and Poland.

On the contrary, countries that didn’t appear interested in sex toys (or, at the very least, didn’t search for them online) included Australia (27th place), Georgia (29th), and Hungary (30th).

Sex toy interest by country

CountrySearches*Population, M
1. Canada18838.25
2. Sweden16310.42
3. United Kingdom15167.33
4. Mexico145126.70
5. Brazil138214.30
6. Portugal13510.33
7. Spain12747.42
8. Netherlands12617.53
9. United States of America124331.90
10. Poland12237.75
11. Argentina11545.81
12. Denmark1145.86
13. Norway1125.41
14. Ireland1095.03
15. Italy10659.11
16. New Zealand1025.12
17. Colombia9851.52
18. Finland875.54
19. Germany7683.20
20. Cuba7211.26
21. Austria608.96
22. Russia48143.40
23. Greece4710.64
24. Turkey4584.78
25. South Korea4151.74
26. Czechia (Czech Republic)3810.51
27. Australia3325.69
28. France3267.75
29. Georgia 2810.80
30. Hungary279.71

*The relative number of searches per 1,000 internet users per year.

For those curious about stereotypes, we can note that France, often hailed as one of the most romantic countries, finds itself only in the 28th position with a mere 32 searches. Despite the myth that Europe, particularly Scandinavian countries, holds the reins of pleasure, the ranking shows that there are no bounds to sexual exploration.

The analysis was conducted by aggregating and averaging data. For further details, such as specific sources used, please reach out to [email protected].

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