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The Best Blue Light Glasses in 2024 For Better Sleep

Blue light is a short-wavelength light that is associated with various negative health effects.

The most extensively studied negative effect of blue light is a possible sleep disturbance. Although blue light is not dangerous in itself, constant exposure can disrupt circadian rhythms.

During the daytime, blue light is helpful. It signals our brain to reduce melatonin production and keeps us awake. When we are exposed to blue light at night, the reduction of melatonin can make it harder for us to fall asleep.

That’s where blue light glasses come into the picture. They are believed to help people limit blue light exposure, which in turn may lead to improved sleep. Below we present the best blue light blocking glasses that we found in the market in 2024.

However, it is important to mention that a recent review that assessed the effectiveness of blue light blocking glasses concluded that alleviation of eye strain and quality of sleep, as claimed by certain manufacturers, lacks substantiation. Further research is needed for sufficient evidence.

Best blue light blocking glasses: shortlist

  1. Ra Optics — best blue light glasses overall
  2. Abdosy — best blue light glasses that come with clear lenses
  3. Sleepon — best blue light glasses with high effectiveness
  4. Spektrum Glasses — best budget-friendly light blocking glasses
  5. Ocusleep — best blue light blocking glasses for sleep

How we ranked the best blue light glasses in 2024

With so many blue light glasses to choose from it can be difficult to find the most suitable for you. Reviewed various products in the market and picked the most impressive ones. Below are the criteria we have used to pick what products to include on the list.

PricingDesignCustomer feedbackCustomization
$44.95–164.00 without corrective lensesComfortable to wearPositive reviews and customer satisfactionCan be adjusted to your needs
  • Pricing. Many products on the market come with a hefty price tag. We looked for products that do not cost a fortune without compromising the quality.
  • Design. As blue light blocking glasses are often worn before sleep, comfort is prioritized. We also included a few stylish options if you need to wear blue light blocking glasses daily.
  • Customer feedback. We analyzed customer feedback to better understand the pros and cons. We preferred products with great customer satisfaction.
  • Customization. We favored eyeglasses that can be customized by either adding corrective lenses or choosing a preferred color.

Best blue light glasses: an overview

For this article, we aimed to pick products that are not only the best on the market but also can be used for different needs. Some of the glasses on this list are more suitable for sleep, others — for daily use.

1. Ra Optics — best blue light blocking glasses overall

Ra Optics Maxwell Daylight

Made to be worn daily, Maxwell Daylight by Ra Optics is a pair of medium-large fit light blocking glasses. As claimed by the manufacturer, all daylight glasses by Ra Optics block up to 95% of blue light.

Buyers have 3 options to choose from: non-prescription, prescription, and reading glasses. As claimed by the reviewers, these glasses are lightweight and sit comfortably on one’s face.

In addition, all orders include a Ra Optics branded case and a cleaning cloth.

Because of its high-quality design and impressive customization possibilities, Ra Optics eyeglasses are on the expensive side, starting from $164.00. Moreover, their glasses are covered by a 30-day return policy.

2. Abdosy — best blue light blocking glasses that come with clear lenses

Abdosy Polygonal Frame Eyeglasses

Abdosy is a professional eyewear brand that offers a wide range of products, including these polygonal framed glasses that are capable of blue light blocking. As the lenses of these glasses are not tinted, they can be worn daily. In addition, they are relatively light (28 grams in total), medium-framed, and, according to the brand, may fit a wide range of face shapes.

To match your style best, you can pick from four different frame colors: pink, black, transparent, and tortoiseshell. However, these Adbody glasses can not be adjusted to your prescription.

As of now, these Abdosy glasses are priced at $69.99 and come with a 30-day refund policy.

3. Sleepon — most effective blue light glasses

Sleepon Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Sleepon, a company focusing on sleep quality enhancing products, offers blue light glasses that are effective in blocking blue light, and yet adequately priced. Right now, Sleepon blue light blocking glasses cost $69 and come with a 7-day return policy.

As the manufacturer claims, they filter virtually all of the blue light. To achieve that, Sleepon lenses are bright orange — the most effective color for filtering blue light.

As their lenses are tinted, Sleepon glasses are not the best option for daily wear — but can be an excellent choice if you are looking for glasses to wear a few hours before sleep.

4. Spektrum — best budget-friendly blue ray glasses

Spektrum Blue Light Glasses

Spektrum Wayfarer glasses are perfect to wear every day — they appear as regular eyeglasses as their lenses have almost no tint. For this reason, they are well-suited for night shift workers who want to wear blue-light-blocking glasses during work.

The design of Wayfarer is classical and is a decent fit for anyone. It should be mentioned that the frame is rather big, so if you prefer smaller glasses, these eyeglasses might not be your first choice.

Despite being a great choice, blue light blocking glasses offered by Spektrum do not come with a hefty price tag. At the moment, you can get yourself a pair of Wayfarer eyeglasses for $44.95. Spektrum also includes a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their products.

5. Ocusleep — perfect blue light glasses choice for sleep

Ocusleep OS-2 Sleep Glasses

Ocusleep blue light filter glasses are crafted to help you fall asleep. Their design allows people to comfortably sleep with them — so you do not have to worry about drifting into a dream with your glasses on.

The universal Ocusleep design makes them the best blue light blocking glasses for men and women. But what’s more important, Ocusleep glasses are suggested to block around 99.5% of blue light.

You can buy Ocusleep glasses risk-free. As the manufacturer suggests, you should notice an improvement in your sleep within a 14–night period. If you don't, you can get a full refund within 21 days after purchase.

The starting price (without prescription lenses) of Ocusleep glasses is $95.

Comparison of the best blue light glasses

ProductLense tintPricePrescription adjustableBlue light blocking percentage
Ra optics
Orange $164.00*Yes95.00%
Virtually none$69.99NoUnknown
SleeponBright orange $69.00No99.79%
Spektrum GlassesVirtually none$44.95NoUnknown
OcusleepBright orange $95.00*Yes99.5%

* — without prescription

What to consider when choosing blue light blocking glasses

If you have decided to buy blue light glasses, you need to be aware of a few things before committing to the purchase. Here are some things you can consider when investigating blue light glasses.

Prescription compatibility

If you wear prescription glasses, you can opt for blue light blocking glasses with corrective lenses. As not every brand makes light blocking glasses with prescription, we have picked a few options that you can choose from.

Keep in mind that just because the company provides prescription glasses, that does not mean they can tailor glasses to various eye conditions such as presbyopia.

Return policy

A generous refund policy is a great thing to have for any product. Not only it allows customers to try the product risk-free, but it also signals the genuineness of the company. As most companies have some kind of return policy, it is worth checking what it entails exactly.

Lenses color

If you are looking for blue light blocking glasses, you have probably noticed their lenses often come in bright orange. This color can effectively block blue light but can be hard to adjust, especially if you want to wear your glasses every day.

On the other hand, you can find virtually hueless lenses on the market as well. But beware that eyeglasses with this type of lens color might not always have the highest blue light blocking capabilities. A lower blue light filtering percentage can still be sufficient if you are planning to wear your glasses daily.

Why should you use blue light filter glasses?

Blue light blocking glasses are commonly used for various purposes. However, some of these purposes are not backed by rigorous scientific research. Yet, as wearing blue light glasses are unlikely to negatively affect your health, it is safe to try them out.

Here are some reasons why people use blue light filter glasses.

For sleep

Some studies suggest that blue light filter glasses could be helpful for sleep.

By wearing them before bedtime, you could potentially reduce sleep latency. Scientists believe this could happen because blue light reduces the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates circadian rhythm. If you wear blue light glasses before bedtime, your body is more likely to produce melatonin as normal.

For gamers

Blue light has been associated with digital eye strain. Although the research that supports these claims is limited, some people who spend a lot of time in front of screens, including gamers, are swearing by the usage of blue light blocking glasses as it helps them to avoid dry eyes and eyestrain.

For reading

Just as with gaming, there is limited evidence that wearing blue light glasses can minimize eye pain from reading. On the other hand, they may help you fall asleep easier — so if you read to unwind, it could be worthwhile to invest in a pair of blue light glasses.

For night driving

Although it is believed that blue light glasses can help night vision, it is not backed by science. It is worth noting that wearing blue light glasses can increase drowsiness, thus it is best to avoid wearing them while driving.

For migraines

The research on the link between headaches and blue light is limited but according to customers’ reviews, blue light blocking glasses could help to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. As there is a potential link between photosensitivity and migraines, blocking blue light might reduce photosensitivity and help during migraine attacks.

For night shift workers

One of the reasons why it is hard to fall asleep during the day is blue light exposure. As blue light sends the signal to reduce melatonin production, night shift workers might find it impossible to fall asleep after work. Putting a pair of blue light filter glasses 2–3 hours before sleep could potentially reduce the sleep onset time.

How much do blue light blocking glasses cost?

The prices of light blocking glasses vary. The most expensive blue light filter glasses usually can be adjusted to your prescription and tailored to be worn every day. The cheaper ones are more suited for people who do not have any special requirements.

In our review, we have included both more affordable glasses that cost around $40 and more expensive ones that cost around $100. The expensive ones can be even more costly if you opt for the prescription lens option. On the other hand, the cheaper ones can be as effective in blocking blue light as the luxurious ones.

How else can you reduce exposure to blue light?

There are ways to reduce exposure to blue light without using glasses.

When we talk about blue light, we usually think of various electronic devices. They tend to emit quite a lot of blue light. Reducing the use of these devices 2–3 hours before bedtime can be beneficial.

You can also change the settings of your devices to minimize the blue light they emit. Look for modes such as night shift or night light. If your device does not come with this mode integrated, you can try to find an app for this feature.

Lightbulbs also emit blue light. If possible, dim the lights in the evening. It is best to avoid LED or fluorescent lights and opt for incandescent light bulbs — especially in your bedroom. Red light lamps can also be beneficial for evening use as they do not interfere with our biological clock as much as blue light does.

Best blue light glasses: our conclusion

Blue light glasses are often used to regulate sleep. As blue light glasses are not likely to have any negative side effects on your body, they are a great tool to try if you want to improve your sleep quality.

We assessed several types of blue light blocking glasses and picked the best ones. The ultimate choice will depend on your needs.

If you are looking for eyeglasses to wear before sleep, we would choose Ocusleep or Sleepon products. For daily use, check Spektrum Glasses or Eyekeeper. If you want corrective lenses, Cyxus or Ocusleep blue light glasses could be the most suitable.

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