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The Best Body Pillow of 2024: Elevate Your Sleep With Our Picks

Sleeping on the back is usually recommended for healthy individuals as it helps to maintain the cervical spine in a neutral position. However, some people might find sleeping on the side more enjoyable. Body pillows are specially crafted for these types of sleepers as they can adapt easily to their bodies, increasing their comfort during the night.

Additionally, there are some exceptions to the recommendation of a supine sleeping position. Some groups like pregnant women, individuals with sleep apnea, or those who tend to snore are advised to sleep on their side, making them great candidates for the use of a body pillow.

To increase comfort and support different types of sleepers, we have picked out the best body pillow on the market and compared other top options so you can select the right companion for your dream adventures.

Best body pillows: a shortlist

  1. Pillowy — best body pillow for common allergens
  2. Turmerry — best body pillow for hot sleepers
  3. Sleepsia — best body pillow for pregnancy
  4. Pluto — most adaptable body pillow
  5. The Futon Shop — most eco-friendly body pillow

How we compiled our list of the best body pillows

Choosing a pillow can be very challenging due to the variety of brands and products available. While some look for the best body pillow for back pain, others seek the best cooling body pillow, and some even look for some extra company in their lonely beds.

In any case, we have taken into consideration different criteria to help you make an informed decision regardless of your preferences.

PriceShelling materialsFillingsAdaptabilityCare
$47.98–110.00High quality fibersSafe and quality fillingsAdaptability to different types of sleepersEasy to maintain
  • Price. We evaluated and compared the prices of the different pillows regarding their quality and key features.
  • Shelling materials. Materials play an important role in the comfort of a pillow. It is essential to choose high-quality fibers that increase breathability and keep your body supported.
  • Fillings. It is advisable to review the fillings of the pillow to ensure its safety and reduce possible adverse reactions on the skin.
  • Adaptability. Body pillows should adapt to different types of sleepers. We evaluated the efforts of each brand to create products that suit individuals with various conditions.
  • Care. The maintenance of a pillow can determine if it is the right match for you. We evaluated the cleaning recommendations of each product for both shelling and filling materials.

The best body pillows: an overview

Sleeping on the side might not be the best position for the spine, but it is so comfortable that many sleepers can’t resist it. Therefore, we have compiled a list with various body pillows, so you can treat yourself or your loved one for a good slumber.

1. Pillowy — best pillow for people with allergies

Husband Pillow Body Pillow

Pillowy can be the perfect match for those who seek a product pleasing to the eye that can provide comfort during the night.

The Husband Pillow has a cover made out of spandex and nylon with a filling of hypoallergenic microbeads.

The filling materials are breathable and moisture-wicking, making it a great companion for those who tend to get overheated at night. Additionally, the pillow is also resistant to common allergens like dust pollen and other irritants.

The brand recommends the pillow even to those experiencing pain or during surgical recovery due to its potential to support the body and avoid turning during the night. Additionally, its silky feel might also be a good match for those who enjoy soft fibers or have sensitive skin.

It is available for $69.95 and includes free shipping.

2. Turmerry — best pillow to reduce body overheating

Turmerry Latex Body Pillow

Turmerry latex body pillow may be a good match for those looking for a versatile pillow with high breathability at night.

The pillow is suitable for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and pregnant women. Furthermore, it may aid those struggling with heat at night as it is designed to increase coolness in bed.

The brand proudly exhibits its efforts to reduce contamination and promote eco-friendly behavior in bedding throughout its website. Additionally, they are certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard and Control Union.

The pillow comes in different firmness to provide maximum comfort during sleep. When selecting a pillow, this factor can make a difference as some sleepers may be more comfortable with tougher pillows.

It is available for $79.00 and includes free shipping and a 120-day return policy.

3. Sleepsia — best pillow for expectant mothers

Sleepsia Body Pillow

Sleepsia pillow adapts easily to the body, making it a great choice for pregnant women or those who move a lot during the night.

It is made with breathable materials and memory foam which adjusts to the sleeper and ensures greater comfort. Additionally, its full length allows sleep movement and supports different areas in the body.

Sleepsia puts a great effort into ensuring the pillow's quality and safety. Certified by CertiPUR-US, it is free from harmful chemicals and volatile inorganic compounds. Furthermore, it is crafted for those with allergies, using materials that repel common household allergens.

The pillow comes with a zipper cover that prevents the spill of the foam and makes the cleaning process easy. Customers can toss the pillow in the washing machine after removing the inside foam.

It is available for $59.99 and includes free shipping in the USA.

4. Pluto — most versatile pillow for different bed positions

Pluto PUFF - Body Pillow

Pluto Puff is an adaptable pillow that may become an ally for those who enjoy reading, watching TV, or relaxing in bed.

The shelling material is made out of polyethylene with cotton mix, and the filling contains a unique synthetic fiber patented by the brand. Additionally, the pillow is hypoallergenic and washing-machine friendly, making the product the perfect fit for those with sensitive skin.

Furthermore, the pillow may be a great companion for pregnant women. Expectant mothers are advised to sleep on their side to improve blood flow and alleviate back pain. Body pillows can support the body and may provide greater comfort.

Additionally, Pluto may be suitable for couples. A body pillow can help avoid invading each partner's space during the night, ensuring better rest.

It is available for $110 and includes free shipping and returns.

5. The Futon Shop — most organic body pillow

The Futon Shop Body Pillow

The Futon Shop introduces a pillow with a certified organic cotton fabric that might be the perfect match for eco-friendly enthusiasts.

The shelling material is organic cotton sateen fabric, hand-stitched in Futon Shop’s facilities. The filling material is cotton and can go up to 7 lbs (3 kg) depending on its size. Additionally, it is free from chemicals, fire retardants, and other harmful materials.

The pillow is suitable for side sleepers, pregnant women, and those with a tendency to snore.

The pillow is not washable and requires an additional cover if customers want to wash it at home.

It is available for $47.98 and includes three different sizes.

Comparison of the best body pillows

Pillowy$69.95*Spandex, nylon, glass beadsSquare, rectangular, and CylindricalMediumN/AUp to 21” x 30”
Turmerry$79.00Cotton and latexCylindricalDifficultGlobal Latex Standard and Control Union 38” x 7.5”
Sleepsia $59.99Memory foamRectangular EasyCertiPUR-US 20” x 54”
Pluto$110.00Polyethylene, cotton mix, unique synthetic fiberRectangular EasyN/A21” x 54”
The Futon Shop$47.98* CottonRectangular DifficultUSDA Up to 17” x 53”

* — prices vary depending on the pillow size.

The importance of choosing the right body pillow

Whether you are looking to aid your loneliness in bed, increase your comfort during a movie marathon, or sleep comfortably on your side, a body pillow can be the ultimate life changer in sleep and relaxation.

Furthermore, a body pillow can make a huge difference during pregnancy. Many women report experiencing lower back pain during the third semester, making it difficult to fall asleep and maintain a good sleeping schedule. Body pillows can assist with these problems, supporting the body and alleviating pain.

Also, some initial studies suggest that sleeping on the side might be a good choice for those who tend to snore during the night. It may reduce the noise, inducing better sleep for those who snore and even their partners.

In any case, choosing a body pillow may add a layer of comfort to the bed. Many enjoy spending a lot of time in bed, either napping, reading, watching TV, or relaxing. These types of pillows are flexible and can make you feel comfortable in whatever activity you choose to do in bed.

Types of body pillows and their features

Some initial evidence suggests that the design of a pillow might play a significant role in sleep quality. However, it may be challenging to select the best fit, as there is a wide variety of materials, shapes, and fillings.

One key element might be the shape of the pillow. For instance, U-shaped pillows tend to increase comfort and support the entire body. This may be suitable for some individuals like pregnant women who are advised to sleep on their side and avoid shifting or sleeping on their stomachs.

Additionally, U-shaped pillows are great for those who tend to get lonely during nighttime, providing a soothing sensation that can be similar to the hug of a loved one.

Another essential factor is firmness because it can support the body in different sleeping positions and may help those with discomfort in some areas of the body.

In any case, the pillow should suit your needs and preferences. It is always key to review the different cover materials and fillings to ensure it will be the right fit

U-shaped body pillows

The support that pillows provide is strongly related to its shape. Different kinds of support require various designs and materials to satisfy the needs of diverse sleepers.

A U-shaped pillow might aid those experiencing discomfort during sleep. This type of pillow can cradle the whole body and may promote greater comfort. Additionally, it supports different body positions, making it a great choice for those who tend to use a pillow on the sofa, chair, or any other resting spot.

This design might also be optimal for pregnant or nursing mothers, as it helps to support the back, alleviating discomfort and reducing stress.

Additionally, U-shaped pillows may be great companions for those who enjoy using their pillows to read, watch TV, or even work.

Cooling body pillows

Pillows may improve the quality of sleep by supporting the body. Additionally, they can assist diverse in-sleep body movements, induce greater comfort, and provide a soothing effect. Some research in the field suggests that the perfect pillow should also have cooling properties to increase sleep quality.

Cooling body pillows may reduce body temperature, sweat, and slow heart rate. These potential properties might assist in inducing better sleep. Additionally, the use of breathable materials might help to balance the temperature and promote a deeper slumber.

Body pillows for back pain

The use of an optimal pillow can increase rest and lead to better performance during the day.

While these products do not reduce pain, body pillows might be an option to support side sleepers with back pain in very specific cases. For instance, pregnant women who experience discomfort in their lower back. Pillows may help to alleviate their pain, supporting their bodies and increasing comfort.

However, we encourage a consultation with a doctor if you are experiencing back pain to inquire about pillows that suit your needs.

Full body pillows

An optimal pillow can be a life changer for those looking to optimize comfort in bed. Firstly, due to their versatile nature, they can be used in sofas or chairs to make activities more pleasant and relaxing.

Furthermore, research on sleeping has pointed out that several factors related to the design of pillows might have a great impact on sleeping quality. For instance, latex has been associated with reducing headache and shoulder pain, while heavier pillows have been linked with an improvement in sleep quality.

Additionally, full body pillows are usually bigger than regular body pillows. This feature allows different types of sleepers to benefit from the pillow, for example, couples. Some brands even offer customizable sizes, making it easy to select the best option for your needs.

In any case, we encourage you to review the different brands and select the one that best matches your preferences.

Points to take into account when choosing a best body pillow

Selecting a body pillow involves a variety of different factors like materials, firmness, shape, or fillings. However, we understand that navigating these criteria might be time-consuming for any individual.

To ease up this process, we have compiled some key points to look for in any pillow. This will help you select the right companion and save up some of your precious time.

  • Shape. Body pillows come in different sizes and shapes curated for different individuals. Some of them, like C or U-shaped body pillows, are optimal for pregnancy. Rectangle full body pillows may be the perfect match for side sleepers or couples. In any case, we encourage you to review the different options available and select the best pillow for you.
  • Shelling materials. One of the most fundamental criteria to consider when selecting the perfect product is the body pillow's cover. While some materials are more breathable, others might be more optimal for colder temperatures. Additionally, it is important to ensure the quality and safety of the pillow on the skin. It is better to select hypoallergenic materials free from chemicals.
  • Support and firmness. The best body pillows are those that embrace the body. Additionally, firmness also plays a role in aiding comfort in bed. Pillows should offer the possibility to add or remove fillings to adapt to different sleeping positions.
  • Multipurpose. Body pillows differ from traditional pillows in their adaptability to different types of sleepers. Therefore, the best pillows should be those that can support different positions in bed and aim for a variety of individuals. For instance, a good pillow should be adaptable for a pregnant woman, also such pillows should help reduce snoring problems or help those with apnea.

Embracing wellness and comfort through body pillows

Body pillows can be adapted to a variety of individuals from pregnant women to seniors. They may induce greater comfort in bed and may have the potential to increase sleep quality.

Sleeping patterns tend to change as we age. Some struggle to fall asleep or tend to sleep for shorter periods. Body pillows may be an aid to increase sleep quality and duration, due to their potential to embrace the body, making sleep more pleasant.

Additionally, those who snore might find body pillows a great companion as they might reduce snoring and prevent the disruption of sleep.

Lastly, many seniors might miss some company in bed. A body pillow can provide comfort, and induce a soothing sensation that feels like a hug, reducing stress and promoting sleep.

How to achieve optimal sleep with a body pillow

There are a lot of sleeping positions and an even wider variety of sleepers. Some prefer to lie down on their stomachs, others to the side, and some even upside down. Some studies suggest that the best sleeping position is one that reduces stress, relaxes muscles, and promotes body balance.

While most physicians recommend the supine position to ensure an even distribution of body weight, some sleepers prefer to sleep on their side. The latter position might be optimal with the use of body pillows due to their supporting properties on different areas of the body.

Sleeping on the side is also recommended for some individuals like pregnant women, those who have apnea, or those who tend to snore. Therefore, a body pillow might be a great option to induce better comfort for these types of sleepers.

The design of these pillows is especially optimal for pregnant women as it can aid their frequent pains in the lower back and support their weight, promoting a more comfortable sleep at night.

Maintenance and care for the best body pillows

Body pillows have different types of maintenance based on their design.

It is always important to review all the instructions for the cleaning process in the care tag of the product to ensure its prolonged use.

Most pillow covers are easily cleaned, however, fillings might require specific maintenance in some cases. It is always best to double-check with the provider on the specific care of the product.

Additionally, it is always advisable to consult the quality of materials in the pillow. Some fibers might have a longer lifespan than others, like latex, and will be easier to clean. In any case, we encourage you to review all the information on the brand's websites and select the one that best adapts to your lifestyle.

Best body pillows: our conclusion

Body pillows can be a great companion to make sleep a pleasurable and restful experience.

Its use may be a good way to support the body and maintain a comfortable sleep posture throughout the night. Additionally, they might also be an ally for those who tend to move around in bed, those who snore or have sleep apnea, and pregnant women.

We have selected our top picks and pointed out key criteria to keep in mind before the purchase of any pillow. However, the ultimate decision lies in your hands.

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