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Best Cooling Weighted Blankets in 2024

Weighted blankets are therapeutic blankets that mimic a technique known as deep pressure, a method that applies controlled pressure against the body to create a sensation of calm and relaxation.

Using a weighted blanket may provide various benefits like stress and anxiety release or improvement of sleep. But, while all weighted blankets share similar effects on the body, cooling blankets are aimed at increasing breathability and preventing overheating, making them the perfect match for people who experience night sweating or warm climates.

With hopes of providing the best cooling weighted blanket, we have compiled a list of our top picks so you can confidently choose the perfect match.

Best weighted cooling blankets: a shortlist

  1. DubsLabs — best weighted cooling blanket for sleep
  2. Zonli — best budget weighted cooling blanket
  3. Rest — best cooling weighted blanket for hot sleepers
  4. BlanQuil — best cooling weighted blanket for easy maintenance
  5. Hush — best adaptable cooling weighted blanket

How we compiled our list of best cooling weighted blankets

Weight12–35 lbs (5–16 kg)
TemperatureMoisture absorbing and overheating prevention
MaterialsShelling fibers and fillings
CareCleaning and maintenance
  • Price. We have reviewed the benefits of each blanket and ranked them in consideration of its cost.
  • Weight. The recommended weight for a blanket is 10% of your body weight. The weight should not be too light or heavy and evenly distributed throughout the fabric to provide constant stimulation to the body.
  • Cooling. We evaluated the functionality of each blanket to prevent overheating and absorb moisture with the help of the QMAX indicator, a value that measures how effectively a material can regulate your body temperature while you sleep.
  • Materials. We reviewed the quality of the external and internal materials of the blankets to provide safe use as well as overall comfort.
  • Care. Some materials will be washing machine-friendly, while others will involve hand wash or even dry cleaning. The cleaning process can be key for busy households or those that don't have the time for complex cleaning procedures.

Top cooling weighted blankets: an overview

We have selected our top cooling blankets in the market to provide a useful guide for sleepers. We aim to offer different products that focus on different sleep related aspects so all the boxes are ticked on your comfort list.

1. DubsLabs — best weighted cooling blanket for all seasons

DubsLabs all-seasons weighted blanket

DubsLabs offers the perfect weighted blanket for all seasons, uniting those that experience sweating at night and those inclined to get an extra layer in bed.

The premise of the blanket is to be a 360-day companion, using the bamboo cooling side for warm weather and the polyester side for winter. In addition, it also includes a micro-plush duvet cover for very cold nights.

The filling of the blanket is made out of glass micro-beads distributed evenly throughout the cover, inducing deep pressure on the body and producing a calm and soothing sensation that DubsLabs describes as a “slow massage.”

The blanket’s cost can range from $199 to $209 depending on the weight, which can go up to 20 lbs. The brand offers free shipping and has a policy of a 30-day return.

2. Zonli — best budget weighted cooling blanket

Zonli Bamboo Cooling Weighted Blanket

Zonli bamboo weighted blanket can be the perfect match for those who experience night sweating with sensitive skin. It’s made with 100% bamboo viscose, a thermal-regulating texture, and most importantly hypoallergenic. Zonli puts a great focus on creating blankets environmentally friendly and free from harsh chemicals, making its fabric suitable for different skin conditions.

Its filling material is made with glass beads, hypoallergenic, and certified lead-free. The weight can go up to 25 lbs and its layered design distributes the beads evenly, preventing shifts or leaks.

Zonli recommends buying an additional duvet cover to ease up the cleaning process as the blanket may damage a regular washing machine.

It’s available from $119 and comes in twin and queen sizes with two colors to choose from.

3. Rest — best cooling weighted blanket for hot sleepers


Rest duvet is the best weighted cooling blanket for hot sleepers due to its efforts to make an incredibly absorbent cooling technology in both shell covers and filling.

Duvet blankets are made with a lab-tested fabric composed of nylon and spandex. These shell materials absorb and disperse heat quickly, eliminating moisture and balancing temperature for a comfortable sleep at night. Its filling is made out of a Sonora hypoallergenic fabric that according to Rest Duvet regulates temperature, dries quickly, and is ultra-breathable.

The blanket is low maintenance and suitable for pet owners as its fine fibers repel hair and can be easily cleaned on the washing machine. In addition, it is made with hypoallergenic and eco-friendly materials that follow the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX which indicates that they have been tested for harmful substances that have an impact on health.

Rest duvet cooling weighted blanket is reversible and comes in 4 colors for twin, queen, and king size beds. It is available from $149.25 and the shipping is free with a 30-night free trial.

4. BlanQuil — best cooling weighted blanket with easy maintenance


BlanQuil Chill offers an eco-friendly weighted blanket with a removable cover, perfect for easy washing and for dealing with the heat during warmer nights.

The blanket is made with a polyblend shell and micro plush cover and is filled with glass beads, aiming to improve the quality of sleep and decrease the tossing and turning throughout the night.

The highlight of Blanquil is its easy maintenance. It can be cleaned with the washing machine and thrown in the dryer without any harm, making it a great choice for those who lack time for complex care of the product.

However, its biggest counterpoint is that it might not be the best fit for those living in hot climates or who get very sweaty at night, as reviews have pointed out difficulties in reducing moisture.

BlanQuil Chill is priced at $299 and offers two weight options, 15 lbs and 20 lbs. It also has a 60-night trial and a 60-day return policy.

5. Hush — best adaptable weighted cooling blanket

Hush iced 2.0 is a rendition of its original Hush blanket, renewed and updated to be more comfortable and fresh, making it the best cooling weighted blanket for summer.

The blanket is made with organic viscose bamboo, a material that prevents overheating and reduces sweat. The weight of the blanket is made of non-toxic glass sand and allows an even distribution through the cover.

The best thing about Hush is that it has a wide range of options, starting from the classic queen size weighted blanket to other possibilities like teen, twin, and king, as well as numbers of people and weights. In addition, the website provides a short quiz so you can choose the perfect match for your bed.

The price of the blanket starts at $179.25 and comes with free shipping and a one-year warranty. In addition, Hush allows a 100-night trial and the possibility to change the weight for free during the first 30 days.

Comparison of the best cooling weighted blankets

ProductPriceShell materialWeightFill materialCare difficulty
DubsLabs$199.00–$209.00Polyester and bamboo15–20 lbs (6–9 kg) Glass beadsMedium
Zonli$129.00Bamboo viscose20–25 lbs (6–11 kg) Glass beadsDifficult
Rest Evercool$149.25–$209.25Nylon and Spandex4–6.5 lbs (1–3 kg)Sonora hypoallergenic fabricEasy
BlanQuil$299.00Microplush outer cover, polyester blend inner shell15–20 lbs (6–9 kg)Glass beadsVery easy
Hush$179.25–$224.25Bamboo viscose12–35 lbs (5–16 kg)Glass beadsEasy

What to know before choosing a cooling weighted blanket?

Making the right choice for a weighted blanket can increase sleep quality and impact mood and performance during the day.

Sleeping is a shared human necessity, but every sleeper has their pet peeves and likings. While some enjoy being accompanied in bed, others toss and dance, and even some like to keep around their pets in the darkest hours of the day. Therefore, factors like temperature, weight, or materials can make a difference when selecting the perfect match.


A good indication to evaluate the temperature of a blanket is the QMAX value. This parameter, in addition to pinpoint how materials can help regulate body temperature, also estimates the thermal sensation when skin touches fabric. The higher the value, the greater the feeling of freshness.

If the QMAX value is combined with antibacterial and absorbent fabrics, the blanket will go well with warmer climates or hot sleepers, keeping the temperature balanced and avoiding overheating in bed.


One of the most important elements when choosing a cooling blanket for sleep is its weight. As noted previously, the recommendation is 10% of your body weight.

Weighted blankets can be shared by a couple, however, it might be tricky to find the best cooling weighted blanket king size, as most brands only offer queen. If that’s the case two separate individual blankets can be purchased, keeping both partners comfortable at night.


Weighted blankets are composed of shell materials and fillings. The shell materials tend to be light and breathable like cotton, bamboo, or silk. These fibers are key in balancing out temperatures inside the bed.

As for the filling, it’s important to ensure that the distribution of the weight is even and doesn't spill or form clumps, as the benefits of weighted blankets depend on a good distribution to create the deep pressure technique.


When purchasing a weighted blanket it is also important to evaluate the maintenance of both shell cover and filling.

A blanket easy to throw in the washing machine and dryer can be a game changer for those with time scarcity or who simply want to avoid complex cleaning steps. In addition, households with kids or pets might want to look for textures that keep away hair or that can wash away stains easily.

Why should you consider using weighted cooling blankets?

Sleeping problems are one of the most common issues worldwide. Up to a third of the population suffers from poor sleep, leading to negative effects on health such as depression, burnout, and other serious problems like metabolic or cardiovascular issues.

While weighted blankets should not be used alone to treat sleep conditions, they can provide great support in aiding individuals with difficulties sleeping, inducing calmer dreams and a better quality of sleep.

These types of blankets also may help to reduce anxiety and stress, inducing a soothing sensation thanks to the deep pressure applied to the body, allowing it to relax and recharge. In addition, they can also become a great ally for those with conditions like ADHD and autism as it may help to improve sleep continuity, sleep routine, attention, and overall mood.

Regardless if you are looking for a companion for those sleepless nights or a soothing hand for anxiety, these cooling blankets are set to provide comfort and relaxation, planting the seeds for energetic mornings.

Cooling weighted blanket vs. weighted blanket

The world of weighted blankets is diverse and personal. Not all sleepers enjoy the same blankets. While traditional weighted blankets can be a good option for low temperatures or cold sleepers, the lack of airflow during the night can become a nightmare for those who inhabit warmer climates or simply have a higher body temperature.

Breathable weighted blankets can improve sleep conditions for the summer or for those that tend to sweat during the night. These types of blankets are designed to regulate temperature and keep away moisture, promoting airflow and allowing a greater comfort in bed. Finding a good body temperature is key in achieving a good sleep and cooling blankets present the same benefits of a traditional weighted blanket, preventing overheating and letting you enjoy your dreams without feeling sweaty in the morning.

How much do cooling weighted blankets cost?

The cost of weighted blankets varies a lot depending on size and weight. When purchasing a blanket, it is necessary to figure out if it will be used for sleeping or as a complement to other activities, as well as the number of people that will use it.

For example, if a couple wants to take advantage of the benefits of one of these blankets, the price will be increased due to a bigger size and the sum of both weights.

The most affordable one is Zonli’s blanket for $129 and the most expensive is BlanQuil Chill for $299. However, the ultimate choice will be based on how the blanket ultimately adapts to you.

Who shouldn't use cooling weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets are suited for healthy adults seeking to improve sleep, relieve anxiety, and increase comfort at night. However individuals with claustrophobia, respiratory, cardiac or circulatory concerns should consult a doctor about the use of these blankets as it might not be suitable for them.

In addition, these blankets are not recommended for babies younger than 2 years of age. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises against the use of weighted blankets or sleep sacks on infants. Therefore, the blankets should preferably be for older kids and adults.

We remind you that weighted blankets can be a good support for certain conditions such as ADHD, autism, and sleep problems but its use should be consulted with a specialist. Also, the weighted blanket should be 10% of your body weight to provide the sleeper with all the benefits.

Best cooling weighted blankets: our conclusion

Deciding upon the best weight cooling blanket can be very challenging due to the many factors that come into play.

We recommend a careful examination of the different blankets to select the one that best adapts to your needs. For instance, some materials can be more absorbent and breathable than others, providing relief from excessive moisture like Rest Duvet’s blanket. Other textures focus on versatility, like the DubLabs blanket with two sides that can be used in different seasons.

In any case, all the weighted blankets on our list are great companions during the night, calming the body, reducing movement, and boosting deep sleep.

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