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Best Grounding Sheets for Improved Sleep 2024

Many people hesitate to walk barefoot outdoors unless they're on a beach vacation, often missing out on the connection to the Earth that used to be so natural and constant. In our modern world, where shoes are seldom taken off and trees rarely hugged, grounding practices have arguably disappeared.

Grounding or earthing products like sheets are designed to reconnect us to the Earth's natural electric field. These devices facilitate the transfer of electrons from the Earth to the body, potentially offering health benefits while we sleep. This innovation may reduce inflammation and stress, improve sleep, and enhance overall well-being.

In this article, we will introduce the top five grounding sheets and go into scientific research to evaluate their potential efficacy. We aim to provide a well-rounded discussion on the question, "Do grounding sheets work?" and explore how these innovative products might reintegrate our lost natural connection with the Earth.

Best grounding sheets: shortlist

  1. Grooni Earthing — best grounding fitted organic bed sheet
  2. Hooga — best grounding sheet with the longest warranty
  3. Earthing Harmony — best grounding sheets in bio packaging
  4. GroundingWell™ — best grounding bed sheets with silver fabric
  5. Earthing — best grounding 100% conductive bed cover

How we chose the best grounding sheets

To determine the best earthing sheets, we evaluated products using the criteria listed below.

Price rangeEase of useEasy maintenanceQuality materialsContains silver threads
$139–199Simple setup and useMachine-washableOrganic cottonFabric is made with silver threads
  • Price. Grounding sheets vary in price. Our focus has been on products within the $139 to $199 range. This bracket ensures a good balance between affordability and quality.
  • Ease of use. The ideal grounding sheet is user-friendly from the get-go. This includes a simple setup process where the sheet can be easily spread over a mattress and connected to a grounding mechanism without hassle.
  • Easy maintenance. The top grounding sheets are easy to maintain and machine washable, essential for hygiene and convenience.
  • Quality materials. Our selections are predominantly made from organic cotton, which offers a soft, natural, and environmentally friendly option.
  • Contains silver threads. Silver threads are a significant feature of grounding sheets. Silver is highly conductive and has natural antibacterial properties, enhancing the sheet’s grounding effectiveness.

Our top picks for best grounding sheets

Following our criteria, we outlined the best top 5 grounding sheets for you to select from. Each sheet has different features, prices, guarantees, and deals. Find out below which product might suit your needs the best.

1. Grooni Earthing — best grounding fitted organic bed sheet for better health

Grooni Earthing & Grounding Bed Sheet

Experience enhanced sleep and overall well-being with Grooni earthing and grounding fitted bed sheets. Made from organic cotton and infused with 8% silver threads, this bed sheet combines comfort with grounding technology.

Available in twin size, Grooni Earthing offers ultimate comfort. Emerging research suggests that it may provide some health benefits, such as improved sleep quality and reduced inflammation.

To start grounding, first, plug the ground checker into your wall outlet to confirm it is properly grounded, then connect the coil cord between your earthing product and the grounded outlet prong to complete the circuit.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the sheet is simple since it is machine washable. Additionally, the Grooni grounding sheet incorporates silver threads that, according to the brand, offer antimicrobial properties to enhance hygiene.

Priced at $179.99, Grooni Earthing offers a 30-day return policy and a 1-year manufacturer warranty for peace of your mind.

2. Hooga — best grounding sheet with the longest warranty

Hooga Grounding Sheet

Hooga's grounding fitted sheet is designed to connect you to the earth's natural energy. The sheet comes with a 3-year warranty, the most extended guarantee of all the products on the list.

Moreover, Hooga is crafted from a blend of 94% cotton and 6% silver fiber. This queen — or king-sized fitted sheet combines conductivity with comfort, which may potentially promote well-being while you sleep.

The installation is effortless: spread the sheet over your mattress, connect the grounding cord, and plug it into a grounded outlet. To maintain its conductive properties, wash separately in cold water with a gentle detergent and dry on low heat.

Hooga is the most affordable option on this list, priced at $139. It offers a 60-day trial period and free U.S. shipping on orders over $100.

3. Earthing Harmony — best grounding sheets delivered in bio packaging

Earthing Harmony Earthing & Grounding Sheets

Earthing Harmony sheets are crafted from 95% high-quality cotton and 5% conductive silver and delivered in bio packaging. These sheets may maximize the grounding experience through innovative grid weaving.

Earthing Harmony sheets measure a full fitted size of 54" x 80", ensuring compatibility across various mattress sizes.

The brand also advises against using another sheet on top of the Earthing sheet, as this may interfere with the conductivity.

Each sheet connects easily to a grounding socket via a durable cord, facilitating a hassle-free setup. Although the cord plugs into your wall outlet, it connects to the grounding pin, which is dedicated to electrical safety.

Lastly, the brand advises washing sheets regularly in a washing machine with warm water without bleach or fabric softeners to preserve the silver threads' conductivity.

Priced at $174.90, Earthing Harmony is worth trying for its potential grounding benefits.

4. GroundingWell™ — best grounding bed sheets with silver fabric

GroundingWell™ Bedsheets

The GroundingWell™ bed sheet is crafted from 95% organic cotton and 5% conductive silver woven fabric, potentially promoting health by connecting users to Earth's natural energies during sleep.

This sheet is designed to fit all mattress sizes, from single to California King, with dimensions of 104.3" x 23.6". It features an off-white color with gray grids, blending seamlessly into any bedroom decor.

Setting up the sheet is straightforward: simply lay it across the bed, connect it to a grounding socket, and experience the benefits either with direct skin contact or through light clothing.

Unfortunately, the brand does not provide washing or maintenance instructions on its website.

Priced at $199, GroundingWell™ processes orders within 1-3 days and offers free global shipping with a tracking number for convenient order monitoring.

5. Earthing — best grounding 100% conductive bed cover

Earthing Elite Mattress Cover Kit

The Earthing mattress cover is made from 100% conductive cover. It can be placed either over or under your fitted sheet, allowing for flexibility in setup and ensuring you remain grounded throughout your sleep.

The cover's vegan leather-like surface is stylish and easy to clean — wipe with soapy water and rinse. It's also hypoallergenic, helping to shield against dust mites and other allergens.

The thin profile of the cover means it's non-bulky, with straps that easily secure around your mattress corners. The brand also ships this kit with a grounding coil cord, U.S. outlet checker, safety adapter, and a product tester, ensuring everything you need for setup is included.

Earthing is a perfect grounding solution priced at $195. Ideal for consistent grounding, it also comes with a 90-day return policy and a 1-year warranty, guaranteeing your purchase security.

Best grounding sheets: side-by-side comparison

BrandPriceMaterialsWarrantyMachine washableIncluded in the kit
Grooni Earthing$179.99Organic cotton and silver threads1-yearYesEarthing product, ground checker, coil cord (15ft), usability manual
Hooga$139.00Cotton and silver3-yearYesEarthing product and15ft grounding cord
Earthing Harmony$174.90Cotton and silver threadsN/AYesEarthing product and grounding cable
GroundingWell™$199.00Organic cotton and silver threadsN/AYesEarthing product and grounding cable
Earthing$195.00Cotton and silver1-yearN/A2 earthing products, 2 free standard-size earthing pillowcases, 2 earthing coil cords, 2 U.S. safety adapters, 1 U.S. outlet checker, 1 product tester

What is grounding and how does it work?

Grounding, also known as "earthing," is a practice where physical contact with the Earth’s surface may support one’s health. The principle behind grounding is that direct contact with the ground allows the body to absorb electrons, creating an electrical balance between the body and Earth. This balance is believed to reduce inflammation, enhance sleep, and improve overall well-being.

Grounding can be achieved by walking barefoot on natural surfaces like grass, sand, or soil or interacting with nature for a prolonged period of time. Although, when outdoor access is limited, a variety of grounding systems are available. These include sheets, mats, and wearable devices like wrist or ankle bands, which are designed to connect the body to the Earth.

These devices typically connect to a grounded wall outlet or a ground rod to facilitate the transfer of electrons to the body, helping to maintain electrical balance.

It's important to note that scientific research on grounding devices is still limited, so their efficacy cannot be guaranteed.

Types of grounding sheets

  • Fitted earthing sheet. Designed to snugly cover your mattress just like a regular fitted bedsheet, this type provides a secure way to maintain contact with the grounding mechanism throughout the night. It typically has elastic edges that ensure the sheet stays in place, even if you move around in your sleep. A fitted earthing sheet is ideal for those who want a consistent grounding experience without the sheet slipping off.
  • A flat sheet. Unlike the fitted version, a flat grounding sheet does not have elastic edges and lays flat on top of or underneath your existing bed sheet. It provides flexibility in terms of placement and can be used on different sizes of beds more easily than a fitted sheet. Some people prefer flat sheets because they can also be used as a throw or wrap for grounding while lounging or sitting.
  • Half sheet. A half sheet is a smaller version of the flat sheet that typically covers only the lower half of the bed. This type is designed for those who want grounding contact primarily with their legs. It's also a practical option for those who may share a bed with someone who is not interested in grounding.

Who can benefit most?

Grounding, or earthing, could most benefit those suffering from stress, sleep disturbances, inflammation, and pain. However, while studies are still emerging, scientific findings are considered limited.

A 2015 review hypothesized that Earth allows free electrons to flow into the body, which may act as antioxidants. These electrons may reduce or prevent oxidative damage and inflammation at injury sites, potentially enhancing wound healing and immune system function.

Notably, a 2004 study involving 12 subjects with sleep issues and pain showed significant benefits from sleeping while grounded. Over an eight-week period, these subjects experienced normalized cortisol profiles, which improved their sleep quality, reduced pain, and lowered stress levels.

Another study in 2019 involving massage therapists who used grounding mats also found similar results, observing a decrease in pain and fatigue among the participants.

These studies suggest that grounding may help mitigate chronic stress and inflammation, which are linked to various chronic diseases.

Nonetheless, more studies are needed to confirm grounding's potential benefits for reducing inflammation, pain, and stress.

Precautions and considerations

Grounding devices such as sheets, mats, and pillowcases, while promising, should not be seen as replacements for any prescribed treatments or as a means to treat or prevent health conditions. Individuals with medical conditions or those on medication are advised to consult a healthcare professional before using these products.

Additionally, because grounding involves an electrical current, individuals with implanted electronic devices should exercise caution, as it could potentially interfere with their device's operation. It's important for all users to monitor their health closely while using grounding products and discontinue use if they experience any side effects.

Conclusion: should you try grounding sheets?

In summary, it seems worthwhile to consider grounding sheets. While research is still emerging, and not all grounding devices are fully supported, some studies suggest that grounding itself positively affects human health. Benefits such as reduced inflammation, improved sleep quality, and relaxation are among the potential advantages.

If you're open to exploring what grounding sheets have to offer, remember to use these products with caution and ideally, consult your doctor beforehand to ensure they're suitable for your health needs.

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