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Best Latex Pillow In 2024: Top Shredded and Solid Latex Pillows

Discover the world of latex pillows — crafted from a natural, hypoallergenic material derived from rubber trees, they offer remarkable comfort and durability.

Known for their breathability and unique responsiveness, latex pillows conform to your neck and head, providing outstanding support and pressure relief. Latex is also resistant to dust mites and mold, promoting a healthier sleep environment.

Whether you are an environmental enthusiast, an allergy sufferer, or simply someone who values a good night’s sleep, you might find latex pillows to be a game-changer.

In this article, we present the best latex pillow of 2024 based on our comprehensive research.

Best latex pillows: a shortlist

  1. Eli & Elm — best latex pillow for side sleepers and neck pain
  2. PlushBeds — best solid and natural latex pillow
  3. Latex for Less — best shredded and solid latex pillow choice
  4. Turmerry — most versatile latex pillow
  5. Sleep & Beyond — best latex pillow with wool filling

How we compiled our list of the best latex pillow

In our mission to uncover the best latex pillow of 2024, we took a systematic approach. We meticulously sifted through numerous products on the market, examining several factors to ensure that our recommendations encompass quality, safety, and value for money. Here is a look at the crucial criteria that played a pivotal role in our selection process:

Materials (filling and cover)BreathabilityCertification
Quality latex and cover materialProvides cooling sensation during sleepGOTS, GOLS, Oeko-Tex, and similar certificates for safety, quality, and eco-friendliness
  • Materials. We looked at the type of latex used (natural, synthetic, or blended) and the quality of the cover material. Durability, feel, and aesthetic appeal were all important considerations.
  • Breathability. To ensure a comfortable and cool sleep, we assessed the airflow properties of each pillow.
  • Certification. Certificates from recognized bodies like Oeko-Tex indicate that a pillow is free from harmful substances and meets environmental and health standards.
  • Pricing. We compared prices to ensure our picks offer good value for the money, keeping a range of budgets in mind.

The detailed methodology resulted in a curated list of the best latex pillows that tick all the right boxes.

Best latex foam pillow: an overview

As we delve into our carefully curated selection, we present 5 standout latex foam pillows that have emerged as the cream of the crop.

Each of these excels in our rigorous assessment criteria — quality materials, breathability, notable certifications, and fair pricing. These pillows beautifully encapsulate the resilient and contouring nature of latex foam, elevating your sleep experience to new levels.

Whether you are a side sleeper, a hot sleeper, or someone who needs extra support, there is a latex foam pillow in our lineup that is tailored to your needs. Let us explore these remarkable offerings.

1. Eli & Elm — best latex pillow specifically tailored to side sleepers

Eli & Elm Cooling Side-sleeper Pillow

Eli & Elm has earned the position of the best latex pillow in our curated list. Its cooling pillows for side sleepers and those battling neck pain can be a great choice. Crafted with a unique U-shape, it provides a cradle for your shoulder, reducing strain and promoting proper spinal alignment.

Its filling is a mixture of natural latex and polyester fiber, offering an optimal balance of softness and support. The pillow is encased in a blend of organic cotton, spandex, and polyester cover, allowing for breathability, elasticity, and a luxurious feel.

Available in one size (17’’ x 29’’), it should accommodate most people. Importantly, Eli & Elm adheres to the highest standards, bearing CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex certifications, guaranteeing safety and quality from harmful substances.

Priced at $104.99, and at $116.99 if buying with a designated pillowcase, this pillow is a valuable investment for a pain relieving, restful sleep.

2. PlushBeds — best solid medium-density latex pillow

PlushBeds Solid Latex Pillow

Our top pick for the best solid latex pillow is the PlushBeds solid latex pillow. This pillow is constructed from 100% natural organic latex, providing a resilient and responsive feel that adjusts to your movements throughout the night. The filling is contained in a cover, made from 100% organic cotton.

Its design promotes excellent airflow, enhancing breathability and ensuring a cool sleeping surface. Available in standard, queen, and king sizes, it caters to different preferences and bed dimensions.

The PlushBeds solid latex pillow holds esteemed certification, including Oeko-Tex certified natural, GOLS and GOTS certified organic, and Greenguard Gold certified materials, confirming its absence of harmful substances and commitment to environmental responsibility.

It is priced between $112.00 to $141.00, depending on the size, proving that premium comfort can be affordable.

3. Latex for Less — an excellent choice between solid and shredded latex pillows

Latex for less Organic Latex Pillows

Claiming the top spot for the best of both worlds — shredded and solid latex — is the Latex for Less organic latex pillow. Handcrafted with single-origin, all-natural latex, this pillow offers the buoyancy of solid latex or the adaptability of shredded fill.

Encased in a plush cover made of 100% organic cotton, it ensures maximum breathability and a cool night’s sleep. It is available in standard, queen, and king sizes, accommodating to various sleeping preferences and bed sizes.

Holding certifications from Oeko-Tex Standard 100, eco-INSTITUT, and GOTS, it assures you of its safety and quality.

With a price range of $59.00 to $79.00 based on the pillow’s size, it provides an affordable entry into the world of premium latex pillows.

4. Turmerry — best choice in latex pillow characteristics

Turmerry Organics solid latex pillow

Our choice for the most versatile latex pillow goes to the Turmerry molded solid latex pillow. Made from 100% natural Dunlop latex, this pillow offers resilience and optimal support, adapting to your body for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Its innate breathability ensures a cool, dry sleep environment. The pillow is offered in standard, queen, and king sizes, with an option to choose between medium and firm lofts, allowing customization to your sleeping style.

It holds the stringent Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GOLS, and GOTS certifications, ensuring it is free of harmful substances and suitable for safe sleep.

With a pricing range of $79.00 to $99.00 depending on size and firmness, the Turmerry latex pillow offers remarkable versatility and affordability in one package.

5. Sleep & Beyond — best latex pillow containing wool filling

Sleep & Beyond MYLATEX pillow

Our top choice for the best latex pillow with wool filling is the Sleep & Beyond Mylatex pillow. This unique pillow combines the elasticity of natural latex with the softness and temperature regulation of wool.

The filling consists of shredded latex and wool, all encased in a 100% natural cotton cover, making it highly breathable and hypoallergenic. It is available in standard, queen, and king sizes, ideal for any sleeper.

Upholding stringent quality standards, this pillow holds a Woolmark certification, guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of the wool used.

Priced between $129.00 to $149.00, the Sleep & Beyond Mylatex pillow is an excellent investment, offering a luxurious blend of comfort and temperature control for a restful night’s sleep.

Comparison of the best latex pillows

ProductPriceSizesDimensions of the sizesChoice of loftLatex filling textureOur pick for
Eli & Elm$104.99Unspecified naming17” x 29”N/ANoodledBest for side sleepers and neck pain
25” x 16” x 4.5”
28” x 16” x 4.5”
32” x 16” x 4.5”
N/ASolidBest solid latex pillow
Latex for Less$59.00*Standard,
24” x 16” x 4”
26” x 16” x 4”
32” x 16” x 4.5”
N/ASolid, shreddedBest for latex type choice
UnspecifiedMid loft (4”),
high loft (5”)
Solid, shreddedMost versatile latex pillow
Sleep & Beyond$129.00*Standard,
UnspecifiedN/ANoodledBest latex pillow with wool filling

* — prices vary depending on the pillow size.

What you should consider before buying a latex pillow

Before diving into the world of latex pillows, it is vital to arm yourself with the right knowledge.

Choosing the perfect pillow involves more than just picking the first one you see; several factors come into play to ensure optimal comfort and support. As you embark on this journey, here are essential considerations to keep in mind to help you make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Let us delve into the details.

Your sleeping position

Your sleeping position plays a pivotal role in choosing the right pillow. Side sleepers generally require a thicker pillow to bridge the gap between the shoulder and neck, ensuring proper spinal alignment.

Back sleepers often benefit from a medium loft pillow, providing adequate neck support without pushing the head forward.

Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, need a thinner pillow to prevent neck strain. Understanding your dominant sleeping position can guide you to a latex pillow that offers maximum comfort and beneficial support.

Easy caring/care

Ease of care is crucial when selecting a latex pillow. While natural latex itself is usually hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, the pillow’s cover might need regular cleaning.

Check if the cover is removable and machine-washable for hassle-free maintenance. Some latex pillows may require spot cleaning or airing out instead of full immersion.

A pillow with straightforward care instructions ensures longevity and a consistently fresh sleeping environment without demanding excessive upkeep.

Type of latex pillow

The type of latex used in the pillow directly influences its feel and adaptability:

  • Shredded and noodled latex. Mimics the feel of down pillows. It is adjustable and suits sleepers who want a customizable loft and firmness.
  • Solid latex. Offers consistent support. Typically preferred by those seeking contouring and pressure relief.
  • Contouring latex. Molded to cradle the neck and head, it is ideal for those with specific alignment needs.

Understanding the differences can help determine which latex type aligns best with your comfort preferences and sleep requirements.

Reputable provider

Choosing a reputable provider is paramount when purchasing a latex pillow. A trustworthy brand ensures that the product is of high quality, safe, and adheres to manufacturing standards.

Look for providers with positive reviews, certifications (Oeko-Tex, CertiPUR-US, and others), and transparent about their sourcing and production methods. Investing in a pillow from a renowned provider guarantees durability, safety, and genuine value for your money.

Why buy a latex pillow?

Latex pillows have soared in popularity, and for good reasons:

  • Support and contouring. Especially for side sleepers, latex conforms to the shape of the head and neck, ensuring proper spinal alignment. You might want to consider using a latex pillow for neck pain. Their adaptability has been shown to benefit those suffering from neck pain, as the pillow maintains a consistent level of support throughout the night.
  • Breathability. Hot sleepers can rejoice, as latex pillows have an open-cell structure, promoting air circulation and providing a cool sleeping surface.
  • Durability. Latex is resilient, bouncing back to its original shape even after years of use, offering longevity unmatched by other materials.
  • Hypoallergenic properties. Those with allergies will appreciate latex’s natural resistance to dust mites, mold, and bacteria.
  • Eco-friendly. For the environmentally conscious, natural latex pillows are sustainable, sourced from rubber trees without causing harm to the environment.
In essence, a latex pillow promises a blend of comfort, support, and sustainability, catering to diverse sleeping needs.

Who should avoid using latex pillows?

While latex pillows offer numerous benefits, they might not be suitable for everyone:

  • Latex allergies. Those with allergies to natural rubber latex should exercise caution. It is best to avoid them if you have a known latex allergy.
  • Preference for soft pillows. Individuals who prefer extremely soft pillows, similar to down or feather, might find even shredded latex too firm or bouncy.
  • Weight. Solid latex pillows can be heavy, making them less suitable for those who frequently adjust or flip their pillow during the night.
  • Odor sensitivity. Fresh latex can have a distinctive smell, which, though it usually dissipates over time, might be off-putting to some individuals.
  • Budget constraints. High-quality natural latex pillows can be pricier than synthetic or mixed variants, potentially making them less accessible to those on a tight budget.

Latex pillow vs. memory foam pillow: what’s the difference?

Latex and memory foam pillows, while both championed for their contouring capabilities, offer different sleeping experiences rooted in their material compositions and characteristics.

Latex originates from the sap of rubber trees and can be either natural or synthetic. Its innate quality provides a bouncy feel, quickly springing back to its original form. This buoyancy is complemented by an open-cell structure, ensuring a cool night’s sleep due to enhanced air circulation.

Conversely, memory foam, a synthetic product, is known for its signature slow response. As you rest, it molds to your shape, creating a distinct cradling effect. While newer memory foam variants incorporate cooling technologies, they traditionally retain more heat compared to latex.

Additionally, memory foam may have an initial off-gassing odor, whereas latex presents a milder, natural scent.

When choosing between the two, it is essential to consider these differences in tandem with individual comfort preferences.

Best latex pillow: conclusion

In our quest to find the best latex pillow, we have delved into various aspects, from material types to user preferences. In our opinion, latex pillows truly stand out for their blend of support, durability, and breathability.

The eco-friendly and hypoallergenic properties are added bonuses. Given a choice, we would choose a latex pillow that aligns with individual sleep patterns and preferences, considering the unique benefits they offer.

We think that, while other materials have their merits, latex provides a balanced combination of comfort and longevity that is hard to beat. Investing in a quality latex pillow, in our view, is a decision well-made.

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