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The Best Mattress for Couples: Top Choices in 2024

Sleep plays an important role in overall well-being, enabling the human body to recover and function optimally during the day.

Couples often experience disturbances at night, often due to factors such as insufficient motion isolation, sagging, or excessive heat retention in the bed. Therefore, choosing the right bedding products is essential to enhance comfort and sleep quality for both sleepers.

To improve the rest of both you and your partner, we have compiled a list of our top picks for the best mattresses for couples.

The best mattress for couples: a shortlist

  1. Nolah Sleep — best hybrid mattress for couples
  2. Puffy — best mattress for couples with different sleeping preferences
  3. Amerisleep — best king size mattress for couples
  4. SONU Sleep — best memory foam mattress for couples
  5. Latex for Less — best mattress for couples who toss and turn

How have we selected the best mattress for couples?

Selecting the best mattress for couples with different preferences may be challenging. Many brands offer a wide variety of products, each with distinct materials, designs, and features.

Therefore, we have undertaken the task of evaluating and selecting products that strike a balance between quality and affordability.

PriceMaterialsCertificationFirmnessMotion isolation
$1599–$3399High-quality and organicGOLS, GOTS, CertiPUR-US®, and othersMediumHigh motion isolation and movement absorption
  • Price. While many brands claim their product as “the best mattress for couples”, we have conducted a thorough assessment to identify those brands that truly live up to their reputation in terms of quality and price.
  • Materials. We prioritized mattresses made of organic fabrics with reputable certifications. Additionally, we considered materials that provide motion isolation, edge support, and breathability.
  • Brand Transparency. We evaluated each brand’s efforts on transparency, along with their certifications and manufacturing practices.
  • Firmness. The level of firmness significantly impacts sleep quality. To cater to a wide range of sleepers, we have chosen mattresses with a medium firmness, so individuals can select the one that best aligns with their comfort preferences.
  • Motion isolation. Refers to the transmission of movement across the mattress, which may disturb your partner’s sleep. Materials like memory foam or latex may reduce potential motion transfer and improve sleep quality.

The best mattress for couples: an overview

Selecting an optimal mattress may be crucial to boost sleep quality and prevent issues such as back pain, stress and other undesirable symptoms associated with poor sleep quality.

Whether you're in search of the best king-size mattress for couples or simply a high-quality mattress for you and your partner, we have compiled various options to promote restful slumber and rejuvenate both body and mind.

1. Nolah Sleep — overall best hybrid mattress

Nolah Evolution Comfort+ mattress

Nolah Evolution Comfort+ Mattress is designed to provide stability, motion isolation, and robust edge support across its surface. With a unique cooling technology that increases breathability, this mattress may be one of the best options for couples on the market.

The mattress encompasses multiple foam layers designed to repel heat, prevent sagging, and relieve pressure points from sleepers. The inner layers also include an innerspring coil support system that offers extra support around the shoulder and hip areas.

This mattress is low in volatile compounds, free from flame retardants, and holds a CertiPUR-US® certification.

It is available for $2499 in its queen size and includes free shipping.

2. Puffy — best mattress for different sleeping preferences

Puffy Lux Smart Bed Set

Puffy Lux Smart Bed Set boasts a unique hybrid design with cooling foam and an adjustable base to completely customize the sleeping environment, making it a great option for couples with varying sleeping preferences.

This mattress features a breathable cover that wicks away moisture and 8 layers of memory foam to enhance support and relieve pressure points in sleepers. Moreover, it includes contour-adapt coils to enhance motion isolation, delivering silent and undisturbed sleep.

The standout of this mattress is its adjustable base, which elevates the design and delivers ultimate comfort for both sleepers. The base allows a zero gravity position, helping to reduce pressure on the back, muscles, and joints, and integrates independent massage zones to promote relaxation and meltdown daily stress in targeted areas.

For those who choose split king size, the 2 twin XL mattresses allow the use of diverse settings at the same time, creating the perfect environment for a sound and peaceful sleep.

It is available for $2,598 in its queen size and priced at $3,896 in its split king size. Both options include free shipping.

3. Amerisleep — most eco-friendly king size mattress for couples

Amerisleep Organica Organic Mattress

Organica is an eco-friendly hybrid mattress targeted at relieving discomfort and pain in the body, ultimately providing a restful night's sleep for couples.

Crafted from organic cotton, wool, and latex, Organica provides responsive cushioning while contouring to the bodies of sleepers. These organic materials, especially cotton, stand out due to their breathability properties, promoting airflow and absorbing moisture on the surface.

The mattress also incorporates soft and medium latex layers, renowned for their support and motion isolation properties. This combination minimizes movement across the surface while still providing a pleasant bounce, which is especially crucial for an enjoyable sexual experience.

Manufactured and designed in the USA, this mattress features materials that are free from harmful chemicals and are certified by GOTS, OEKO-TEX, the Rainforest Alliance, and eco-INSTITUT.

It is available for $2049 in its king size and includes free shipping.

4. SONU Sleep — best mattress for couples with foam

SONU Sleep System Firm

The Sonu Sleep System is an eco-friendly foam mattress specially crafted for couples. This mattress is designed to promote comfort and reduce potential pressure and aches in the shoulders and arms, allowing for a more comfortable embrace during sleep.

The SONU sleep mattress is designed to align the spine, alleviate body tension, and minimize in-sleep movements throughout the night. Furthermore, it evenly distributes weight across the surface, allowing the hips to sink in and aligning the lower back vertebrae to reduce potential aches.

Sonu’s design is well-suited for side sleepers, as it provides upper body support, reducing pressure and minimizing movement during the night.

Moreover, the foam layers in the mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified and feature a cooling cover to prevent heat buildup during the night.

It is available for $3399 in its queen size and includes two complimentary pillows, a set of white sheets, and a 10-year warranty policy.

5. Latex for Less — best mattress for couples that tend to move during the night

Latex for Less Hybrid Latex mattress

Hybrid Latex Mattress, crafted with organic materials, offers robust support and reinforced motion isolation for couples who tend to toss and turn during the night.

The mattress is made with GOLS-certified cotton, ensuring a soft and cushioned surface with high breathability for a comfortable night's sleep.

Additionally, it incorporates organic wool, which regulates temperature, keeping couples cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The design includes 3 inches of latex, which conforms to the bodies of the sleepers and alleviates pressure points during slumber.

The mattress is designed with durability in mind, employing high-quality materials, and handcrafted in California.

It is available for $1599 in its queen size and includes free shipping in mainland USA.

Comparison of the best mattresses for couples

ProductPriceMaterialsCertificationCooling technologyFirmness
Nolah Sleep$2499Foam layers and innerspring coilCertiPUR-US® certificationYesMedium firm
Puffy$2499Foam layers and coil unitCertiPUR-US® certificationYesMedium firm
Amerisleep $2049Wool, cotton, latex, and innerspring coilGOTS, OEKO-TEK, the Rainforest Alliance, and eco-INSTITUTNoSoft medium firm
SONU Sleep$3399Foam layersCertiPUR-US®NoSoft medium firm
Latex For Less$1599Organic cotton, wool, latex, and fabric encased coilsGOLS and GOTS NoMedium and firm

Best types of mattresses for couples

Several factors play an important role in selecting the best mattress for couples. Some of these criteria encompasses motion isolation, edge support, firmness, and cooling.

  • Motion isolation mattresses. A mattress with motion isolation may reduce disturbances on the bed's surface during the night. This can be crucial for improving sleep quality and reducing morning aches and stiffness.
  • Cooling mattresses. Cooling technologies may help achieve a balanced temperature for couples and absorb potential moisture from sexual activity or sleep.
  • Split firmness. While medium firmness is generally recommended, individual preferences may vary. Split firmness allows each side of the mattress to be customized, providing support and comfort for both individuals.
  • Hybrid mattresses. These types of mattresses combine various materials such as memory foam or latex with innerspring coils. They enhance support and reinforce the mattress's edges, making them an excellent choice for sleeping and sexual activity.

Other factors to consider before buying a mattress

Finding the ideal mattress for couples with different preferences can be a challenging task. Firstly, due to the disparities of opinions in the couples, and secondly, due to the vast array of products on the market.

Nonetheless, before making a purchase of this essential bedding item, there are several factors worth considering:

Sleeping habits

Selecting a mattress for couples also involves taking into account specific sleeping habits that impact comfort and sleep quality.

Sleeping habits can vary between couples and encompass various factors such as sleeping positions or temperature preferences. For instance, some individuals may prefer sleeping on their stomach, while others opt for side sleeping. Different positions require varying degrees of firmness, which split or customizable mattresses may be able to accommodate.

Temperature regulation is another critical aspect. Some individuals may struggle with heat at night or excessive sweating. Therefore, it's advisable to choose adaptable materials like cotton or wool. Additionally, materials like memory foam may help alleviate pre­ssure points and enhance the alignment of the spine.

Reinforcing edge support

Edge support is crucial to ensure comfort during sleep. Inadequate support along the mattress edges can lead to sagging in specific body areas, resulting in pressure points and potential discomfort.

Therefore, edge support is not only important for improving sleep quality but also for preventing tension and aches in the body. Moreover, couples may benefit from edge support during intercourse, allowing for more enjoyable sexual experiences.

Balancing firmness for dual comfort

Medium firmness is recommended for all types of sleepers as it can provide adequate body support and help alleviate pressure points. However, variations in firmness may be beneficial to support specific sleeping positions.

While back and stomach sleepers often benefit from a firmer mattress to relieve pressure on the upper body, side sleepers typically find a softer firmness more comfortable to alleviate tension in the shoulders and hips.

Selecting a mattress with customizable firmness may play a significant role in ensuring both sleepers achieve comfort and enjoy deeper and more restful sleep.

Motion isolation and partner disturbance

Motion isolation is key to reducing night disturbances while sharing a bed with your partner. Several factors are associated with motion isolation, including mattress design, materials, coils, and the mattress base.

Materials like memory foam or latex are well-known for their capacity to absorb and dissipate motion, preventing movement transfer and promoting better sleep for both individuals in the couple.

Additionally, motion isolation is closely connected to innerspring coils, and hybrid mattresses with encapsulated coils can effectively target various areas of the bed, offering support to the body while minimizing motion transfer.

Temperature regulation for comfortable sleep

Temperature is highly associated with comfort and sleep quality. Research suggests that sleep patterns can be easily disrupted when exposed to heat during sleep, leading to nighttime restlessness and daytime fatigue.

Therefore, it is essential for couples to select breathable materials or mattresses equipped with cooling technologies to promote uninterrupted sleep and enhance the quality of their rest.

Selecting bedding materials like cotton or wool may be a great option to increase airflow and prevent potential heating or excessive moisture. Additionally, choosing foam with cooling properties may also help maintain a cool sleeping environment.

The best mattress for couples — conclusion

The mattress market is continually expanding, and today, more than ever, couples may find it challenging to select the right bedding. Factors such as motion isolation or edge support may play an important role in addressing underlying issues linked with unsuitable mattresses, including stiffness, fatigue, or poor sleep.

In any case, choosing the right mattress involves considering several criteria with personal preference being of utmost importance. Couples should explore different options and select the product that best aligns with their sleeping habits and needs.

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