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Best Mattress for Heavy People in 2024: Options for Heavy Side Sleepers

Sleep plays a vital role in our overall well-being. Poor-quality sleep is often linked to environmental factors like temperature and noise, but the mattress you sleep on is just as crucial.

Heavy individuals require a mattress that can minimize pressure points, support their spine effectively, and prevent sagging. However, the market is flooded with a wide variety of options, making the selection process overwhelming.

We've conducted a thorough review, considering various factors specific to heavier profiles, to compile a list of our top mattresses for heavy people. We hope you can find your next sleep companion among our selected picks.

Best mattress for heavy people: a shortlist

  1. Nolah Evolution — best hybrid mattress for heavy individuals
  2. Amerisleep — best memory foam mattress for a heavy person
  3. Plank — most supportive mattress for heavy people
  4. Zoma — most eco-friendly mattress for heavy people
  5. Leesa — most affordable mattress for heavy people

How we chose our list of the best mattress for heavy people in 2024

PriceFirmnessMaterialsTemperatureBrand Transparency
$999–$1399Medium to robust firmnessHigh-quality and non-toxicCooling propertiesManufacturing practices, third-party certification, and sustainability
  • Price. We assessed the pricing of the mattresses concerning their materials, firmness levels, and additional features. When it comes to bedding essentials, it's crucial that the price aligns with the quality.
  • Firmness. Firmness is essential to prevent sagging and to relieve pressure points. Mattresses with a medium to firm feel can effectively alleviate pressure points for those with a heavier body weight.
  • Materials. The choice of materials plays an important role in selecting the right mattress. We carefully evaluated and selected high-quality materials capable of relieving pressure without sagging or causing discomfort. Additionally, we assessed the breathability of the materials and their ability to dissipate heat.
  • Temperature. There is initial evidence suggesting a potential link between sleep comfort and the microclimate of bedding. Disruptions in sleep may be related to heat, therefore, it is best to choose mattresses that can maintain a balanced temperature in the bed. We selected products with cooling technologies that might reduce moisture build-up and keep one cool at night.
  • Brand Transparency. We evaluated brands that disclose manufacturing processes and origin of materials involved in the production. Additionally, we reviewed third-party certification and sustainable practices with the environment.

Best mattress for heavy people: an overview

We have embarked on a mission — find the best mattress for large people. Therefore, our investigation has been meticulous and aimed at providing maximum comfort in your slumber.

We hope these mattresses fulfill your expectations and that you discover your next dream companion below.

1. Nolah Evolution — best mattress with hybrid design for heavy people

Nolah Signature 12 Mattress

The Nolah Evolution Comfort+, with a focus on pressure relief and temperature balance, offers a unique multi-layered design to support and comfort those with a heavier weight.

Nolah’s mattress is designed with 7 layers. Its top layer, composed of organic cotton, promotes heat dissipation and is hypoallergenic. Beneath it, a quilted euro topper provides plush cushioning and regulates temperature, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

The inner layers, made with airfoam, offer pressure relief and contour the body, potentially minimizing tension and muscle stiffness. Additionally, its coil system is designed with a unique technology to provide flexibility and motion isolation.

Noah Evolution prides itself on crafting mattresses free from harmful chemicals, including depleters and flame retardants. Additionally, they are certified by CertiPUR-US®, providing high-quality and safety to its customers.

At the time of the publication, their queen size is available for $1674 and includes a lifetime warranty and free shipping. The brand also includes two free pillows with the purchase.

2. Amerisleep — best mattress with memory foam for heavy people

Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid Mattress

The Amerisleep mattress AS5 combines cooling technology with eco-friendly practices, enhancing the support and comfort of back and stomach sleepers.

This mattress features Bio-Pur®, an exclusive plant-based memory foam celebrated for its cooling and pressure-relieving capabilities, especially for the head and back. Additionally, this material offers firmness and contours the body, potentially reducing muscle tension and better sleep.

Furthermore, Amerisleep features a robust base designed to be durable and provide an extra layer of support to heavier bodies. According to the brand, its Bio-Core® base will not sag or develop soft spots.

This plant-based mattress is non-toxic and fiberglass-free, certified by CertiPUR-US®, and resistant to dust mites and mildew.

At the time of the publication, their queen size is available for $1099 and includes free shipping and a 20-year warranty policy.

3. Plank — best firm mattress for heavier bodies

Plank Firm Mattress

For those seeking a firm and sturdy mattress, Plank Firm may become their trusted sleep companion. Featuring a medium-firm and firm feel, the bedding aims to cradle the body and prevent sinking — becoming a standout in hip and shoulder support for restorative sleep.

The Plank features 4 high-quality foam layers to promote spinal alignment and comfort during the nighttime. Its quilted top is engineered to deliver breathability, while its open cell technology integrated into its foam layers helps to wick away excess body heat and balance temperature.

Moreover, Plank's foam layers also feature superior spinal contouring, complemented with reinforced edges to prevent sagging and evenly distribute sleepers' weights throughout its surface. This not only enhances sleep quality but also may prevent aches and body stress resulting from uncomfortable positions during sleep.

Plank is available for $1332 and includes free shipping and a 10-year warranty.

4. Zoma — most sustainable mattress for heavy people

Zoma Hybrid Mattress

Zoma Hybrid introduces a product designed to contour the body and promote restorative sleep. Its layering system is designed to promote proper spinal alignment and potentially reduce muscle stiffness.

Crafted from a breathable air cloth material, Zoma's design incorporates perforated fibers that facilitate airflow. Underneath the cover, the mattress is made with memory foam layers that embrace the body and reduce discomfort during the night. Additionally, the design features a unique coil system that minimizes sinking and motion isolation, ensuring a restful slumber.

The mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified, free from harmful chemicals, and with low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels, making it a great choice for eco-friendly consumers.

At the time of the publication, their queen size is available for $999 and includes free shipping and a 10-year warranty.

5. Leesa — best budget mattress for heavy person

Leesa Plus Hybrid Mattress

The Leesa Plus Hybrid medium-firm mattress is crafted with plush and memory foam layers, delivering an outstanding edge support and firmness for those with heavier bodies.

Leesa features a breathable cover made from polyester and viscose, designed to be soft to the touch and balance temperature at night. The inner comfort foam layers offer body-conforming support, alleviating tension and stiffness in the mornings.

The best part about this mattress is its coil layer, meticulously constructed with individually encased coils. This feature reinforces motion isolation, so heavy sleepers may benefit from shoulder and hip support to minimize night time disturbances.

Leesa's mattresses are assembled in Arizona, with high quality manufacturing practices, holding certifications from CertiPUR-US® and GreenGuard Gold.

At the time of the publication, their queen size is available for $1399 and includes free shipping and two free pillows.

Comparison of the best mattress for heavy people

Nolah Evolution $1674*Hybrid foam and innerspring coilTwin, twin XL, Full, king, queen, cal king, and split kingCertiPUR-US®Lifetime
Amerisleep$1099*Bio-Pur® memory foamTwin, twin XL, full, king, queen, cal king, and split kingCertiPUR-US®20 years
Plank $1332*Hybrid foamTwin, twin Xl, Full, king, queen, Cal king, Split kingN/A10 years
Zoma $999*Gel memory foam and innerspring coilTwin, twin XL, full, king, queen, cal king, and split kingCertiPUR-US®10 years
Leesa $1399*Hybrid foam layers and innerspring coilTwin, twin XL, full, king, queen, and cal kingGreenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US®10 years

* — prices vary depending on the mattress size.

How to choose the best mattress for heavy people in 2024

For individuals with heavier body weight, finding the right mattress can be challenging. Whether you are looking for the best mattress for heavy individuals, the best mattress for a heavy person with back pain, or simply a good mattress made for a heavy person, we've selected key criteria to help you choose the right match.

  • Materials. Opt for mattresses that combine pressure relief with effective heat dissipation and airflow. While memory foam is popular, it can sometimes retain heat and moisture. Consider hybrid mattresses or those with cooling technologies in their foam layers for a more comfortable sleep.
  • Thickness and Layering. Look for mattresses that strike a balance between comfort and support. Outer layers should prioritize plushness and breathability, while inner layers focus on support and pressure relief.
  • Edge Support. Proper weight distribution is crucial. Choose mattresses with increased edge support to prevent sinking or discomfort along the edges.
  • Cooling Features. Heavier individuals may generate more heat and moisture during sleep. Select mattresses with cooling features or breathable materials to enhance comfort and minimize nighttime movement.

What type of mattress is best for heavy people?

Emerging evidence suggests that the choice of a mattress can significantly impact sleep quality, potentially transforming poor sleep into restful slumbers. We have selected specific criteria that heavier individuals should prioritize in their mattress selection.

Hybrid mattresses

These mattresses blend the plush comfort of foam with the support of innerspring coils. The foam layers, which can include materials like latex, memory foam, polyfoam, or airfoam, combine with the metal coils of the innerspring to enhance motion isolation and edge support.

Hybrid mattresses can be a great option for those with larger body frames or seniors. This mattress type can provide cushion and support, which is especially beneficial for the lower body—a need that both heavier individuals and older adults share. For the latter group, mattresses specifically designed for seniors may help alleviate discomfort and enhance overall sleep quality.

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are well-suited for individuals with higher body weight. The coils in this mattress may support the body, allowing various sleeping positions. Some may even feature individually wrapped coils to improve motion isolation and reduce sagging.

Latex, whether natural or synthetic, is a durable and highly supportive material that can contour to the bodies of those with higher body mass. Its durability and shape-retaining qualities may be essential in the comfort of a mattress. However, it may not be the best choice for individuals who tend to get hot or sweat excessively.


These mattresses use air chambers that allow the customization of firmness and plushness. Modern air mattresses feature individual chambers that can be adjusted to alleviate pressure points or for couples with varying body weights. Heavier individuals may find airbeds particularly appealing for customizing their mattress to alleviate specific pressure points.

Foam mattresses

High-density memory foam layers offer great support for heavier sleepers. They conform to the body's contours and adapt with movement, enhancing overall comfort. Memory foam mattresses are especially suitable for individuals with higher body weight, as they ensure even weight distribution and reduce pressure points.

Benefits of mattress for heavy people

Sleep quality may improve back and shoulder discomfort, as well as muscle stiffness. While there's no one-size-fits-all, studies suggest that factors like firmness and support may influence comfort. The right mattress can benefit sleep quality and overall well-being.

  • Comfort. Choosing high-quality materials with cooling properties may make a huge difference, particularly for individuals with greater body weight. Such mattresses reduce the need for tossing and turning during the night and prevent uncomfortable sinking in certain areas. Furthermore, a well-designed mattress provides the precise balance of support and cushioning, alleviating bodily discomforts.
  • Pressure Relief Mattresses with multiple layers and a robust coil system may embrace the body, reducing pressure points and facilitating ease of movement in bed. Reinforced edges contribute to preventing sinking and alleviating tension in specific body areas.
  • Long-Lasting Support. Heavier individuals often require greater firmness and support from their mattresses. This helps maintain proper spinal alignment and mitigates discomfort in the back, head, and shoulders. A quality mattress distributes weight evenly, reducing pressure on the body and delivering a comfortable sleep experience.

When should you buy a new mattress

Mattresses usually have a lifespan of 6 to 8 years, but heavier individuals may wear them out sooner due to increased pressure. However, there are some other factors to consider.

Sagging is a vital sign that a mattress has lost support, and may impact sleep quality and cause discomfort. Additionally, if a mattress becomes too plush it may also indicate that it is close to its expiration date.

Lastly, waking with stiffness and aches, especially in the back, neck, or hips, is also a good indication that a new mattress may be needed.

If any of these signs manifest or the mattress no longer provides the necessary comfort and support, it's best to find a better suited bedding product for you.

How can heavy sleepers have better sleep?

Individuals with higher body weight can enhance their sleep by considering additional bedding essentials. A comfortable pillow can reduce stiffness in the neck, head, and shoulders, while toppers or blankets promote relaxation before sleep.


Pillows may also help to relieve pressure during sleep. It can alleviate upper body tension, reduce neck stiffness, and align the spine. Back sleepers benefit from a medium-firm, elevated pillow, while stomach sleepers are better suited for a plush, lower-profile option.

Mattress toppers

Mattress toppers may add cushioning to the bed, becoming valuable for heavier individuals. Additionally, they may also help to expand their lifetime by preserving its layers and increasing its longevity.

Adjustable base

Customizable bases offer a comfortable sleep solution. They distribute weight evenly, and relieve pressure points like hips and shoulders. The bed's elevation can also be personalized, aiding entry and exit, especially for those with higher body weight.

Best mattress for heavy people: conclusion

Selecting the right mattress may help to increase comfort and improve rest at night. Individuals with a higher weight may benefit from mattresses designed with multiple layers that may enhance support while preventing sagging.

Additionally, innerspring coils may also help with the extra support needed for those with heavier profiles, embracing the body and relieving pressure points for restful nights and energetic mornings.

In any case, we encourage you to review different brands and select the best king size mattress or any other size or materials that can suit your preferences. We hope that our list was helpful to make an informed decision on the product more compatible with you.

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