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A Review on The Best Mattress for Neck Pain: Top 5 in 2024

Neck pain can significantly impact sleep quality, potentially disrupting work and social activities and diminishing overall quality of life. Aches in this area can be caused by various factors, including conditions such as osteoporosis, as well as poor posture or sleeping habits.

When it comes to sleep practices, choosing suitable bedding is crucial. A supportive mattress can help alleviate stiffness and promote correct spine alignment, reducing the potential for developing aches in the neck or shoulders.

With that in mind, we have curated our top picks for the best mattress for neck pain so you can find the perfect companion for restful and uninterrupted sleep.

The best mattress for neck pain: a shortlist

  1. Puffy — best hybrid mattress for neck and shoulder pain
  2. Amerisleep — best foam mattress for neck pain
  3. Plank —best mattress for stomach sleepers with neck pain
  4. Brooklyn Bedding — most versatile mattress for neck pain
  5. Titan — best mattress for couples with neck pain

How we ranked the best mattress for neck pain

Choosing the right mattress for neck pain can be a challenging task. However, we have compiled some key criteria to consider when selecting the ideal companion to alleviate aches.

Pressure reliefReinforced pressure relief
Firmness Medium to firm
Sleeping positionMattresses tailored to various sleeping positions
CertificationCertiPUR-US® and similar certificates
  • Pressure relief. During sleep, certain body parts may press against the mattress, leading to stiffness and aches. Mattresses with effective pressure relief can help alleviate discomfort and prevent nighttime movements.
  • Firmness. Since poor spinal position is linked to neck pain, choosing the right firmness level can assist in maintaining a neutral spine position, alleviating discomfort in this area.
  • Sleeping positions. Different positions require varying firmness levels and may benefit from specific materials to ensure proper support.
  • Certification. When it comes to bedding, choosing a brand with certification is essential for selecting trustworthy providers with high-quality manufacturing standards for their products.
  • Price. We prioritize brands that strike a balance between affordability and quality, ensuring that you receive value for your investment.

The best mattress for neck pain: an overview

Neck pain can result from incorrect posture during work, household chores, or sleep. In the case of the latter, discomfort in the shoulders and neck is often due to improper spinal alignment.

The mattress for neck and shoulder pain is one that provides optimal firmness, pressure relief, and support in the spine. Our selection below includes these features.

1. Puffy — best hybrid bedding for neck and shoulder aches

Puffy Lux Mattress

Praised by the American Chiropractic Association, Puffy’s Lux Mattress counts with 4 CertiPUR-US® foam layers and a pocketed coil system, providing robust support to the back and alleviating potential aches in the shoulder and neck area.

Puffy's mattress foam is specially designed to contour the body, offering pressure relief with a particular emphasis on the spine. Furthermore, its seven layers incorporate cooling technology to enhance airflow while providing necessary support.

This product is designed and manufactured in the USA, free from ozone depleters, flame retardants, and heavy metals. The product has also been tested for low VOC levels, promoting better indoor air quality and a more pleasant smell.

It is available for $2849 in its queen size and includes free shipping and a lifetime warranty.

2. Amerisleep — best foam mattress for neck discomfort

Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid Mattress

The Amerisleep AS2 mattress features a combination of Bio-Pur® foam layers designed to alleviate pressure points in the upper body and enhance breathability for improved sleep.

The mattress includes a cover and three layers crafted to provide comfort and breathability, wicking away moisture while remaining responsive to sleepers' movements. The foam layers collaborate to contour the body, soothing pressure points and alleviating tension in the neck and shoulder area.

Beneath the foam layers, a transition HIVE® layer works synergistically to provide support to the head and shoulders, enhancing cushioning in these problematic areas.

The mattress is made with eco-friendly and CertiPUR-US® foam, resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew. Additionally, it is free from harsh chemicals and low in VOCs.

It is available for $1549 in its queen size and includes free shipping.

3. Plank — best bedding for stomach sleepers with tension on the neck

Plank Firm Mattress

The Plank Firm mattress delivers robust support to the body while alleviating pressure points in the hips and shoulders. The mattress is designed to assist with spinal alignment, particularly for stomach and back sleepers experiencing neck pain.

This mattress stands out due to its innovative flippable foam layers, allowing individuals to turn it around for a medium-firm or firm sleep experience. In both firmness options, the body is well-supported, reducing lumbar discomfort and potentially alleviating neck and shoulder pain.

The foam layers are crafted with breathable materials, enhancing airflow between the layers and wicking away excess moisture, ensuring a comfortable and cool sleeping environment.

It is available for $1332 in its queen size and includes free shipping.

4. Brooklyn Bedding — most customizable firmness in a mattress for neck pain

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

The Signature Hybrid mattress features five layers of foam designed to relieve pressure points and contour the body, offering three customizable firmness levels - soft, medium, and firm.

The mattress caters to a range of sleeping preferences, incorporating moisture-wicking foam that adjusts to the preferred sleeping position, ensuring both breathability and support.

Beneath its top foam layers, a transition layer provides deep compression support for soft and medium models and high-density comfort for firm models. Additionally, a coil layer system supports the foam and transition layers, featuring individually encapsulated coils that move independently to cradle the body, providing motion isolation and edge support.

The Signature Hybrid is crafted and designed in Arizona, with an ethical workforce and high manufacturing standards.

It is available in its queen size for $1332 and includes free shipping.

5. Titan — best mattress for couples with aches in the neck

Titan Plus Mattress

Titan Plus mattress is specially designed for couples experiencing discomfort in the neck and lower back due to sagging and lack of support. Its four-layer design reinforces support throughout the mattress for a restful and supportive slumber.

The quilted top and upper foam layers of Titan are crafted to relieve pressure points and prevent sinking, reducing potential stiffness in the shoulder and neck area. Additionally, its gel-infused foam draws heat away from the body and promotes airflow during sleep.

Beneath the top layers, a system of coils supports sleepers, providing edge support and motion isolation. This ensures an additional layer of comfort for sleepers or couples.

It is available for $1249 and includes a 120-day trial policy.

Comparing the best mattresses for neck pain

ProductPriceCertificationFirmnessMaterialsTailored to
Puffy$2849.00CertiPUR-US®Medium-plushBlend of foams and innerspring coilsSide sleepers
Amerisleep$1549.00CertiPUR-US®Medium firmBlend of foamsBack and stomach sleepers
Plank$1332.00N/AFirm and extra firmBlend of foamsBack and stomach sleepers
Brooklyn Bedding$1332.00N/ASoft, medium, and firmBlend of foams and innerspring coilsSide, stomach, and back sleepers
Titan$1249.00N/AFirmBlend of foams and innerspring coilsStomach and back sleepers

Can mattresses help with neck pain?

While some pillows may alleviate neck and shoulder discomfort in bed, the relationship between neck pain and bedding remains to be studied. Nevertheless, factors such as firmness, pressure relief, and materials may play a role in addressing these types of discomfort.

Firstly, optimal firmness may help to maintain a neutral alignment of the spine and enhance comfort and sleep quality. This is particularly significant for neck pain, as poor cervical posture during sleep can exert pressure on the neck and shoulders.

Materials may also play a role in alleviating neck aches, as certain fabrics like foam or latex can contour the body, providing support and relief in the cervical spine, especially for side sleepers who tend to rest on their hips and shoulders.

Different types of mattresses for neck pain

The best type of mattress for neck pain varies depending on several factors, such as material, firmness, or personal preferences. However, we have compiled some of the most suitable ones to support the neck and shoulder area.

Memory foam mattresses

This type of mattress provides support to the body, alleviating pressure points and allowing an even distribution of weight across its surface. Memory foam mattresses prevent tension buildup in the neck and shoulder area, offering comfort and support. Additionally, they cradle and contour the spine, potentially improving poor posture and preventing stiffness in the cervical spine.

Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses may be a good option for individuals with neck problems, combining various materials such as foam or latex with innerspring coils to provide cushion and support in the shoulder, head, and neck.

The upper layers of the mattress prioritize cushioning and contouring of the body, while the coils concentrate on providing edge support and motion isolation. This combination helps prevent sagging and minimizes motion transfer, contributing to a more comfortable and undisturbed sleep experience.

Cooling Mattresses

Temperature is crucial for good sleep quality and reducing potential disturbances at night.

Mattresses that incorporate cooling technology may help alleviate strain on the neck caused by tossing and turning during the night. Additionally, cooling features can assist couples in balancing temperatures in bed and reducing disturbances caused by a partner.

Tips for choosing the right mattress for neck pain

We have compiled a list of essential criteria to consider before selecting a mattress for neck pain, so you can choose the type of bedding that best suits your needs and sleeping preferences.

  • Firmness level. The firmness of a mattress plays a crucial role in spine alignment, supporting a neutral posture and potentially alleviating discomfort in the back, neck, and shoulders. Selecting a firm or soft mattress for neck pain based on your preferred sleeping position is key to preventing in-sleep movement and, especially, avoiding tension in the neck.
  • Robust support. Mattresses with support throughout their layers and a robust base can make a difference in addressing neck discomfort. A mattress that contours the body and evenly distributes weight can reduce potential sagging and tension in specific areas of the body.
  • Materials. The materials of a mattress are vital for providing support and firmness. Foam and latex are specifically designed to offer support, reducing excessive sinking or firmness on the surface. Additionally, a combination of foam layers delivers diverse properties such as cushioning, edge isolation, and even cooling for a comfortable sleep.

Other ways to alleviate neck pain while sleeping

Choosing the appropriate mattress may help alleviate tension in the neck and shoulders, but there are other ways to reduce aches and enhance your overall sleep quality. We have reviewed some practices to alleviate discomfort in this problematic area, including:

Selecting the right pillow

Choosing an optimal pillow is crucial for addressing neck pain and is based on factors such as firmness, sleeping position, and materials. Rubber pillows may be the best option for neck discomfort, whereas soft materials like feathers may exacerbate pain. Sleeping positions also play a role, with stomach sleepers benefiting from a softer pillow and back sleepers requiring a firmer one.

Practice stretching

Stretching your neck can be an effective option to alleviate tension and stiffness in the shoulder and neck area. Practicing exercises, especially after waking up, can help alleviate discomfort and enhance blood flow, energizing and preparing the body for the day.

Change your sleeping position

A frequent cause of neck pain is a poor sleeping position, leading to strain and tension in the spine and discomfort in the neck. The supine position is the best for reducing body aches, but other sleeping positions can be considered with the right pillow and mattress to support and contour the body.

Best mattress for neck pain — conclusion

While research on mattresses is still in its early stages, there is some limited evidence suggesting that factors such as firmness or materials may help alleviate discomfort in the cervical area.

Selecting the right firmness for your sleeping position can support the body, reducing potential tension in the spine and leading to a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. Additionally, materials such as foam or latex may provide the necessary level of comfort and support, especially if integrated with cooling technologies.

In any case, the best mattress for neck pain should also be chosen according to your personal preferences and sleeping routines.

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