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Best Mattress for Snoring: Top Picks for 2024

Snoring can impact sleep quality, hindering daytime performance and immersing individuals in a cloud of fatigue and lethargy. While bedding products cannot prevent this condition, they may assist in managing its discomfort.

An optimal mattress with the right firmness may support a correct sleeping posture, preventing nighttime restlessness and enhancing overall sleep quality in those who face this condition.

In light of these considerations, we have compiled our picks for the best mattress for snoring, intending to rejuvenate and elevate rest during the night.

Best mattress for snoring: a shortlist

  1. Puffy — best mattress for snoring with adaptable height
  2. Helix — best bed for snorers who sleep on their side
  3. Brooklyn Bedding — best mattress for snorers made in the USA
  4. Titan — best mattress for snoring and back pain
  5. Saatva — best mattress for snoring with customizable firmness

Our criteria for picking the best mattress for snorers

We have conducted thorough research on the bedding landscape, selecting those brands that gear their bed for snorers — with unique products that combine quality and comfort alike:

PriceFirmnessSleeping positionMaterials
$1249–$4495Medium-firmOptimal bedding for various sleeping positionsBreathable and moisture-wicking fibers
  • Price. Our selection prioritized those brands that commit to delivering quality products while maintaining affordable pricing.
  • Firmness. Selecting an optimal mattress for snoring also involves considering sleeping positions. Those who snore are particularly encouraged to sleep on their side and stomach. Therefore, it is essential to select a mattress with sufficient firmness to promote spinal alignment across various slumber postures.
  • Sleeping positions. Our selection encompassed mattresses with contouring materials and pressure relieving properties to ensure the comfort of side and stomach sleeping — postures that show promise to alleviate snoring during the night.
  • Materials. When it comes to mattresses, selecting high-quality and supportive materials is key to enhancing rest. Breathable and cooling fibers may prevent nighttime disturbances, increasing comfort and overall sleep quality.

Best mattress for snoring: overview

Amidst the sea of bedding, products designed to target snoring emerge as a promising, non-intrusive way to manage nighttime noise. However, opting for the most suitable bedding seems like a treacherous quest, with many wondering, “What is the best mattress for snoring?”.

Fear not, as we have sailed the tempestuous waters of some of the best mattresses for snoring and selected 5 top-notch products to help with nighttime disturbances and promote recovery in both body and mind:

1. Puffy — best mattress for snoring with custom height

Puffy Lux Smart Bed Set

Puffy Lux Smart Bed Set delivers a mattress with a medium-plush firmness and 6 foam layers to grant robust support and comfort. The bed is engineered to cradle the back and spine, promoting adequate sleeping posture and enhanced rest for those with snoring tendencies.

Puffy’s standout lies in its breathability and customizable settings, with 5 unique height options and a zero gravity effect. This is especially important for individuals with snoring problems, as adjusting the head and legs may be key to reducing noises amidst slumber.

Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, the bed features massage options and cooling technology, fostering a cozy and soothing sleep environment. Moreover, given the connection between sleep quality and temperature, heat-dissipating materials may be particularly beneficial to enhance sleep quality.

It is available for $4248 in its queen size with various size options to choose from.

2. Helix — best bed for snorers who sleep on their side

Helix Midnight Mattress

Helix Midnight emerges as a powerful companion for individuals seeking to reduce snoring. With reinforced support for hips and shoulders, the bedding is crafted to support and enhance rest for those who enjoy sleeping on their side.

Limited research has suggested that changing sleeping posture from back to side sleeping may reduce nighttime noise, leading to increased sleep quality and overall rest. However, side sleeping requires specific firmness and support — factors that Helix aims to fulfill.

The bedding counts with 4 layers engineered to relieve pressure points and provide optimal comfort during the night. While its foam layers contour and support the body, its wrapped coils aid in distributing the sleeper’s weight across the mattress, preventing motion transfer and sagging.

It is available for $1373.80 in its queen size and includes free shipping.

3. Brooklyn Bedding — best mattress for snorers with pressure-relief foam

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

Nighttime disturbances are frequent for those who snore and their bedfellows. For this reason, many individuals may experience fatigue in the mornings due to restless nights. Signature Hybrid mattress offers a solution for these types of sleepers, delivering pressure relief and comfort for a peaceful slumber.

The bedding features a quilted top that enhances breathability, wicking away moisture and elevating comfort in the mattress. Beneath it, two foam layers emerge, promoting support and cushion for sleepers throughout the night.

Under its foam layers, an individually encased coil layer arises to deliver motion isolation and edge support. Individuals with snoring tendencies may benefit from these properties, as sagging and motion transfer may exacerbate discomfort and impact sleep quality.

The bedding is available for $1332 in its queen size and features three firmness options — soft, medium, and firm — making it a perfect match for different sleepers.

4. Titan — best mattress to alleviate snoring and back pain

Titan Plus Mattress

Titan Plus mattress delivers sturdy support and comfort for couples, preventing nighttime disturbances and balancing the temperature in the bed. With high-density and gel-infused foam, the mattress stands the test of time without sagging or sinking.

Titan may be a suitable option for individuals who tend to snore, as its sturdy support can prevent sagging, which may help to improve overall sleep quality. Moreover, its cooling technology may decrease the temperature in bed, wicking away moisture and delivering peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.

The design features a quilted top crafted for thermal regulation, followed by a high-density foam layer intended to alleviate pressure points. The mattress culminates with an encased coil system engineered to provide durability and edge support across its surface.

It is available for $1249 in its queen size and includes free shipping.

5. Saatva — best mattress for snoring with customizable firmness

Solaire Adjustable Firmness Mattress

Selecting a mattress with optimal firmness is crucial to promote a good night's sleep, especially for those who snore. Solaire Adjustable Firmness Mattress may be a great ally to enhance nighttime rest, delivering 50 firmness settings to personalize the slumber experience.

The bedding compromises 6 layers engineered to relieve pressure in the body, preventing the likelihood of developing aches.

This mattress's design features cotton, latex, and foam, delivering robust support and breathability during the night. Moreover, its materials are hypoallergenic and crafted to resist mildew and dust mites.

The design is culminated with vulcanized air chambers, providing the desired firmness and assisting the recovery of body and mind during the night.

It is available for $4495 in its queen size and includes free shipping and setup.

Comparison of best mattress for snoring

Puffy$4248.00Blend of foamsCustomizable heightMedium firmnessFor life
Helix$1373.80Foam and innerspring coilsEngineered for side sleepingMedium firmness10 year warranty
Brooklyn Bedding$1332.00Foam and innerspring coilsCustomizable firmnessSoft, medium, and firm10 year warranty
Titan$1249.00Foam and innerspring coilsRobust supportFirm10 year warranty
Saatva$4495.00Blend of foam, cotton, and latexAdjustable firmnessCustomizableLifetime warranty

How to choose the right mattress for snoring?

While many may wonder about the best mattress for snoring, unfortunately, there is no universal solution. For this reason, we have compiled some criteria to help you choose a mattress that aligns with your particular needs.

  • Firmness. Firmness is paramount to grant support and promote spinal alignment during sleep. This is especially important for those who tend to snore, as incorrect posture may exacerbate the condition.
  • Breathable materials. Sleep quality is linked to temperature, and excessive heat emerges as a significant disruptor of sleep. Therefore, opting for breathable pillows and mattresses may improve overall rest during the night.
  • Customizable height. Sleeping with the upper body inclined shows promise in alleviating snoring. This posture may promote airway opening and, in turn, potentially less snoring. Thus, mattresses with customizable height may be essential to reduce disturbances at night.

Best mattress for snoring based on sleeping position

Sleeping positions can affect the choice of materials and firmness on a mattress. Furthermore, sleeping positions may also affect snoring, with specific recommendations to elevate comfort throughout the night:

  • Sleeping on the back. Supine sleeping is usually not recommended for individuals who snore. This is due to the effect that gravity has on the muscles around the throat, potentially making the airways narrower. However, those who enjoy sleeping on their backs may be able to alleviate the unpleasant noises by elevating their head slightly with pillows.
  • Sleeping on the side. Some research conducted on individuals with sleep apnea suggests that this position may reduce the time and intensity of snoring. Moreover, mattresses with pressure-relieving properties and edge support may also help individuals who enjoy side sleeping.
  • Sleeping on the stomach. According to a small study conducted in individuals with sleep apnea, this sleeping position may be beneficial to alleviate snoring. However, there is no evidence of the effectiveness of this posture in healthy individuals. In any case, opting for a firm mattress with pressure-relieving properties may be a good choice to promote comfortable sleep in stomach sleepers.

Best mattress for snoring: cooling and breathability features

Research suggests a significant correlation between temperature and sleep, with higher temperatures often affecting slumber quality. Moreover, the increase in temperature has also been associated with the exacerbation of snoring. A study conducted in individuals with sleep apnea from 2012 found that snoring increased with elevated temperatures.

Therefore, selecting materials with cooling features may also promote improved nighttime rejuvenation. Breathable materials such as cotton may help balance temperature at night, while cooling foam may be capable of repelling heat and wicking moisture away for better sleep.

Selecting hypoallergenic fibers may also help to prevent sweat, mildew, or dust build-up, reducing the likelihood of developing congestion and snoring.

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