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Top 5 Best Memory Foam Pillows of 2024 for Restful Nights

Memory foam pillows have revolutionized sleep comfort, offering tailored support for every individual. As 2024 unfolds, we are witnessing advancements in design and materials that promise even better restful nights.

Whether you are a side sleeper yearning for optimal neck alignment, or someone in search of a cooler, breathable night’s sleep, the market offers a plethora of choices.

Dive into our curated list that defines the best memory foam pillow and discover the pinnacle of sleep innovation tailored for your unique needs.

Quick look at best-rated memory foam pillows: shortlist

  1. Derila — best memory foam pillow for side sleepers
  2. Zamat — best memory foam pillow for neck pain
  3. DubsLabs — best memory foam pillow for adjusting the loft height
  4. Brooklyn Bedding — best for luxury cooling and customizable comfort
  5. Puffy — best memory foam pillow for adjustable and luxurious comfort

How we picked the best memory foam pillows in 2024

Selecting the best memory foam pillows of 2024 was not just about comfort; we delved deep into the details to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. Our meticulous process rested on a convergence of science, user feedback, and value. With countless products flooding the market, how did we zero in on the top contenders? Here is a snapshot of our selection criteria:

Materials (filling and cover)MoldabilityCertifications
Tested for safety and qualityAdaptable to various sleeping positionsCertiPUR-US and similar certificates
  • Materials (filling and cover). We assessed the quality of memory foam used and checked the robustness of covers. Only pillows with durable, premium-grade foam and hypoallergenic, breathable covers made our list.
  • Moldability. A superior pillow seamlessly molds to individual contours, offering optimal support. We favored those that consistently adapted to various sleeping positions.
  • Certifications. We prioritize pillows with credible certifications, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals and meet established safety standards.
  • Price. Value for money was crucial. Our top picks balance superior quality with affordability, ensuring a worthy investment.

Our picks of best memory foam pillows

Navigating the world of memory foam pillows can feel like a labyrinth of choices, each promising the pinnacle of comfort and support. But which ones truly stand out in 2024?

After exhaustive research and hands-on testing, we have shortlisted the prize choices. Presenting our top picks of best memory foam pillows:

1. Derila — best moldable memory foam pillow

Derila pillow

The Derila pillow, our second pick, is celebrated for its ability to meet diverse cervical alignment needs. Hailing from the renowned brand’s lineup, its core features responsive memory foam that offers superior moldability. This ensures that regardless of your sleeping style, the pillow adjusts to provide consistent support.

Adding to its appeal, the hypoallergenic cover not only feels luxuriously soft but also promotes breathability, promising sweat-free nights. Derila offers only a single size, yet it’s highly-moldable foam ensures that everyone finds comfort in their favored sleeping position.

The brand’s commitment to quality and safety is highlighted by its relevant certifications, such as CertiPUR-US certificate, guaranteeing a product free from toxic substances.

While the price is reasonable, the unparalleled comfort and alignment benefits solidify its place as a great choice for varied cervical needs. Currently it is heavily discounted and costs $39.95 (you save 70%).

2. Zamat — best cervical memory foam pillow

Zamat Butterfly Shaped Memory Foam Pillow

Introducing the Zamat butterfly shaped cervical memory foam pillow — a standout choice for those seeking neck pain relief. Crafted with precision, its core comprises high-density memory foam that seamlessly molds to your neck contours, ensuring unparalleled support.

In addition to its excellent moldability, the butterfly shape offers support for different upper body parts, including cervical, arm, and shoulder areas, making it an excellent fit for various sleeping positions. Breathability is enhanced with the hypoallergenic bamboo and polyester cover, ensuring a cooler sleep experience.

With a single choice in size (25" x 14.5" x 5"), but adjustable height, customers can select the perfect fit for their needs. Zamat prioritizes safety, as evidenced by its CertiPUR-US certification, ensuring the pillow is free from harmful chemicals.

While its price point might be slightly higher — $65.99 — the investment guarantees a combination of quality, comfort, and possible therapeutic benefits.

3. DubsLabs — best memory foam pillow for adjusting loft to your sleeping position preference

DubsLabs adjustable plush memory pillow

The DubLabs adjustable plush memory pillow captures our attention as the fourth standout, distinguished particularly for its customizable loft. At its core lies a unique blend of luxurious plush memory foam, granting customers the flexibility to adjust pillow’s thickness to their heart’s content.

This ensures optimal moldability and support for sleepers, irrespective of their preferred sleeping position. Further enhancing its allure, the pillow features a breathable bamboo-derived cover, mixed with polyester, facilitating cooler and more comfortable nights.

DubLabs takes customization to the next level by offering varied loft options, by giving you the opportunity to adjust it by adding or removing layers of memory foam — 5 to be exact. Its commitment to quality and safety is underlined by the accompanying certifications, giving users peace of mind.

Priced competitively, at $69, the DubLabs pillow offers the allure of tailored comfort.

4. Brooklyn Bedding — a luxurious choice for personalized comfort

Brooklin Bedding Memory foam cooling pillow

Introducing the Brooklyn Bedding luxury cooling memory foam pillow, a premium choice for those seeking exceptional comfort and support throughout the night.

The pillow features a cooling gel infusion that actively pulls away excess body heat, ensuring you remain cool and comfortable. Its core advantage lies in its memory foam construction, offering quick responsiveness to your body's movements for perfect cradling at the shoulders, head, and neck.

Available in two loft options, the low loft (4 inches) is ideal for back or stomach sleepers, while the high loft (5 inches) caters to side sleepers, ensuring proper alignment and pressure relief in any position. The hypoallergenic materials, including copper-infused foam, not only enhance breathability but also provide antimicrobial benefits, protecting against allergens, mold, and dust mites.

With its fluff-free design and customizable comfort, Brooklyn Bedding allows for a tailored sleep experience. Each pillow is covered by a 3-year warranty, underlining the brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Priced at $129 for queen size and $149 for king size, this pillow is designed as a one-stop solution for superior sleep qubrooklyn

5. Puffy — best adjustable memory foam pillow with size options

Puffy Signature Pillow

The Puffy signature pillow shines as our third selection, earning accolades for adjustable and luxurious comfort. At its heart, the pillow boasts a blend of memory foam filling that promises the ideal balance of softness and support.

Puffy specializes in its adjustable height, allowing users to customize their sleeping experience to a chosen perfection. Wrapped in a premium bamboo rayon cover, it guarantees breathability, ensuring a cool and refreshing sleep throughout the night.

Puffy offers a choice in sizes, specifically standard and king, allowing sleepers of all types to find their ideal match. Reinforcing its commitment to excellence, the pillow boasts relevant certifications, such as CertiPUR-US, ensuring users of its quality and safety standards.

While its price might lean towards the premium segment, the Puffy signature pillow offers an unparalleled blend of luxury and adaptability — $102 for a single pillow of either size.

Comparison of the best memory foam pillows

ProductPriceSizesDimensions of the sizesChoice of loft/heightOur pick for
Derila$39.95Unspecified namingUnspecifiedN/ABest memory foam pillow meeting different cervical alignment needs
Zamat$65.99Standard25" x 14.5" x 5"Addable/removable additional sleeveBest memory foam pillow for neck pain relief
DubsLabs$69.00Unspecified namingUnspecified5 memory foam layers of height adjustmentBest memory foam pillow for adjusting loft to your sleeping position preference
Brooklyn Bedding$129.00*Quenn,
UnspecifiedLow loft (4 inches), high loft (5 inches)Best for luxury cooling and customizable comfort
26" x 18"
34" x 18"
Addable/removable memory foamBest memory foam pillow for adjustable and luxurious comfort

* — prices vary depending on the pillow size.

Why should you use a memory foam pillow?

Memory foam pillows stand out as sleep game-changers for multiple reasons.

Firstly, they offer contouring support, adapting to the unique shape of your head and neck. This moldability helps maintain spinal alignment, reducing the risk of neck pain and ensuring a comfortable sleep.

Secondly, memory foam effectively distributes weight, which minimizes pressure points and can alleviate discomfort for side sleepers.

Additionally, these pillows excel in motion isolation, meaning that if you shift during the night, your partner remains undisturbed. Breathability has also seen vast improvements, with many memory foam pillows now featuring cooling technologies or breathable covers to combat heat retention.

With options ranging from shredded to solid, adjustable lofts to fixed, there is a memory foam pillow tailored to every individual’s needs.

Investing in one can mean prioritizing restful nights, optimal spinal health, and personalized comfort.

What to take into account when choosing the best memory foam pillow?

Choosing the right memory foam pillow can elevate your sleep experience to new heights. But with a myriad of options out there, what should guide your decision?

Let us delve into the essential criteria to consider: your sleeping position, the specific type of memory foam, price, certifications, and the materials used. Equip yourself to make an informed choice.

Your sleeping position

Your sleeping position plays a pivotal role in selecting the ideal memory foam pillow. Side sleepers often require a thicker pillow to fill the gap between the shoulder and head, ensuring spinal alignment. Back sleepers may prefer a medium-loft, while stomach sleepers typically benefit from a flatter pillow.

Choosing according to your position ensures neck support and optimal comfort.

Pillow type

The type of memory foam used in a pillow can significantly influence its feel and support. Shredded memory foam offers adjustability and increased airflow, allowing for a customizable and cooler sleep.

Solid foam, on the other hand, provides consistent contouring support throughout. Deciding between the two comes down to personal preference for firmness, moldability, and breathability.


Price is an undeniable factor when choosing a memory foam pillow. While investing in sleep quality is essential, it is crucial to find a balance between cost and value.

High-end pillows often offer advanced features and superior materials, but many mid-range options also provide excellent comfort and durability. Setting a budget and comparing within that range ensures a worthy investment.


Certifications offer a seal of approval on a pillow’s safety and quality standards. For memory foam pillows, certifications like CertiPUR-US or Oeko-Tex indicate the absence of harmful chemicals, ensuring the product is eco-friendly and safe for users.

Prioritizing pillows with recognized certifications guarantees you are investing in a product that meets rigorous health and environmental standards.


The materials used in a memory foam pillow, both the filling and the cover, are paramount to its comfort and longevity. High-quality memory foam ensures optimal support and durability, while covers made from natural and breathable fabrics like bamboo or organic cotton enhance airflow and softness.

Choosing superior materials ensures both a restful sleep and a lasting investment.

What are the different types of memory foam pillows?

Memory foam pillows have evolved significantly over the years, diversifying to cater to a broad range of sleep preferences and needs. These pillows, renowned for their contouring and pressure-relieving properties, now come in a variety of styles and shapes.

Let us delve into the different types of memory foam pillows available, shedding light on their unique features and benefits to help you pinpoint your ideal match.

Shredded memory foam

Shredded memory foam pillows are filled with tiny, torn pieces of memory foam, rather than a single solid piece. This design allows for enhanced airflow, resulting in a cooler sleep experience.

Additionally, the shredded nature offers a unique combination of support and moldability, adapting well to various sleep positions. Many shredded pillows also offer the advantage of adjustability, enabling users to add or remove foam to achieve their desired loft and firmness.

Gel memory foam

Gel memory foam pillows integrate cooling gel beads or layers into the traditional memory foam structure. This fusion is specifically designed to address one of the primary concerns with memory foam — heat retention.

The cooling gel works to disperse body heat more effectively, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable sleep experience. Beyond temperature regulation, gel memory foam pillows also provide the signature contouring and pressure-relieving benefits of traditional memory foam.

Solid memory foam

Solid memory foam pillows consist of a single piece of memory foam. Known for their consistent density and contouring abilities, they excel at cradling the head and neck, providing even support throughout.

This uniformity ensures optimal spinal alignment and can reduce pressure points. However, they tend to retain more heat compared to shredded versions. For those seeking a stable and unyielding support structure, solid memory foam pillows are an excellent choice.

Patented memory foam

Patented memory foam pillows, like those from Tempur-Pedic, are crafted using proprietary formulas that set them apart from standard memory foams. These specialized foams often offer enhanced durability, pressure relief, and support characteristics.

Brands with patented foams invest in research and development to optimize sleep comfort and often come with unique features like improved airflow or advanced temperature regulation. While often at a higher price point, their distinct composition promises a premium sleep experience.

Who should not use a memory foam pillow?

While memory foam pillows are lauded for their contouring and support capabilities, they might not be the best choice for everyone.

Individuals with certain allergies might react to the chemicals used in the manufacturing process of memory foam. Additionally, those who are particularly heat-sensitive may find traditional memory foam too warm, as it can retain body heat, although innovations like gel-infused memory foam aim to mitigate this.

Memory foam might also not be ideal for those who prefer a bouncier, more resilient feel to their pillow, as it tends to absorb movement rather than spring back.

People with specific medical conditions or post-surgical requirements might need specialized pillows tailored to their needs, making standard memory foam options unsuitable.

Lastly, sustainability-conscious individuals might lean towards organic or natural pillow alternatives over synthetic memory foam.

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