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The Best Neck Pillow for Travel in 2024: Top 5 Brands Reviewed

Whether you are planning a long trip by car, train, or plane, you need restful sleep, and an ideal neck pillow for traveling may make a huge difference.

Uncomfortable and bulky pillows hanging from the luggage or wrapped around the neck give away rookie travelers. If you desire an adventure as an experienced one without carrying duty-free “headrests," check out our recommendations for the 5 best neck pillows for flying or a road trip.

5 best neck pillows for travel: shortlist

  1. Ostrichpillow — overall best neck pillow for plane
  2. Turmerry — best price for a traveler's pillow
  3. Pluto — best portable neck pillow for traveling
  4. Infinity — best material for a travel pillow
  5. Pillowy — best versatile travel pillow

How we compiled our list of the best neck pillows for travel

We prioritized the following quality aspects to help you choose the best neck pillow for traveling in 2024.

MaterialNon-allergenic, organic covers and fillings
FitUniversal or adjustable
MeasurementsEasy to pack in a luggage
  • Material. We have selected traveling pillows filled with non-allergenic and organic materials. Also, we considered the outer cover of the pillows that be pleasant to the skin and do not cause rashes.
  • Fit. The ideal travel pillows should be of universal fit or adjustable to suit all head and neck sizes.
  • Measurements. You don’t want to add extra weight to your already heavy luggage. With this in mind, we selected compact pillows that can fold to fit in your handbag.
  • Care. We listed sleeping pillows for a flight or a road trip with a removable cover suitable for machine washing.
  • Price. To help you avoid paying unnecessary costs for your travel neck pillow, we considered reasonably priced products based on their quality, comfort, and durability.

Best neck pillows for travel: overview

If you have tried several travel pillows and gave up on using them again due to specific issues, here we want to gain your trust back and suggest some options to carry as your travel buddy.

The products on our list have been selected meticulously to assist in finding the best travel pillow to avoid neck pain and make your trips enjoyable from take-off to landing.

1. Ostrichpillow — overall best neck pillow for travel by plane


Ostrichpillow Go is designed to not only provide 360° neck support but also compress up to 60% of its size to fit in the travel case for the pillow. These features make it an ideal selection for a neck pillow to take on an airplane.

This ergonomic memory foam pillow has low and high ends, suitable for leaning on the door when traveling by car or on the airplane wall. Ostrichpillow Go has a Velcro closure, allowing you to adjust it to your neck size.

The cover is made of OEKO-TEX® 95% viscose and 5% elastomer and is suitable for machine washing.

According to customer reviews of Ostrichpillow Go, this pillow may be suitable for people with long necks. It’s also reported to keep head position and cozy sleep during long flights.

Ostrichpillow Go comes in 9.8" x 6.7" x 2.7" and 0.80 lbs (350 g) size and is available at $60.

2. Turmerry — best price for a pillow for road trips

Turmerry pillow

If you are looking for a breathable, U-shaped, and organic travel pillow for your road trips, consider Turmerry latex travel neck pillow. For a restful sleep, the provider utilizes Dunlop cooling latex with holes for airflow.

This travel pillow is available in two textures. For people who experience neck pain, Turmerry offers a 35K soft pillow option. For people looking for better neck and head support during their trips, a 45K medium firmness pillow is available.

The transparent cotton pillow cover is suitable for machine-washing. You can order a custom pillow cover of the material of your preference on the provider's online store.

All the products of Turmerry are certified GOLS, GOTS, and OEKO-TEX. The company follows the safety and environmental standards required by Eco-Institut.

Turmerry latex travel neck pillow weighs 1 lb (459 g) and comes in 10" x 10" x 3" dimensions. You can order this pillow for as low as $35.

3. Pluto — best portable noise and light-blocking travel pillow

Pluto pillow

Pluto POD traveling neck pillow has a unique design combining a hood with padding, neck support filled with foam, and built-in eye and ear masks. These features turn into benefits when worn during noisy and crowded plane or train trips where you need your privacy for sound sleep.

The outer fabrics of the POD travel pillow are machine-washable. The snaps in the back of the hood attach it to your suitcase for portability or turn it into a supportive neck pillow.

Designed by the world-known brand IDEO, the hood style of this pillow will keep you warm on a plane or when traveling on a train. However, some customers report feeling stuffy.

You can order your Pluto POD traveling neck pillow in the original sky gray color or the limited edition of NASA black. The sky gray option is sold at $145, and the NASA edition is $160.

4. Infinity — best material for a multifunctional travel pillow

Infinity pillow cover is made of hypo-allergenic and organic bamboo nylon — believed to have a longer lifespan. This is a uniquely designed twisting pillow you can wrap around your neck or back for extra-soft support for sleep when traveling by car, plane, or train.

You can choose your favorite pillow in 10 available colors. The pillow cover is not removable, yet the whole pillow is suitable for machine washing. The pillow is filled with microfiber, which is believed to be highly breathable and lightweight.

Thanks to its adjustable shape, Infinity travel pillows can also suit children. Although this travel pillow has no specific firm neck support, customers report waking up without shoulder pain or stiff neck after long flights or road trips.

Infinity travel pillows are 0.54 lb (249 g) and 7.9" x 5.5" x 5.5" in size, and you can buy them for $45.

5. Pillowy — best travel pillow for all transportation means

Pillowy pillow

Starting their business from the famous boyfriend pillow, Pillowy now offers a vast amount of innovative pillows for side, back, and stomach sleepers. We reviewed the Pillowy neck roll pillow you can use for traveling by any transportation or at home for neck or knee support.

Pillowy roll pillows are filled with microbeads that take the shape of your body. However, some people may find them noisy when moving. The pillows are available in 37 cover designs.

The covers are spandex and nylon, making them silky and gentle for skin and hair. The covers are not removable, yet you can wash the whole pillow in a washing machine.

The size of the Pillowy roll neck pillow is 14" x 8" x 8" (35.5 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm) and 1 lb (459 g). It is sold at $29.95.

ProductPriceSizeWeightsFilling materialCover materialMachine-washingOur pick for
Ostrichpillow$609.8" x 6.7" x 2.7" (25 x 17 x 7 cm )0.80 lb (350 g)Memory foamViscose and elastomer YesOverall best neck pillow for travel by plane
Turmerry$3510" x 10" x 3" (25.4 x 25.4 x 7.6 cm)1 lb (459 g)LatexTransparent cotton coverYesBest price of pillow for road trips
Pluto$145*Open — 31" x 15" (78.7 x 38.1 cm)

Closed — 12" x 6" x 4" (30.4 x 15.2 x 10.1)
Not mentionedPolyfoamPlush inner cover (individual material selection available) YesBest portable noise and light-blocking travel pillow
Infinity$457.9" x 5.5" x 5.5" in (20 × 14 × 14 cm)1 lb (459 g)0.54 lb (249 g)MicrofiberBamboo nylonYesBest material for multitasking travel pillow
Pillowy$29.9514" x 8" x 8" (35.5 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm)1 lb (459 g)MicrobeadsSpandex and nylonYesBest versatile travel pillow for all transportation means

* — price varies based on the style and size selection

Why you should invest in a quality neck pillow for travel

Whether your trip is by car, train, or airplane, one of the primary reasons why you should invest in a quality neck pillow for traveling is to avoid a stiff neck.

A stiff neck is caused by the wrong sitting or sleeping position in uncomfortable seats. It may bring numerous other complaints, including shoulder and back numbness and headaches.

It may last a few days and impact the trip, making you feel stressed and tired, as well as causing pain when moving your head.

Quality pillows for plane travel can help to endure red-eye and long-hour flights. A comfortable neck pillow can also become an ideal trip companion when traveling by car or train.

What criteria to have in mind when looking for a good travel pillow?

Choosing a quality and comfortable travel pillow in 2024 is an essential step to ensure a pleasant journey free from neck pain and long sleepless flights.

As the market for sleeping neck pillows is growing from airport duty-free to online stores, you should consider the following criteria to choose the best product to accompany your trip.

Price. You should opt for the most worthwhile option based on how often you travel. Consider price per wear compared with the usage frequency, long, and short road trips or flights.Remember that low-quality neck pillows for flying or road trips may not last as long as high-quality ones, thus potentially resulting in further investment. The comparably higher price of quality travel pillows may depend on the used materials and durability.

Materials. The choice of materials for neck travel pillows depends on individual preferences. However, you should consider known allergies, portability, and comfort. Consider removable pillow covers allowing machine washing, as well as hypoallergenic options. Choose natural bamboo or other natural and eco-friendly fiber pillow covers. Some people may find inflatable neck supporters, while others prefer memory foam pillows and ones filled with microbeads or cooling gel.

Sleeping position. There are no universal guidelines on what is the best neck pillow based on the sleeping position. If you tend to lean forward during sleeping, consider a pillow with a chin strap to support your head from falling.

Portability. Consider pillows you can pack in your luggage without adding extra weight. If you don’t want to carry your sleeping pillow, think of inflatable options that you can easily compress in your backpack. Consider the size of memory foam travel pillows, whether they are compact enough to be packed in your luggage or lightweight for limited baggage allowances. Also, check if your pillow has straps or velcro to be attached to your suitcase.

Pillows for different modes of transport: what to consider?

While there is no universal travel pillow that suits everyone, you may need a specific pillow for each means of transportation.

Thus, you can choose one from memory foam, inflatable, neck braces, and total pillows that suit your sleeping position and comfort. Consider the following aspects when selecting a pillow for traveling by car, train, or airplane.

Travel pillow for an airplane

When choosing your new neck pillow for an airplane, consider your sleeping position. Consider neck braces to support your neck from falling from side to side.

In case of limited luggage allowance, you may prefer an inflatable pillow or one that you can easily fold into your handbag.

Travel pillow for a train

Traveling on a train may also have requirements for luggage sizes. And heavy, large pillows may take up a valuable space in your suitcase. Hence, the best travel pillow for the train may be inflatable, memory foam, or neck brace options.

Traveling on a train is a noisy experience, hence, consider pillows with noise-blocking mechanisms. If you constantly find your pillow on the floor, think of products with straps to attach to your seat.

Travel pillow for a car

For a car trip, consider a U-shaped inflatable or memory foam pillow. If you have spare rear car seats to lay down, you may also consider a total pillow.

Note that pillows for neck support are not recommended for the person behind the wheel. Limiting neck and head movements, as well as causing you to fall asleep while driving, travel pillows for cars may increase the risk of road accidents.

Best neck pillow for traveling: conclusion

A sound sleep, be it on a long-hour car, train, or airplane, is essential for regaining energy and accelerating the time on the road. However, most people find it impossible to sleep during their trips due to the seats, noise, and uncomfortable sleeping positions.

Constantly falling head may cause neck pain, interfere with your long-awaited trip, or cause tension during business meetings. Hence, choosing the best travel neck pillow suitable for you and based on transportation is vital.

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