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Best Organic Pillows of 2024 for Ultimate Comfort

Organic pillows are made with materials like buckwheat, cotton, or wool that have high breathability. Additionally, brands use locally sourced materials and craft their pillows free from harmful chemicals and other toxic compounds.

We have compiled a list of the best organic pillows on the market. We hope our selection helps you make an informed decision that will be good for you and the planet.

Best organic pillows: a shortlist

  1. PlushBeds — best organic pillow with most high-quality materials
  2. Sweet Zzz — best natural pillow for those who move during sleep
  3. PineTales — best vegan organic pillow
  4. Pillowy — best organic pillow for neck pain
  5. Turmerry — best combination of organic materials in a pillow

How we compiled our list of the best organic pillows

PriceMaterials (filling and cover)MaintenanceCertificationReviews
$49.95–158.00Eco-friendly and high-quality materialsCleaning process difficultyUSDA, GMP, and other certificatesCustomers’ opinions and enjoyment of the product
  • Price. We compared the quality and key features of each pillow regarding their pricing.
  • Materials. Materials have an impact on sleep quality. We evaluated the efforts of each brand in using high-quality and safe fibers in both covers and fillings.
  • Maintenance. We evaluated the care instructions of each product and their adaptability to different households and lifestyles.
  • Certifications. Brands should align with different national and international organizations in terms of safety. We reviewed the adherence of the brands to different standards and their certifications in the field.
  • Reviews. We evaluated the reviews of different customers on Trustpilot, Amazon, and Reddit. With the opinions of very different customer profiles, we aim to help you make an informed decision.

The best organic pillows: an overview

We have curated a list with five standout organic pillows that might become your next companion for sleep.

These pillows count on the properties of organic materials, like cotton or buckwheat, that elevate rest and provide breathability during the night. We hope that you can find the right match among our picks.

1. PlushBeds — overall best quality of materials in an organic pillow

PlushBeds Organic Wool Pillow

Plush Beads pure virgin wool pillow is a perfect match for those who tend to get warm at night. With its moisture-wicking properties, it balances heat and keeps the surface of the pillow cool.

The product is made with wool and cotton and follows high-quality standards throughout the entire production process.

Firstly, it strictly selects suppliers that use cruelty-free practices, avoiding animal’s dip in pesticides or mulesing.

Secondly, Plush Beads wool is treated without harmful chemicals and undergoes a third-party lab test to ensure its safety. Additionally, the pillow is well suited for sensitive skin, as the fibers are hypoallergenic and repel mold spores and dust mites.

It is available for $158.00 and offers free shipping and a 3-year warranty.

2. Sweet Zzz — best organic pillow for sleep movement

Sweet ZZZ Plant Based Pillow

Sweet Zzz pillow is made of organic cotton and may be one of the best options for those who tend to move a lot during sleep.

The brand offers a low-profile design with a lighter firmness for those who tend to sleep on their stomachs and a higher profile with more firmness for side sleepers or individuals who alternate between their side and their backs.

Furthermore, Sweet Zzz is proudly certified by USDA and Oeko-Tex among other reputable eco-friendly organizations.

It is available for $94.25 and comes in king and standard sizes. It also offers a 50-day return policy and a 1-year warranty.

3. PineTales — best plant-based pillow

Pine Tales Buckwheat pillow premium

PineTales buckwheat pillow is made with bamboo, cotton, and buckwheat, making it a great option for those looking for a summer pillow that keeps the temperature balanced.

The pillow's outer cover is made of bamboo grass, which increases breathability during the night, resisting moisture, odors and bacteria. The inner cover is made of cotton and filled with buckwheat hulls that sleepers can customize to suit their preferences.

The brand recommends the pillow for different sleeping positions but remarks its benefits for neck or spine problems due to its firmness.

It is available for $119.99 and includes free shipping. It comes in 3 different designs and sizes.

4. Pillowy — most suitable pillow for those with discomfort on the neck

Pillowy buckwheat neck pillow

Pillowy’s bed pillow may be a match for those looking for an organic pillow with good firmness to support the neck and spine.

The pillow's unique design, made with US-grown buckwheat, may alleviate the stiffness, stress, and discomfort of the mornings by helping to maintain a good position during the night.

Furthermore, the pillow is hypoallergenic and repels dust, pollen, and other irritants. It is also free from chemicals and other harmful substances, promoting safety on the skin.

The buckwheats are triple air-cleaned and designed to increase the breathability of the pillow, making it a match for those who tend to get overheated at night.

It is available for $49.95 and comes in three sizes.

5. Turmerry — most remarkable combination of organic materials in a pillow

Turmerry Buckwheat and Wool Filled Hybrid Pillow

Turmerry’s hybrid pillow, made of buckwheat and wool, aims to induce a comfortable sleep by supporting the head and upper body.

The pillow’s inner fillings are sourced in USA facilities with high scrutiny throughout the extraction and production processes. Additionally, the pillow is tested for harmful chemicals and certified by Oeko-Tex.

The filling of the pillow are wool and buckwheat hulls. The latter are known for their firmness and breathability properties. These hulls may adapt to the body and increase comfort at night. On the other hand, wool offers moisture protection and breathability.

It is available for $50 and includes free shipping. There are 5 sizes to choose from.

Comparison of the best organic pillows

ProductPriceMaterialsCertificationSizesVeganWashing machine
PlushBeds$158.00*Wool and cottonGOLS and Control UnionStandard, queen, and kingNoNo
Sweet Zzz$94.25*Cotton and other plant-based materialsOeko-Tex and USDAStandard and kingYesYes
PineTales$119.99*Bamboo, cotton and buckwheat hullsN/ATravel, japanese, and standardYesOnly shelling materials
Pillowy $49.95*Cotton, buckwheat hullsN/ALittle buck, buck roll, and big bucketYesOnly shelling materials
Turmerry$50.00*Cotton, wool, and buckwheat hullsOeko-Tex and Control UnionTravel, mini, standard, queen, and kingNoN/A

* — prices vary depending on the pillow size.

What is an organic pillow?

Organic pillows are made from organic materials like latex, cotton, wool, or buckwheat. These materials are usually cultivated in local farms and avoid using heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.

Additionally, brands operate under the scrutiny of the USDA and other organizations, ensuring that the materials used in the pillows are safe for customers. Some of the most common certifications are Global Organic Textile Standard and Oeko-Tex.

Organic brands use sustainable materials, ethical workforce, and avoid the use of chemicals.

Natural pillows vs. organic pillows

While organic and natural pillows are usually made with materials like cotton, wool, or buckwheat, organic pillows undergo strict protocols from the start. This essentially means that farming, extraction, and production fall under sustainable practices.

Organic agriculture has strict standards when it comes to water waste and farming methods. And when it comes to animal involvement, it is even more highly scrutinized. Animal welfare should always come first.

Natural pillows, on the other hand, may follow some sustainable practices but might not be completely free from chemicals. Additionally, these types of pillows might use a blend of synthetic fibers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using organic pillows?

There are several advantages and disadvantages when it comes to an organic pillow. It is key to do a thorough review of all of them to make an informed decision.


  • Eco-friendly. Organic materials are produced and manufactured to reduce irrigation and chemical usage. Farmers take into consideration the environment and treat animals humanely.
  • Vegan or cruelty-free. Most organic pillows are vegan and only use sustainable materials like cotton or buckwheat. The brands that use wool ensure high standards in the treatment of flocks.
  • Ethical production. Materials are sourced and produced by local USA suppliers with an ethical workforce. Additionally, chemicals and pesticides are not permitted, increasing the safety of workers.
  • Long-lasting. Materials like buckwheat could have a lifespan of 10 years. Most organic materials have long life cycles, making them high-quality and avoiding waste.


  • Affordability. Organic pillows may not be budget-friendly due to their high quality and safety standards.
  • Lack of variety. Organic pillows are usually very limited and do not offer a wide variety of sizes and colors.
  • Cleaning process. Organic materials might be more difficult to clean than synthetic fibers. Most of them require special cleaning or only have washable covers.

Factors to consider when choosing an organic pillow

The design of a pillow plays a crucial role in sleeping quality. Firmness, cover materials, fillings, and even shape might contribute to a good rest.

  • Materials. When it comes to organic pillows, high-quality materials are key in ensuring comfort and safety. Organic materials are free from heavy metals, pesticides, and fire retardants. Additionally, they are also hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Firmness. Firmness plays an important role in ensuring comfort in different types of sleepers. Additionally, pillows with customizable fillings can adapt easily to the body and allow comfort in different sleeping positions.
  • Price. Organic materials tend to be on the pricey side of the spectrum, therefore, high quality and safety are essential to be considered.
  • Certifications. Organic pillows undergo strict guidelines in the extraction and manufacturing of their materials. Some of them even count on prestigious certifications from different organizations that ensure these standards.
  • Shape. Pillows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Each one has its properties and may be suitable for specific sleepers. For instance, roll pillows are better suited for those with neck discomfort. U-shaped, on the other hand, are advised for pregnant women. We encourage you to check the different shapes and features of pillows to select the right match for you.

Types of organic pillows

There is a wide variety of organic pillows, some completely vegan, others derived from animals, and some mixed.

  • Cotton Pillows. Cotton pillows tend to be breathable and soft to the touch. It is crucial to check that the brand has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.
  • Latex Pillows. These types of pillows may vary a lot in firmness, offering different options for a wide variety of sleepers. This material does not accumulate heat easily, therefore, it might not be as moisture-wicking as other fibers.
  • Wool pillows. These pillows are made with wool from sheeps, goats, or other animals. Organic pillows follow strict guidelines in the treatment of animals, ensuring cruelty-free practices. They do not provide as much support as other materials like latex.
  • Buckwheat pillows. These types of pillows are made with buckwheat hulls and are similar to bean bags. They are often customizable and offer great firmness for sleeping on the side or the back.

Benefits of organic pillows for side sleepers

Side sleepers are especially prone to discomfort due to their unique pressure points in contact with the pillow. These pressure points are parts of the body that are more tightly pressed on the pillow like the ear, shoulder, elbow, or hip.

Organic pillows may be the perfect match for side sleepers as they are usually made from firm materials that can easily adapt to the body. Also, sleepers can customize their fillings to ensure that their pillow has enough height and firmness to aid the pressure points.

Additionally, best organic pillows for side sleepers are free from chemicals and made with hypoallergenic materials that are kind to the skin. Side sleepers come in contact with the surface of the pillow, and organic materials can reduce the risk of irritations and increase the safety of its use.

What are the best organic pillows for side sleepers?

Side sleepers might benefit from supportive pillows with medium to high firmness to induce a comfortable sleep without stiffness or neck pain in the mornings.

Some organic pillows for side sleepers include latex, due to its properties to support the body, and buckwheat due to its firmness. However, depending on your sleeping needs, other fibers might also be suitable like cotton for those that tend to get warm during the night.

Furthermore, many organic materials like buckwheat are highly adaptable to the body due to the possibility of customizing the fillings. This allows side sleepers to achieve the best firmness for their sleeping habits.

Choosing wisely: organic pillow certifications

Organic pillows follow strict guidelines from third-party organizations that aim to ensure safety and ethical production.

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The GOTS supervises the production of different types of products and certifies that they contain at least 70 percent organic fiber. It also guarantees that the product is free from toxic substances and water waste.
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Organic. This organization ensures that products do not use genetic engineering, antibiotics, toxic fertilizers, and other prohibited substances.
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100. It is an internationally recognized label that awards products free from organic chemicals. Additionally, they take into account sustainability and ethical workforce conditions.
  • Control Union. International organization that focuses on the efforts that brands take to incorporate sustainable practices in the farming of their materials.

Best organic pillows: our conclusion

Organic pillows are crafted with materials free from harmful chemicals and sustainable for the environment. They are held to high standards in the manufacturing and production processes, reducing waste of water and applying cruelty-free practices.

They are a good choice for eco-friendly enthusiasts who wish to purchase breathable and high-quality products that take into consideration the welfare of animals and textile pollution.

We hope this list will help you to find your dream ally for a restful sleep and an energetic morning.

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