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Best Pillow for Side and Stomach Sleepers: 5 Brands Reviewed

Wondering what is the best pillow for stomach and side sleepers? It might be difficult to achieve ideal comfort while maintaining your head, neck, and spine appropriately positioned in both postures.

Sleeping on your side could result in a somewhat significant space between your head and the surface of the bed, affecting spinal alignment. Sleeping on your stomach, on the other hand, places your head close to the bed.

Finding a comfortable pillow for both sleeping positions can be challenging due to these considerable variances, especially given the varied demands for correct spinal alignment.

This article reviews our top picks for the best pillow for side and stomach sleepers.

Best pillow for side and stomach sleepers: shortlist

  1. Zamat best pillow for stomach and side sleepers overall
  2. Amerisleep best pillow for combination sleepers
  3. Leesa best cooling pillow
  4. Sutera best value pillow
  5. Turmerry — ideal pillow for stomach sleepers

How we ranked the best pillows for stomach and side sleepers

Before picking what is the best pillow for side and stomach sleepers, we chose several criteria to base our research on.

Fill materialPriceFirmnessAdjustabilityShape
Supportive materials like memory foam and latexReasonable pricesMedium to firmPillows that support multiple sleeping stylesVersatile shapes
  • Fill material. How firm a pillow is determines the level of support it can give you and how comfortable you will find it. We chose materials that are comfortable while also giving you support.
  • Price. A pillow shouldn’t break the bank. We looked for pillows that will effectively support your side and stomach sleeping while also giving you good value.
  • Firmness. A pillow that is too firm or soft will not be comfortable or provide support. We chose pillows that were medium to medium-firm.
  • Adjustability. We looked for pillows that are adjustable to sleeping on your side or stomach.
  • Shape. How a pillow is shaped makes a difference in how well it can support you. We looked for shapes that support side and stomach sleeping.

Best pillow for side and stomach sleepers: an overview

Most people like to change positions while sleeping, and it’s a good idea to do so. However, this can create a challenge when it comes to selecting a pillow that will support your head and neck alignment in several sleeping positions.

To help you in your search, we’ve picked these five pillows as our best pillow for side and belly sleepers.

1. Zamat — best side and stomach pillow overall

Zamat Butterfly Shaped Memory Foam Pillow

The Zamat Butterfly-Shaped Pillow is a unique design that offers great support and comfort for side and stomach sleepers.

The central sleeping area conforms to the natural curves of your head and neck, while the wings give your arms a place to rest. We love that the bottom piece is removable, so you can adjust the pillow's height to what is best for you.

The filling is made from polyester and high-quality memory foam certified by CertiPUR-US. The cover is removable for washing and is made from bamboo and polyester.

The company offers you 100 nights to trial the pillow and offers a 10-year warranty.

Customers give this pillow a 4.3 out of 5-star rating.

The pillow comes in three sizes. The standard size currently sells for $65.

2. Amerisleep — best pillow for combination sleepers

Amerisleep Dual Comfort Pillow

The Amerisleep Dual Comfort Pillow offers two firmness options. One side of the pillow is soft and better for stomach sleeping, while the other is more firm and suitable for side sleeping.

Amerisleep also offers two thickness options — low-loft and mid-loft, to help keep your neck in a good position. They suggest the mid-loft option for people who like to sleep in multiple positions.

The material is Bio-Pur foam. which conforms to your head and neck and is breathable. It comes with a removable cover to make washing convenient.

Amerisleep offers a 10-year warranty, which is proof of its good quality.

Customers give this pillow a 4.6 out of 5-star rating.

The queen-sized mid-loft pillow is currently $150. They also offer a payment option of four payments.

3. Leesa — best cooling pillow

Leesa Cooling Pillow

The Lessa Ultra Cooling Memory Foam Pillow is a great pillow for stomach and side sleepers who tend to get hot when they sleep.

The pillow is made of memory foam with cooling gel infused throughout and covered with a cool-to-the-touch casing to help pull heat away from your head. The pillow also contains infused copper, which resists microbes and allergens.

They offer two loft sizes — a high loft and a low loft. For side and stomach sleeping, we suggest the low loft option.

The company offers a 30-day risk-free trial to see how you like the pillow.

Customers give this pillow a 3.5 out of 4-star rating.

The queen low-loft option is currently $103.

4. Sutera — best value pillow

Sutera Dream Deep Pillow

The Sutera Dream Deep Pillow is a butterfly-shaped pillow that is great for stomach and side sleepers.

The pillow is made from high-density memory foam that contours to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders. The wings of the pillow offer a comfortable place for your arms to rest so your neck and spine can remain in alignment.

The pillow comes with a removable microfiber cover and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Customers give this pillow 3.9 out of 5-star reviews.

It comes in one size and is currently $59.97, making this pillow the best-value pillow option for side and stomach sleepers.

5. Turmerry — best pillow for stomach sleepers

Turmerry Low Profile Latex Pillow

The Tumerry Low Profile Latex Pillow is great for sleeping on your side but especially shines if you spend most of your sleep on your stomach. The low profile of the pillow will help you sleep on your stomach comfortably without craning your neck.

This pillow is made from organic latex and has an organic cotton cover. It is available in three firmness options — soft, medium, and firm. The perforated design of the latex promotes good airflow, helping keep you cool while you sleep

Customers give this pillow a 4.8 out of 5-star rating.

It is currently selling for $49 and has free shipping in the U.S.

Comparison of the best pillows for side and stomach sleepers

ProductPrice with a discount*Refund policyMaterialShapeWarranty
Zamat$65.00100-night trialMemory foam and polyester filling, unspecified cover materialButterfly10-year
Amerisleep$150.00No informationBio-Pur FoamStandard10-year
Leesa$103.0030-day trialPolyester microfiber, ventilated gel
Sutera$59.9730-day trialMemory foamButterflyNo information
Turmerry$49.00120-day return policyLatexStandard1-year

Why look for a specific pillow for side and stomach sleepers

When searching for a pillow for side and stomach sleepers, it goes beyond mere comfort — it's about maintaining the alignment of your neck and spine. For those who favor sleeping on their belly or side, having a pillow that seamlessly adapts to these positions throughout the night is crucial.

Investing in a pillow that provides both comfort and support can significantly enhance your sleep quality, ensuring a rejuvenating and restful sleep experience.

If you tend to sleep mostly on your stomach, you may want to consider finding a pillow for stomach sleepers that caters for their specific needs.

On the other hand, if you spend most of your sleeping time on your side, you may benefit from a pillow made specifically for side sleepers.

Benefits of a pillow that fits your sleeping style

Choosing a pillow that matches your sleeping style can offer you several benefits.

  • Spinal alignment. A properly fitting pillow will maintain the natural curvature of your spine and reduce the risk of back and neck pain.
  • Sleep apnea prevention. Adequate elevation of your pillow can help prevent airway blockages and reduce your risk of obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Muscle relaxation. Supporting your head and neck will help your muscles relax, which can minimize stiffness and promote a more restful sleep.
  • Postural support. The right pillow will help aid in maintaining a healthy sleeping posture to help you wake up with less aching and stiffness.
  • Enhanced sleep quality. Sleeping on a comfortable and supportive pillow may help you have more restful sleep.

A guide on pillow firmness levels

When choosing a firmness level, it’s important to consider your sleeping style and personal comfort preferences. A person who sleeps on their back most of the time will have a different pillow firmness than someone who sleeps on their stomach.

Soft to medium firmness

Soft to medium firmness is ideal for stomach and side sleepers. This level of firmness offers you gentle support while contouring to your head and neck to prevent straining.

You will also want to select a low to medium height pillow, as this can provide alignment without putting your neck at an odd angle.

Pillow material and firmness relation

The material your pillow is made of will play a key role in determining its firmness and comfort. Pillows made of memory foam and latex generally offer contouring support and comfort. However, some people take time getting used to their firmness.

Pillows made of cotton or down feathers may not be able to provide enough support for your head and neck while sleeping on your side.

Maintenance and care of a pillow for side and stomach sleepers

Good maintenance and care of your pillow is important for your personal health and the longevity of your pillow.

Pillows should always be encased in a removable pillow case that you wash frequently to eliminate dust mites and allergies. Consider investing in a pillow protector to add an extra layer of defense against stains.

Memory foam pillows require gentle spot cleaning and are typically not machine washable. Some manufacturers encourage their pillows to be aired out periodically.

Lastly, consider replacing your pillow every one to two years to maintain comfort and support.

Other ways to improve sleep for side and stomach sleepers

Getting your best night of sleep as a side or stomach sleeper goes beyond getting the right pillow.

Prioritize your sleep by practicing good sleep hygiene. This involves creating a consistent bedtime routine, minimizing screen time before bed, and making your room into a cool and dark sleeping environment.

Investing in a mattress that compliments your sleeping style can also help promote proper spinal and neck alignment.

Regular exercise can enhance your overall sleep quality. However, it’s best to avoid exercising too close to bedtime.

Avoiding caffeine in the afternoon and limiting alcohol before bed can also help your body get a better night of rest.

Before climbing into bed, try stretching before bed to help your muscles get relaxed.

Best pillow for side and stomach sleepers – conclusion

Finding the right pillow that will support you and help you sleep comfortably while on your side or stomach can be challenging. It may be difficult to find a pillow that will provide your neck and spine with proper alignment for both sleeping positions.

When looking for a pillow, look for materials like memory foam and latex, which help contour to your head, neck, and shoulders for proper spinal alignment. When it comes to selecting the firmness level, it’s best to go with a medium to medium-firm pillow.

Other ways to help you sleep at night include selecting a mattress or mattress topper that is good for side and stomach sleepers, going to sleep at the same time each day, and establishing a relaxing bedtime routine.

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