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The Best Pillow for Snoring in 2024: Top Snoring Pillows in the Market

Snoring is a common sleep-related issue that can disrupt not only your sleep but your sleeping (or not sleeping) partner as well. Snoring may also increase your risk for serious medical conditions.

If you suffer from snoring, it means that when you sleep, there is a narrowing in your airway somewhere between your nose and the entrance to your lungs. There are several causes for snoring, one major reason being poor neck support.

Read on if you are a snorer (or if you sleep with a snorer) and are seeking some extra peace and quiet. We’ve compiled our list of 5 best snoring pillow so you can make an informed decision about whether one of these may be your solution to getting better rest.

Best pillow for snoring: a shortlist

  1. Derila — best anti-snore pillow ideal for stomach sleepers
  2. Zamat — best snore reducing butterfly pillow
  3. Puffy — best anti-snore pillow for side sleepers
  4. Latex for Less — best latex pillow for snoring
  5. Turmerry — best snoring pillow for neck pain

How we compiled our list of the top snoring pillows (2024)

Searching for the perfect pillow to reduce snoring can be challenging. That is why we have researched these 5 pillows to help with snoring.

Before starting our research, we chose several criteria we would base our research on.

Fill materialSupportive materials like latex and memory foam
ShapeProvide good neck support
FirmnessFirm but comfortable
AdjustabilitySupport from multiple sleeping angles
PriceReasonable prices
  • Fill material. The pillow's filling determines how well it will support you and how comfortable you will find it. We focused on choosing materials that help provide support and are also comfy, such as memory foam and latex.
  • Shape. The shape of your pillow plays a part in how well it supports your head and neck alignment. This support is essential for keeping your airway open and reducing snoring. Certain shapes may also provide better support depending on your sleep position.
  • Firmness. A pillow that is too firm may not cradle your head and could be uncomfortable. However, a pillow that is too soft may not give you any support and keep you snoring all night. We have chosen pillows that are on the firmer side.
  • Adjustability. Everyone has different ways they like to sleep. We tried to find pillows that met the needs of side, stomach, and back sleepers.
  • Price. Price is a practical consideration we wanted to include. The effectiveness of a pillow for reducing snoring should align with its cost, making it accessible to a wider range of people.

Best anti-snore pillows: product reviews

As you fall into a deep sleep, you may start to snore when your airflow is partially blocked. There are several areas in your airway where this blockage may occur. One of the main areas is at your neck.

If you snore, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about it, as snoring can put you at risk for several medical conditions. Along with talking to your doctor, you may want to try one of these pillows to see if better head and neck alignment helps ease the problem.

Here, we present our selection of the best pillows for snoring in 2024.

1. Derila — best anti-snoring pillow for stomach sleepers

Derila pillow

The Derila Cervical Anti-Snore pillow is specially designed to help people stop snoring. They innovatively designed their butterfly-shaped pillow to provide head and neck support for people who like to sleep on their back, side, or stomach.

The pillow is crafted from high-density memory foam to support your neck while cradling your head and promoting optimal alignment. Most customers agree that the pillow provides excellent head and neck support. Some are disappointed in the smaller size of the pillow.

The Derila snore pillow is the most affordable on this list. You can purchase it for $39.95. If you are unsatisfied with the pillow, the company has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Zamat — best butterfly pillow for snoring

Zamat Butterfly Shaped Memory Foam Pillow

The Zamat Butterfly-Shaped Pillow offers great support for your head and neck. Its unique butterfly shape keeps your neck high while cradling your head. This design helps your head, neck, and spine stay aligned, making it a good pillow for snoring.

The pillow is also designed to support you when sleeping on your side, back, or stomach. We also love that it has a removable piece on the bottom that allows you to adjust the pillow's height to what feels best.

The orthopedic pillow filling contains polyester and high-quality memory foam that is CertiPUR-US® certified, meaning it meets safety standards by an independent tester. The removable and washable casing is made from bamboo and polyester. This fabric combination helps wick moisture away to keep you cool.

The company offers a 100-night trial when you purchase from their website or one of their official retail stores. They also provide a 10-year warranty for their products.

The pillow comes in three sizes. The standard size currently sells for the price of $65 on the manufacturer’s website.

The supportive design, quality materials, high customer ratings, and reasonable price are why the Zamat Butterfly-Shaped Pillow was nominated as the best pillow for snorers.

3. Puffy — great anti-snore pillow for side sleepers

Puffy Signature Pillow

The Puffy Signature Pillow is a side pillow for snoring that provides great head and neck support while you sleep.

We love that the pillow for snore relief has a zipper, allowing you to adjust how much stuffing is in your pillow.

The pillow is made of hypoallergenic materials. The filling is CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam, giving you the peace of mind that the pillow meets all safety standards. The removable cover is bamboo and rayon, which makes the pillow cool to the touch.

Customers love the cooling effect of the pillow and the fact that they can adjust the pillow filling to what is comfortable for them. Many report getting their best night of sleep with the Puffy Signature Pillow.

You can purchase the standard-sized pillow for $120.

4. Latex for Less — top latex pillow for snoring

Latex for less Organic Latex Pillows

The Latex for Less pillow comes in two forms: solid latex or shredded latex. The solid latex pillow is best if you like to sleep with firmer but buoyant support that conforms to your contour. The shredded latex pillow is best for a light and fluffy feel, similar to a down pillow. This pillow still provides support but is more moldable to shape how you like. Both pillow types are encased in an organic cotton cover to help keep you cool while you sleep.

Most customer reviews on the Latex for Less website are very positive. There may be a slight inconsistency in the quantity of stuffing or the level of firmness. Several customers have noted ordering multiple pillows, but not all of them had consistent sizes and firmness.

The latex in the pillow is organic and GOLS-certified, while the organic cotton outer layer is GOTS-certified. The pillows are naturally hypoallergenic.

The pillows do come with a five-year warranty. However, they do not accept returns if you are unhappy with your purchase.

The standard-sized pillows are currently on sale for $145.

5. Turmerry — best pillow for neck pain and snoring

Turmerry Organics solid latex pillow

Turmerry’s Molded Solid Latex Pillow is made of 100% latex and offers firm head and neck support which may help you stop snoring.

The edge of the pillow is solid latex, which keeps your neck supported, while the center of the pillow has holes throughout the latex, allowing airflow and a soft cradle for your head.

The latex is GOLS and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, giving you the peace of mind that no toxins are in your environmentally friendly pillow. The Turmerry company also plants a tree for every purchase.

The pillow comes in various heights and firmness. To help you determine which one you’d like best, the manufacturer offers a pillow quiz on their website to help you get paired with the right pillow.

Customer reviews report that the pillow offers firm support. The standard-size pillow is currently selling for $79.

Comparison of the best pillows for snoring

ProductPrice with a discount*Refund policyMaterialShapeWarranty
Derila Pillow$39.9530-day money-back guaranteeMemory foam filling, cover material unspecifiedButterflyNo information
Zamat Butterfly Shaped Pillow$65.00100-night trialMemory foam and polyester filling, cover material unspecifiedButterfly10-year
Puffy Signature Pillow$120.00101-night trialMemory foam filling, bamboo and rayon coverStandardLifetime
Latex for Less Pillow$145.00No refundLatex filling, cotton coverStandard5-year
Turmerry Molded Solid Latex Pillow$79.00120-day return policyLatex filling, cotton coverStandard2-years

How to choose the best pillows for snoring

Deciding on which pillow may help you stop snoring requires you to consider several criteria.

  • Shell material. The outside of your chosen special pillow for snoring should be comfortable against your skin and durable. Look for hypoallergenic materials that are resistant to dust mites and allergens. Breathable materials like cotton or bamboo-derived fabrics can help you feel cool.
  • Fillings. The type of filling determines its support and comfort. Memory foam and latex provide great head and neck support to help reduce snoring.
  • Certifications. Certifications like CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 indicate that the pillow materials meet rigorous safety and environmental standards.
  • Quality. The quality of a pillow is important for its longevity, comfort, and effectiveness. Research the manufacturer’s reputation and read customer reviews to gauge the overall quality of the product.
  • Adaptability. Everyone has specific sleep habits, some of which might contribute to snoring, so finding an adaptable pillow is key. Adjusting the firmness of a pillow may help you tailor a pillow to your comfort.
  • Care. Being able to clean your pillow is essential for maintaining the hygiene and longevity of your pillow. Be sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before using it.

What is a pillow for snoring?

A pillow for snoring is designed specifically to provide head and neck support. The type of filling, size, and shape aims to provide proper head and neck alignment. These qualities may help you have a restful and snore-free night of sleep.

Types of anti-snore pillows

Your preferred sleeping position may determine which pillow will best support you.

  • Anti-snore pillow for side sleepers. The best anti snore pillows for side sleepers are designed to support the head and neck in a side-sleeping position.
  • Body pillow for snoring. Body pillows are designed to give you full-body support while you sleep on your side. These pillows may be especially helpful for people who are pregnant.
  • Neck pillow for snoring. Neck pillows are designed to be compact and to provide support for the neck and head. Travelers often use these pillows to help maintain proper alignment while sleeping in sitting or slightly reclined positions.
  • Anti-snore pillow for stomach sleepers. Sleeping on your stomach usually reduces snoring but can strain your neck and back. Stomach sleepers need a pillow that supports the chin and neck to help maintain an open airway.
  • Anti-snore pillow for back sleepers. People who sleep on their back tend to snore more because their tongue rests in the back of the throat. Pillows designed to help back sleepers aim at gently elevating the head, such as a wedge pillow. Certain pillows are worn on the back (think backpack style) of people who tend to sleep on their back, encouraging them to stay on their side while they sleep.

Benefits of using the right pillow for snoring

Finding the right pillow can help in many ways. Some people with conditions like obstructive sleep apnea may benefit from a better supportive pillow.

Of course, the main benefit is that you stop snoring. Your sleeping partner will also thank you for that. But when you are not snoring, your body can rest better at night with your head and neck in proper alignment. You may also feel much more comfortable while you sleep and have less neck pain from the improved support.

Styles of pillows for snoring

Knowing the differences between the styles of pillows may help you determine which is best for you.

  • Adjustable. Adjustable pillows can come in several shapes. One of their main features is the adjustable height or firmness to provide the most comfortable support for you.
  • Wedge. Wedge pillows are typically triangle-shaped and are designed to help elevate your upper body. They are available in a range of different firmness levels and incline heights, so you can choose the level that works best for you. These are typically good for people who sleep on their backs.
  • Memory foam. Pillows made with memory foam are known for giving you support that contours to your head and neck. They come in several shapes that may suit different sleeping styles.
  • Polyfoam. Polyfoam pillows are similar to memory foam pillows but may feel less dense. They also come in different shapes and sizes to best meet your needs.
  • Feather. Feather pillows are softer and more fluffy than foam pillows. Pillows that are stuffed with more feathers will provide firmer support. If you prefer a softer sleeping surface, you may want to consider a feather pillow.
  • Down. Down pillows are made from the soft plumage found under the feathers of ducks or geese. These pillows are made lightweight and may not provide the best support for snoring.
  • Latex. Latex Pillows are made from synthetic or natural latex. These pillows are very durable and provide support while also being hypoallergenic. They come in different shapes and sizes and are generally great for providing support.

Other tips to reduce snoring

Finding a supportive pillow is an important part of helping you stop snoring. But understanding the root causes of snoring and applying the right choices is likewise important Here are some other ways you may be able to reduce snoring.

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Stay hydrated
  • Sleep on your side
  • Choose the right mattress for snoring
  • Elevate your head while sleeping
  • Manage your allergies
  • Seek medical advice if snoring persists

Best pillow for snoring: conclusion

Finding a pillow that helps you stop snoring can assist you with getting better sleep at night and waking up feeling rested. The pillow that is best for you depends on how you prefer to sleep at night, what level of support you need, and what you consider to be comfortable.

Individual preferences vary. It may be necessary to experiment with some of the best pillows for snoring and sleep apnea. Several manufacturers offer time for you to trial their pillows to help you in your search.

Other ways to help you stop snoring include maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding alcohol, and treating your allergies. Be sure to talk with your doctor if your snoring persists or if you have concerns.

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