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Best Pillows for Different Types of Sleepers: Ranked and Reviewed in 2024

In a world where 24 hours never seem enough, sleep is crucial to rewind and restart our daily hustle. Optimal bedding products are sought after to ensure the well-deserved rest needed for both our minds and bodies.

However, the bedding market does not make this search easy, offering infinite options for firmness, support, materials, and more — a quest that may feel like a nightmare to many customers looking for the right sleep companion.

Therefore, we have decided to help our readers with this exhausting search and deliver a compilation of our picks for the best pillows to help you complete your dream team for a good night's slumber.

Best pillows in 2024: shortlist

  1. Derila — best pillow for a good night's sleep in different positions
  2. Puffy — best adjustable pillow
  3. PlushBeds — best soft pillow for sensitive sleepers
  4. Eli & Elm — best pillow for side sleeping
  5. Latex For Less — best pillow for the money

How we ranked the best pillow for a good night's sleep

The world of pillows rises as an extensive universe where multiple factors intertwine to deliver a good sleep. In our mission to discover the best pillow, we have underlined the most prominent characteristics to enhance rest during the night.

PriceSupportPressure reliefHeightMaterials
$109–211Optimal support for various sleepersPressure relieving materialsRight height in accordance to sleeping positionsSuitable firmness and breathability
  • Price. We considered multiple pricing options and selected brands that strive for a balance between affordability and quality.
  • Support. The best pillow for sleep can support the cervical spine, preventing potential aches and night disturbances. Choosing materials and designs that provide the right support is key to a good night’s rest.
  • Pressure relief. Our selection prioritized pillows with pressure-relieving properties to reduce spine distress and prevent tension build-up on the neck.
  • Height. The height of the pillow not only affects comfort but also helps individuals maintain a good sleeping posture and minimize the development of potential aches in the cervical area.
  • Materials. We evaluated how materials such as latex, wool, cotton, or memory foam affect the quality of sleep of various types of sleepers during the night.

Best pillow for sleeping: product overview

While selecting the right pillow can lead to snug sleep during the night, unsuitable bedding can make the mornings an extension of your nightmares. Poor posture during sleep may potentially lead to cervical pain and nighttime disturbances. Therefore, opting for a suitable pillow is fundamental to achieving the well-deserved rest your body needs.

If you are wondering “What is the best pillow for sleeping?”, the answer can be found below — our top picks for best pillows can deliver the bed coziness you are looking for.

1. Derila — best pillow for all sleeping positions

Derila pillow

Derila strives to unite all types of sleepers in a single pillow — back, stomach, and side sleepers can immerse in a peaceful slumber with robust support provided by the Memory Foam Pillow model.

Crafted with pressure-relieving foam, Derila's pillow aims to provide support to the cervical spine, alleviating tension and cushioning the head and shoulders. The model is also outlined by butterfly wings, a shape especially engineered to adapt to the needs of different sleepers regardless of their preferred position in bed.

The pillow also features a neck nook in the middle, cradling the head and reducing tossing and turning during the night. Moreover, a cooling outer layer brings breathability, reducing night disturbances and heat discomfort.

It is available for $133.17 and includes a 30-day satisfaction guarantee policy.

2. Puffy — best adjustable pillow

Puffy Signature Pillow

Many sleepers find it challenging to adjust their pillow in bed, leading to nighttime disturbances and daytime fatigue. Puffy addresses this issue with a customizable memory foam pillow, uniquely created to ensure an uninterrupted and restful sleep.

This bedding product stands out for its adjustable height, a critical factor in supporting the cervical spine in various sleeping positions. The right amount of support may help to prevent pain and stiffness in the cervical area, reducing the likelihood of developing fatigue and drowsiness.

The design includes a bamboo rayon cover, a material with breathable properties renowned for its ability to balance temperature during the night. This is especially significant for pillows, as heat can reduce sleep quality and increase restless sleep.

It is available for $120 in its standard size and includes free shipping and a lifetime guarantee.

3. PlushBeds — best pillow for sensitive sleepers

PlushBeds Organic Wool Pillow

PlusBeds Organic Wool is committed to delivering cruelty-free and breathable bedding, uniting the moisture-wicking properties of wool with sustainable farming to create a comfort essential for sensitive, side and stomach sleepers.

Wool is known for its temperature-balancing properties, capable of reducing heat during the summertime and preserving warmth during the winter. This fiber is also naturally hypoallergenic, repelling bacteria, dust, or mold spores in the bedding. These properties make PlusBeds a unique pillow, reducing potential disturbances at night and minimizing the risk of skin irritation on sensitive sleepers.

PlushBeds’ wool is ethically sourced in the USA and extracted from farms that employ humane treatment and eco-friendly practices with their flocks. The process is culminated by third-party testing to ensure the filling is free from chemicals - delivering a paramount experience for its customers.

It is available for $211.00 and customers can choose from 3 different sizes.

4. Eli & Elm — best pillow for lateral sleeping

Eli & Elm Cooling Side-sleeper Pillow

Side sleeping is one of the most common sleeping positions, however, lateral sleepers may need tailored bedding to assist in proper spinal alignment. Eli & Elm Cooling Side-Sleeper Pillow proposes a solution to the struggles of these types of sleepers, with a pillow especially engineered to conform to their cervical spine and enhance their nighttime rest.

Crafted with polyester and latex, Eli & Elm delivers the right level of support with an adaptable height, capable of contouring the neck and head to alleviate potential aches caused by poor sleeping posture.

The pillow is not only a standout in adjustability, but limited evidence suggests that latex may be a good companion to minimize potential headaches and arm pain — problems that side sleepers often face.

It can be purchased for $129.99 and includes free shipping.

5. Latex For Less — best budget-friendly pillow

Latex for less Organic Latex Pillows

Latex for Less pillow embraces support and cushion with two latex designs to exceed the expectations of different sleepers — shredded latex for a plush feel and solid latex for enhanced support.

Latex is a material renowned for its ability to alleviate tension in the body, molding to the contours of different sleepers and distributing their weight evenly. Organic Latex Pillows uses GOL-certified latex to cradle the head and neck, alleviating pressure points and potentially preventing restless nights.

While the solid organic latex focuses on buoyant support and responsiveness for a firm feel, the shredded pillow emphasizes cushion and resilience for those who prefer plush bedding.

The pillow is available for $109 and includes three different sizes to choose from.

Comparison of the best pillows for ultimate sleep

Derila$133.17Medium-firmYesMemory foamN/A
Puffy$120.00 CustomizableYesMemory foam and bambooCertiPUR-US®
Eli & Elm$129.99CustomizableYesLatex and polyesterOEKO-TEX
Latex For Less$109.00CustomizableNoLatexGOLS and GOTS

Shopping for the best pillow for sleeping: things to consider

Many brands in the market compete to deliver the best pillow for a good night's sleep, however, the right pillow is not a one-size-fits-all. Choosing the right product also involves delving into specific criteria:

  • Support. Bedding products should deliver optimal support to the spine. Using inadequate pillows can exacerbate cervical pain, as well as lead to potential drowsiness in the mornings. Selecting a pillow with a suitable level of support for the head, neck, and shoulders is essential to promote sound rest.
  • Size. A study conducted by the Journal of the Chinese Medical Association revealed that muscle distress is related to pillow size. Individuals with inadequate pillows are suggested to experience discomfort and accumulate tension throughout the shoulders and arms. Therefore, opting for a suitable size may reduce body stress and movement during the night.
  • Brand transparency. Many suppliers tend to avoid disclosing their manufacturing process including the source of materials or facility location. Transparency is not only crucial for the peace of mind of customers but also essential for their health, as their skin is in constant contact with pillows.

Why quality pillows matter

Sleeping is an essential part of human life, promoting body and mental recovery. Optimal sleep helps to maintain several body functions including homeostasis, immunity, and cognitive health. In the bedding sphere, the nighttime posture is highly connected with sleep quality, with poor cervical posture leading to aches and discomfort in the body.

Sleeping posture can be supported with optimal bedding, including mattresses and pillows. The right pillow can help maintain a neutral cervical spine alignment and provide pressure relief in the neck, shoulders, and head. Additionally, breathable materials and cooling features may also improve sleep quality.

Health risks of using the wrong pillow for sleep

The wrong pillow may contribute to the appearance of several unpleasant responses in the body:

  • Daytime fatigue and grogginess. Sleeping with the wrong pillow leads to nighttime disruptions, which, as a result, can impact daytime performance and productivity.
  • Stiffness and aches in the cervical spine. Inadequate pillows do not offer proper support to the cervical spine, leading to aches and discomfort in the morning.
  • Headaches. Sleeping with inadequate pillows can build up tension in the upper body and manifest in the form of headaches. Additionally, an incorrect height may strain the head and neck, exacerbating pain.

Sleep positions and pillows: which to choose?

The choice of pillow is connected with sleeping positions, as each posture may require support in specific areas to prevent the development of aches and other discomforts. Sleepers should opt for bedding that ensures proper alignment, support, and pressure relief in their favorite snooze arrangements.

For side sleepers

Pillows for side sleepers are usually recommended to have a medium height, as their head should be aligned with their body, avoiding tilting forward or backward while sleeping. By supporting proper alignment, the pillow minimizes the risk of inducing stress on the head, neck, or shoulder.

Additionally, side sleepers should favor materials with medium firmness and high responsiveness such as latex or polyester, as they can provide optimal support without straining the neck or sagging.

For stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers usually need plush pillows to aid with spinal alignment. Their mattresses tend to be firmer while their pillows should reduce the elevation of the head to prevent intense pressure on the neck.

The pillow for stomach sleepers should also include breathable or cooling features, as the application of pressure to the face may contribute to an increase in heat or sweat. For the latter, hypoallergenic materials may also be beneficial.

For back sleepers

The supine position is considered the ideal position to avoid pain and discomfort in the cervical spine. Back sleepers are more versatile in their choice of pillow, however, a firmer pillow may help those experiencing neck pain.

The height of the pillow is also fundamental to ensure a good night's sleep. In this case, U-shaped pillows with cushions in the middle may be a good choice to fulfill the slumber needs of back sleepers.

For combination sleepers

Sleepers who enjoy various sleeping positions may benefit from tailor-made or customizable bedding that can be molded to their preferred posture in bed.

Materials such as latex or memory foam often offer the possibility to add or remove filling, adapting the height to the preferences of sleepers. Additionally, these materials are highly versatile to support various sleeping positions, being an excellent option for combination sleepers.

A guide on pillow firmness

The firmness of a pillow is determined by various factors such as materials, fillings, and design. However, understanding which type of pillow is best for sleeping may be challenging for many.

in any case, we hope the following criteria can help you make an informed decision among the extensive choices on the market.

  • Soft. This type of firmness is especially suitable for stomach sleepers who need a cushion pillow to avoid tension build-up and misalignment in the cervical spine. Additionally, choosing a soft pillow with organic materials such as cotton or wool may benefit the skin, as front sleepers exert more pressure than other sleepers on the pillow.
  • Medium. The perfect choice for versatile sleepers. Medium firmness is recommended regardless of the sleeping position and, in doubt, is considered the best choice to deliver support and comfort.
  • Firm. Firm pillows are usually suitable for back sleepers or any individual in need of extra support. This type of firmness has been researched as a complementary method to assist neck pain, leading to positive outcomes in aches and tension. However, many individuals report uneasiness during the first night, so these types of pillows may need several nights to grant a restful and comfortable sleep.

Types of pillows: what is available?

The sea of pillows is vast and extensive, offering models tailored for a wide variety of sleepers, each one with specific materials, shapes, designs, and heights that contribute to comfort and relaxation in bed.

  • Memory foam. Type of pillow crafted with solid or shredded memory foam to provide a contouring and cushioning feel in bed. This material is highly pliable to sleepers’ movements, adapting quickly to sleeping positions and pressure points. However, the downside is that it tends to trap heat during sleep.
  • Latex. Responsive and with high endurance, latex is a material that can provide great support to the head, neck, and shoulders. Latex pillows stand the test of time and contribute to an optimal distribution of weight throughout their surface. The biggest drawback of this bedding product is that it can emit unpleasant odors, especially in its early use.
  • Feather. Pillows with this material tend to be plush and breathable. They are usually a good choice for stomach sleepers who require a thin height to avoid strain on the neck.
  • Buckwheat. Buckwheat is one of the best choices for those in search of an organic and eco-friendly pillow for optimal support on the neck. Pillows with this material are easy to wash and highly customizable to attain the right height.
  • Wool. Pillows with wool fillings are an excellent choice for sleepers who are prone to get warm during the night. This material is frequently hypoallergenic and very suitable for sleepers with sensitive skin.

Best pillow for sleeping — conclusion

Sleep is so crucial to humans that it constitutes a third of their lives. As sleepers delve into vibrant dreams, their bodies and minds rejuvenate — eagerly awaiting the mornings to thrive during work, school, and life affairs.

Bedding products can assist and elevate comfort during this essential rewind phase. Pillows can support the cervical spine and reduce the likelihood of developing aches and stiffness in the mornings. Furthermore, optimal bedding with the right height, support, and materials may be paramount to grant refreshing and energetic days.

Other bedding products to elevate comfort

Cooling pillows may be a good choice for sleepers who tend to get hot during the night.

Find the perfect pillow for side and back sleepers to complement your preferred bed position.

For eco-friendly sleepers, organic pillows may be a great option for nighttime.

Reduce potential discomfort during sleep with the right pillow for side sleepers.

Neck pillows for travel can support your neck during uncomfortable trips.

Pillows designed specifically for combination sleepers may be a great essential if you tend to switch positions during your sleep.


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