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5 Best Sleep Tracking Rings in 2024: A Review of Top Brands

In a world where the demands of daily life can take a toll on our rest, sleep tracking rings emerge as valuable allies, offering the potential to improve the quality of our sleep and, in turn, nurture both our physical and mental health. Sleep tracking rings provide a non-intrusive and convenient method for monitoring and improving sleep quality, making them a rewarding choice for those seeking restorative rest.

If you fall into this category, we have compiled a list of the best sleep tracking rings to help you navigate the market's overwhelming choices without worry.

Top sleep tracking rings: a shortlist

  1. RingConn — best sleep tracking with no subscription fee
  2. Oura — feature-packed sleep tracking ring
  3. Circular — best sleep tracking ring overall
  4. Ultrahuman — most comfortable sleep tracking ring
  5. SLEEPON — budget-friendly sleep tracking ring

How to choose the best sleep tracking ring?

When it comes to choosing the ideal sleep tracking ring for your needs, there are quite a few things to consider. Factors such as your specific sleep tracking goals, budget, and personal preferences all come into play. To get the most value for your money, here are some steps and considerations to keep in mind:

FunctionalityKey sleep metrics
FitCorrectly sized
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Battery lifeLong-lasting and fast-charging
Smart featuresSmart and bio-alarm clocks, sensors
  • Functionality. Given the plethora of sleep tracking ring designs tailored to suit different preferences, it becomes imperative to determine which sleep metrics best align with your sleep goals. Try to identify those that are most important to you.
  • Fit. Try not to overlook the significance of the right fit when choosing a sleep tracking ring. An incorrectly sized or ill-fitting ring could not only disrupt your sleep but also compromise the accuracy of your sleep tracking results.
  • Compatibility. To avoid compatibility issues, it is advisable to double-check whether the sleep tracking ring you are interested in is compatible with your current device and its operating system. Most smart rings and sleep tracking devices typically work with both iOS and Android systems.
  • Battery life. Since battery life directly impacts the convenience and usability of the sleep tracking ring, it is essential to consider not only the duration a ring can operate on a single charge but also how often it needs to be recharged.
  • Smart features. Sleep tracking rings with smart features provide more than just basic sleep monitoring. They offer extras such as smart alarms and power nap functions, among various others. Consider whether these features are important to you, as they may come with a higher price tag.

5 best sleep tracking rings in 2024: an overview

As sleep tracking rings grow in popularity for their comfort and ease of use compared to bulkier alternatives, we have chosen the 5 best smart rings designed specifically for sleep tracking.

1. RingConn — best sleep tracking ring without subscription

RingConn smart ring

Branded as the all-in-one health companion, RingConn's sleep tracking ring employs advanced Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors to continuously monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. It classifies your sleep into categories such as light sleep, deep sleep, and rapid eye movement (REM), delivering a snapshot of your nightly rest.

RingConn does not just stop at monitoring sleep stages and delivering quality analysis — it goes a step further by tracking your stress levels, providing round-the-clock heart rate monitoring, keeping an eye on blood oxygen saturation, and monitoring your fitness performance.

RingConn’s specifications:

Sleep metricsSleep stage and quality analysis, heart rate and blood oxygen level tracking
Comfort and sizingDesign mirrors that of a regular ring, sizes range from 6 to 14 but differ from the US standard
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Battery lifeUp to 7 days of continuous use

On top of that, the RingConn smart ring to measure sleep provides a daily score that reflects your activity levels, considering factors such as your physical movements, distance traveled, and periods of inactivity.

A standout feature of the RingConn sleep tracking ring is that it gives you complete control of the app, all without any extra subscription fees. Currently priced at $279, RingConn offers you the choice of three finishes: moonlit silver, midnight black, or pale gold.

2. Oura — best sleep tracking ring loaded with functions

OURA horizon smart ring

Oura, a standout in the smart ring market, comes loaded with features. Whether you are looking to improve your sleep quality or optimize your daily performance, this sleep tracking ring can do it all.

The Oura ring is designed with user-friendliness in mind, but it doesn't stop at mere data collection. It analyzes your sleep patterns, activity levels, and physiological markers. You can expect this sleep tracker ring to go the extra mile by recommending bedtime routines, identifying potential sleep disruptors, and monitoring for early signs of illness using temperature sensors.

Oura Ring’s specifications:

Sleep metricsSleep scores, bedtime guidance, automatic nap detection, blood oxygen level monitoring
Comfort and sizingIts timeless design echoes that of a traditional ring, sizes range from US 6 to US 13
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Battery lifeUp to 7 days of battery life*

* — Subject to change based on the features you are using, charging practices, and other factors.

Beyond just tracking your sleep, the Oura ring also functions as an all-day activity tracker, monitoring your physical activity. Its subtle and timeless design allows for comfortable wear around the clock.

Whether you prefer a classic plateau design or another style, you can acquire the Oura Ring starting at just $299. Please note that pricing may vary depending on your choice of design and color.

Remember, when you make a purchase, you are automatically enrolled in the Oura membership, which offers you a full range of benefits and in-depth insights. The company covers the cost of the first month.

3. Circular — best sleep tracking ring all-around

Circular Smart Ring

Earning the coveted top spot in our list of best sleep tracking rings is Circular Ring. Covering a wide spectrum of health-monitoring data, Circular tracks sleep patterns, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. It takes things up a notch by offering integrated guided breathing exercises as an advanced feature.

Blending simplicity and style, this smart ring that tracks sleep is designed not only to inform you about your current sleep status but also to assist you in establishing a healthier sleep routine.

To sweeten the deal, Circular Ring presents Kira, an integrated intelligent assistant that takes care of your data, seamlessly adapting to your preferences for a personalized and user-friendly experience.

Circular’s specifications:

Sleep metricsSleep pattern monitoring, guided breathing exercises, smart alarm clock, heart rate and blood oxygen level tracking
Comfort and sizingDesigned for comfort — like a standard ring, sizes range from 6 to 13
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Battery lifeSet to last for roughly 4 days

What’s more, this sleep tracker ring from Circular employs advanced sleep tracking technology. It monitors your sleep stages, determines the optimal sleep cycle duration, and evaluates your response to your current sleep routine using several biometrics and parameters. It then provides personalized recommendations for both ideal sleep duration and strategies to enhance your sleep quality.

Priced at $279, the Circular Ring is available in four finishes: silver, black, rose gold, and gold. When you make a purchase, you will also receive all future updates, ensuring that you can take full advantage of any new features worry-free.

4. Ultrahuman — best sleep tracking ring designed for comfort

Ultrahuman Ring AIR

Proclaimed by its creators as the world’s most comfortable wearable technology, the Ultrahuman Ring Air has the potential to help optimize your sleep habits, all while ensuring maximum comfort.

As a wearable sleep tracker, Ultrahuman's smart ring is equipped with the Sleep Index feature, integrated to be the sole metric for sleep health. It can assess your sleep duration, resting heart rate, and restfulness.

In the same way as some other top sleep tracking rings, Ultrahuman can also track and decode the REM, deep, and light stages of sleep.

Ultrahuman’s specifications:

Sleep metricsSleep stage analysis, resting heart rate monitoring, sleep duration tracking
Comfort and sizingEngineered with an emphasis on comfort, sizes range from US 5 to US 14
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Battery lifeShould last up to 6 days

Ultrahuman uses all these metrics collectively to provide an in-depth overview of your sleep quality and habits. This is done with the aim of bettering your sleep experience, which may lead to days that are more productive and filled with energy.

You can secure your Ultrahuman sleep tracking ring by visiting the official website of the brand, where it is priced at $349. The Ring Air is available in colors of aster black, matte grey, bionic gold, and space silver.

5. SLEEPON — best sleep tracking ring for those on a budget

Sleepon Go2sleep smart ring

If your sole priority is to monitor your sleep patterns and data, there is a good chance you will come to appreciate the suitability of SLEEPON's sleep tracking ring.

Go2sleep goes beyond your typical ring that tracks sleep with its heart rate, blood oxygen monitoring capabilities, and Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) tracking — to help you monitor patterns of sleep at home. It provides detailed sleep reports on a minute-by-minute basis, and you can even export these reports for more in-depth analysis.

Go2sleep’s specifications:

Sleep metricsMinute-by-minute sleep reports, bio-alarm clock technology, heart rate, AHI, blood oxygen
Comfort and sizingDesign is on the bulkier side, one size option — 22 X 30 X 18 mm
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Battery lifeGood for 2 nights

Expanding upon the elements already discussed, SLEEPON's sleep tracker ring includes a ‘Find the Ring’ function to assist you in locating a lost ring, should it ever go missing. It also incorporates bio-alarm clock technology, meaning it can gently wake you during your lightest sleep phase in the morning, helping you avoid that groggy feeling upon waking up.

Coupled with all of that, the Go2sleep sleep tracking ring is among the most budget-friendly options, currently priced at just $99. Plus, it comes complete with a wireless charger, an extra USB cable, three silicone holders, and a user-friendly manual to get you started.

Comparison of the best sleep tracking rings

BrandPriceSizeBattery lifeCompatibilitySmart featuresDesign
RingConn$279Ranges from 6 to 14 — differs from US StandardUp to 7 daysiOS and AndroidStress index monitoringSquared-off
Oura$299*Ranges from US 6 to US 13Up to 7 daysiOS and AndroidTemperature sensorsSleek or squared-off
Circular$279*Ranges from US 6 to US 13Up to 4 daysiOS and AndroidIntegrated intelligent assistantSleek
Ultrahuman$349Ranges from US 5 to US 14Up to 6 daysiOS and AndroidSleep IndexSleek
SLEEPON$99One size — 22 X 30 X 18 mmUp to 2 nightsiOS and AndroidRing retrieval and bio-alarm clock Bulky

* — Prices may vary depending on factors such as color, design, and your choice to include a sizing kit.

What’s a sleep tracker ring?

At its core, a sleep tracker ring is an innovative self-tracking technology that happens to take the form of a regular ring. These are commonly referred to as smart rings, and they incorporate various sensors and technologies to monitor your nighttime rest. They can detect disturbances, assess sleep stages such as deep and REM sleep, monitor heart rate and respiration rate, and might even track variations in body temperature.

Paired with companion apps, they offer detailed insights into your sleep habits, enabling you to make informed adjustments. Although they are not a substitute for professional medical advice, sleep tracking rings serve as valuable tools for those seeking a better understanding of their sleep quality and potential areas for improvement in their nightly rest.

Benefits of sleep tracking rings

Sleep tracking rings are equipped with sensors, algorithms, and a multitude of benefits that can diligently monitor essential sleep metrics. These benefits include providing personalized insights, continuous health monitoring, and data storage. These unobtrusive self-tracking devices reveal that the secret to restful sleep might literally be at your fingertips.

Here are some of the most compelling benefits of sleep tracking rings:

  • Sleep scoring. Sleep tracking rings often use scoring systems to provide personalized sleep scores and detailed reports. These scores encompass sleep duration, efficiency, the presence of awakenings or disruptions, and various other parameters. They are intended to guide better sleep habits. However, it's important to remember that what constitutes good sleep may differ across individuals.
  • Health monitoring. While sleep tracking is the primary focus of these devices, many of them also offer additional health-related features. They go beyond mere sleep duration and quality tracking by providing insights into health metrics such as heart rate, body temperature, and oxygen saturation, to name a few.
  • Data-driven recommendations. Sleep tracking rings offer data-driven recommendations that provide personalized insights and actionable suggestions to enhance your sleep quality. These recommendations may include establishing optimal bedtime routines, wake-time suggestions, and optimizing your sleep environment.
  • Sleep trends and patterns. Tracking sleep data over time helps us understand our sleep behaviors, including duration, bedtime, and wake-up times. It uncovers patterns in sleep cycles, revealing deep, light, and REM sleep stages, offering a window into our nightly routines.
  • Smart alarms. These alarms are designed to wake you up at the most optimal time within a specified window, usually when you are in a lighter sleep stage. This aligns the alarm with your natural sleep cycles, making waking up in the morning a more pleasant and energizing experience.

What metrics can a sleep tracking ring measure?

While research on self-tracking measures is limited, sleep tracking rings typically incorporate an array of sensors and technologies, all working together to assess various factors related to your sleep patterns and overall health. While the specific metrics that a sleep tracking ring can measure may vary depending on the make and model, here are some common metrics that most sleep tracking rings excel at monitoring:

Heart rate

Heart rate monitoring in sleep tracking rings provides valuable information about your sleep patterns and physiological responses during different stages of sleep. This monitoring assesses heart rate variability (HRV), reflecting the autonomic nervous system's activity, and is associated with relaxation.

Fluctuations in heart rate can provide valuable insights into your sleep quality and overall health. An elevated heart rate during sleep may signal awakenings, nightmares, or underlying health issues that require attention.

Sleep stages

The stages of sleep are integral to a good night's rest, promoting overall physical and mental health. They are typically categorized as non-rapid eye movement (NREM) and REM sleep, with each phase bringing about unique physiological changes.

While NREM comprises three stages, beginning with the light N1 stage, transitioning to the deeper N2 stage, and culminating in the restorative N3 stage, REM sleep, characterized by rapid eye movements, hosts vivid dreams and heightened brain activity. Throughout the night, these stages cycle, and monitoring them can offer insights into both sleep quality and overall health.


Certain sleep tracking rings include temperature tracking as a metric, which can help capture the subtle changes during the onset of sleep. Temperature tracking can also help delineate your journey through these sleep phases and pinpoint potential sleep disruptions, including awakenings. Some temperature sensors, like those of the Oura Ring, have been demonstrated to be effective tools for fever monitoring and early illness detection.

Blood oxygen level

Blood oxygen level monitoring, commonly referred to as SpO2 tracking, has become a valuable addition to the features offered by some sleep-tracking rings. This metric measures the percentage of oxygen-saturated hemoglobin in your bloodstream, providing insights into your body's ability to supply oxygen to tissues. During sleep, SpO2 levels can fluctuate, and these fluctuations may provide insight into sleep patterns, specifically when and how they change.


The best sleep tracking rings are equipped with sensitive accelerometers or motion sensors that continuously monitor the movements of your finger during the night. This technology allows them to detect even subtle changes in position or motion, providing valuable insights into your sleep behavior.

By analyzing these behavioral patterns, these devices calculate sleep efficiency — measuring the percentage of time spent asleep compared to the total time in bed. Understanding your movement patterns during sleep allows you to adjust your sleep environment and bedtime routines, ultimately improving the quality of your sleep.

Sleep-tracking metrics should be used as a tool for improving sleep quality but not as a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis.

How accurate is a sleep tracking ring?

The accuracy of a sleep tracking ring can vary depending on the specific device, its sensors, and the algorithms used for data analysis. In research, smart rings that are capable of measuring sleep are compared to Polysomnography (PSG), which is used to measure sleep in clinical settings. The studies found that smart rings underestimated or overestimated certain sleep measures.

It's important to acknowledge that no sleep-tracking device, not just sleep tracking rings, achieves 100% accuracy when compared to the gold standard of sleep monitoring, which is PSG conducted in a sleep laboratory.

Health risks of sleep tracking rings

Although sleep-tracking rings are popular for their convenience and generally considered safe for most users, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

InaccuraciesSleep tracking rings may not always provide 100% accurate data, and overreliance on them could lead to incorrect conclusions about your sleep patterns and health
Sleep anxietyFor some, if sleep data does not align with their expectations, it can cause anxiety
Allergic reactionsCertain materials used in sleep tracking rings may trigger reactions in people with allergies or sensitivities
Wear-and-tearProlonged contact with the device could cause irritation

Remember that while sleep tracking rings can be handy and valuable tools for improving sleep quality, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for safe and proper use. Additionally, try maintaining a balanced and healthy perspective on sleep data to prevent the development of any unwanted reactions.

Best sleep tracking ring — conclusion

For those in pursuit of quality sleep and a better understanding of their sleep patterns, sleep tracking rings have emerged as highly promising tools. They provide a wealth of valuable benefits, including the ability to monitor and analyze various health metrics, identify sleep patterns, and offer data-supported guidance.

That said, while they come with a host of benefits and can be valuable companions on your journey to achieving restorative sleep, it is essential to use them sensibly. Remember that they are not diagnostic tools for sleep disorders, and their accuracy can vary.

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