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Top 5 Weighted Blankets of 2024

Sleeping is one of the pillars of a healthy life. High-quality sleep is restorative and leads to an increase in productivity and overall well-being. On the contrary, poor sleep is linked to a decline in professional and social performance and may trigger serious health problems like metabolic and cardiovascular conditions.

Therefore, sleeping better should be a priority to enhance quality of life. While there are many options to propel rest on our bodies and minds, weighted blankets emerge as a one of the best allies for those struggling with mild sleeping problems, stress, or anxiety.

To promote slumber and increase relaxation, we have selected the best weighted blankets in the market so you can choose the perfect companion to experience sweet and peaceful dreams.

Quick look at the best rated weighted blankets

  1. Puffy — most suitable weighted blanket for delicate skin
  2. Zonli — beginners’ choice for weighted blanket
  3. DubsLabs — overall most adaptable weighted blanket
  4. Eli & Elm — best weighted blanket for tossing and turning
  5. HUSH — best weighted blanket to share in bed

How we ranked the best weighted blankets?

Our top weighted blankets have been meticulously selected to adapt to the different needs of sleepers. We know that each individual has their own preferences in bed, therefore our criteria aim to provide comfort and fulfill various expectations.

Non-toxic and tested shell materials and fillings12–30 lbs (5–30 kg)$89.00–209.00Different body weights, bed sizes, and uses
  • Materials. Shell materials and fillings are key to providing comfort and contribute to the myriad benefits of weighted blankets. Fibers play an important role in bed temperature and filling materials should be non-toxic and tested.
  • Weight. Glass beads and other forms of weights should be distributed evenly throughout the fiber and avoid clusters. The correct distribution will ensure comfort during sleep and enhance a relaxing sensation.
  • Price. We delved into the key features of the blankets in regards to their affordability, as well as evaluated perks in shipping and return policy.
  • Adaptability. Blankets should easily adapt to sleep routines and be inclusive of different body weights, bed sizes, and household dynamics.

Our picks of the best weighted blankets: reviews

The world of weighted blankets unravels as a promising universe. Initial research has pointed out a variety of benefits like improvement of sleep, reduction of anxiety, and increasing sensation of comfort and security.

Therefore, we have selected some of the best weighted blankets in the market so you can settle on the most optimal one for your needs.

1. Puffy — best weighted blanket for sensitive skin

Puffy Deluxe Weighted Blanket

Puffy's weighted blanket is the best weighted blanket in our list, as it is adaptable, removable, and well-suited for a variety of sleepers.

The blanket has two sides, one made with twill cotton and one made with micro plush mink. Cotton is a breathable material that increases cooling during warm temperatures, while micro plush is most convenient during colder nights.

Puffy is filled with ceramic beads that are distributed evenly throughout the fabric and ensure a comfortable, relaxing sleep. Furthermore, it is made with hypoallergenic materials, making the blanket a good choice for those with sensitive skin.

There are two types of weight available, 15 lbs and 20 lbs (6, 9 kg), that can adapt to a twin, queen, or king-size bed. It is key to remember that blanket weight should be 10% of your body weight to induce relaxation and harness all potential benefits of the blanket.

As for care and washing, Puffy's blanket can be easily tossed into the washing machine. However, the filling materials should be handled carefully according to the tag-washing instructions.

The starting price is $127 and can go up to $169 depending on the weight and size. Puffy has a 101-day return policy and free shipping in the entire USA.

2. Zonli — best-weighted blankets for beginners

Zonli Premium Cotton Weighted Blanket for Adults

Zonli is a standout in the bedding universe, delivering a premium weighted blanket for those struggling with anxiety and sleeping problems.

The blanket, made out of hypoallergenic and breathable cotton fibers, ensures airflow and breathability, absorbing moisture and keeping the body comfy throughout the night. Zonli’s blanket may be a perfect match to enhance relaxation, sleep quality, and overall achieve better rest.

Certified by OEKO-TEX 100, this blanket is crafted with lead-free glass beads specially designed to trap body heat, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment for better day-to-day performance.

Zonli might be one of the best-weighted blankets for beginners due to its versatile design, which not only allows its usage in the bed, sofa, or during work but also streamlines the cleaning and overall maintenance of the product.

The brand offers diverse blanket options ranging from $89 for a 48*72 size with 12 lbs (5.4 kg) to $119.00 for a 60*80 20 lbs (9 kg).

3. DubsLabs — best weighted blanket for different temperatures

DubsLabs all-seasons weighted blanket

Finding the perfect blanket for all seasons might be challenging, but DubsLabs makes the process easier, uniting warm and cold lovers in a single blanket.

DubsLabs has two sides to increase comfort during the night. One of the sides is made with bamboo to boost airflow, while the other is made with polyester to retain the warmth in bed. In addition, it also includes a micro plush duvet cover for an extra layer.

The filling is made out of glass beads, a weight material that produces deep touch pressure stimulation, a technique that increases relaxation and promotes better sleep.

The brand recommends washing the blanket by hand or with a delicate washing program. As for the duvet cover, the best way is to use cold water and, if possible, clean it on its own.

The blanket is available for $199 to $209 and may vary on its weight, which can go up to 20 lbs (9 kg). The brand offers free shipping and has a policy of a 30-day return.

4. Eli & Elm — best weighted blanket for sleep movement

Eli & Elm Weighted Comforter

Eli & Elm weighted comforter stands out as a great option for those fond of carrying around their blanket, or those who are quite actively moving during sleeping hours.

The brand offers one of the best quality weighted blankets with cotton and polyester as the key materials to increase cooling and rest during the night. In addition, the inner filling of glass beads distributes weight evenly throughout the blanket.

The blanket stands out for its unique adaptability, specifically designed for moving during the night or for those who will be using the blanket outside of the bed. The three weights available, 13 lbs, 17 lbs, or 20 lbs (6, 8, 9 kg) can be great for keeping the body warm on a cozy movie night or a camping trip without feeling trapped by a very heavy blanket.

The price starts at $140 and can vary depending on size and weight. The brand also offers free shipping and a 45-day return policy.

5. HUSH — best weighted blanket for couples

HUSH classic blanket might be the perfect companion for colder climates or for those who always seek a warm bed regardless of the temperature.

Made with velvet minky fabric and non-toxic glass sand, it is soft and distributes nicely around the body inducing a soothing and anxiety-relief effect. According to HUSH, the blanket's potential properties may be experienced throughout the whole night “no matter how you twist and turn."

The blanket comes with two patterns and a removable cover, making the washing process more convenient.

HUSH takes the spotlight for diversity in blanket weight, going from 12 lbs to 35 lbs (5, 16 kg). Their wide range is inclusive of different body types, as well as for lone sleepers or couples. Furthermore, the weight is separated into small 4-inch quilted squares, which assures a correct pressure distribution and also prevents noise from shifting.

The price goes from $159.20 to $207.20 depending on the size and weight, including free shipping and a 100-day return policy.

Comparing the top weighted blankets

ProductPriceShelling materialsFilling materialsWeightSizesCare difficulty
Puffy$127.00–$169.00Twill cotton and plush micro minkCeramic beads15–20 lbs (7–9 kg)Twin, queen, and kingMedium
Zonli$89.00–$119.00CottonGlass beads12–20 lbs (5–9 kg)N/AEasy
DubsLabs$199.00–$209.00Polyester and bambooGlass beads15–20 lbs (7–9 kg)N/AMedium
Eli & Elm$140.00–$177.50CottonGlass beads13–20 lbs (6–9 kg)Twin, queen, and kingDifficult
HUSH $159.20–$183.20PolyesterGlass sand12–35 lbs (5–16 kg)Teen, twin, queen, and kingMedium

What are weighted blankets used for?

Weighted blankets are blankets made with breathable fabrics like cotton or bamboo that contain layers with weight filling. These types of blankets benefit from a technique known as “deep pressure stimulation.”

Deep pressure stimulation consists of applying firm and constant pressure on the body to improve comfort and relaxation. This method increases the arousal of the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces sympathetic arousal, which yields a calming effect on the body and may improve stress-related outcomes.

The use of these blankets has been linked to alleviation of sleeping problems, anxiety, and support with conditions like ADHD. Furthermore, the possibility of their use in seniors and dementia patients is emerging, due to their soothing effect on the body.

Weighted blankets benefits

Weighted blankets have a myriad of benefits that harness the power of deep pressure that may be helpful in the management of some sleeping problems and mental health conditions.

Firstly, it is reported to have a calming effect on the body by decreasing stress and increasing the quality of sleep. Sleepers who tried weighted blankets report feeling more relaxed, rested, and overall more secure during bedtime.

Secondly, weighted blankets may be a good companion for those with conditions like autism or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, as deep pressure may reduce high anxiety and arousal, improving sleep quality and quantity.

The use of blankets is also currently being tested in nursing homes, as some initial research has pointed out its benefits for the elderly. The use of weighted blankets may reduce the intake of some medication in seniors, improving rest and quality of life.

Do weighted blankets help you sleep?

Sleep disorders are usually treated through drugs that may have some adverse effects. Therefore, there has been an exploration of alternative non-pharmaceutical methods to aid those who struggle to rest at night. Weighted blankets cannot replace medication, yet it has emerged as an option to help with sleep difficulties.

The study on the potential benefits of these blankets is not extensive and still needs more research to confirm their effectiveness with sleeping problems. However, initial trials point to an improvement on the quantity and quality of sleep. Likewise, users confirm a reduction of tension and anxiety and better rest overall.

Do weighted blankets keep you warm?

Weighted blankets are well suited to keep you warm throughout the year, as they include materials that balance and maintain heat under the covers. Some also include additional duvets to keep your body wrapped up and relaxed even on the coldest winter nights.

Furthermore, many also provide their “hug” feel during the summer, as their breathable materials may reduce moisture and decrease overheating.

Which weighted blanket is the best for you?

When choosing the best weighted blankets for adults there are several points to take into consideration. We have compiled the most critical ones so you can make an informed decision and purchase the one that best adapts to your sleeping needs.


In terms of weight, it is important to consider the size of the bed as well as the body weight. Couples should sum both weights and select the best one according to their total number. If there is a lot of weight difference between sleepers, it is better to select two individual ones.


Many brands offer removable covers that are easy to wash at home. However, it is always best to read all the care information before making any purchase as some might require some extra cleaning steps.


Shell and filling materials are key in selecting blankets for summer and winter. Most brands tend to offer the best of both worlds, but it is important to know that some materials tend to be more absorbent, while others tend to preserve heat better.


While some prefer to use weighted blankets during the night, others tend to have them around the house, on trips, or even at work. Furthermore, different households have different needs, so it is always best to opt for a light, easy-to-move, and easy-to-clean blanket.

How to choose the right weight of a blanket?

Choosing the right weight for a blanket can be challenging as many factors can impact its comfort and distribution.

Firstly, the filling materials. It is crucial that they are distributed evenly throughout the fibber. Any clusters or spills could make sleep uncomfortable and deprive the blanket of its core properties.

Secondly, size and body weight. The correct size for your bed will help to increase comfort and prevent unwanted movements during the night. As for body weight, it is one of the most important criteria to determine the best match. Blankets should be 10% of your body weight to boost all the potential benefits of deep pressure.

The following table compares the body weight and weight of the best-rated weighted blankets so you can comprehend the relation between the two.

Blanket's weightSuitable body weight
12 lbs (5 kg)120 pounds
13 lbs (6 kg)130 pounds
15 lbs (7 kg)150 pounds
17 lbs (8 kg)170 pounds
20 lbs (9 kg)200 pounds
25 lbs (11 kg)250 pounds
30 lbs (14 kg)300 pounds
35 lbs (16 kg)350 pounds

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