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Quiet Mind Pillow Review in 2024: Ideal for ADHD Stress Relief?

If you tried weighted blankets for reducing stress but only found them to be bulky and uncomfortable, you may enjoy what Quiet Mind offers. This is a huggable weighted pillow for anxiety you can take traveling with you or simply put on your lap to feel the relaxation.

Quiet Mind weighted pillow stands out from its competitors for offering more versatile usage options. It's not only designed for bedtime but can also be used while working or resting.

But if you are already familiar with the Quiet Mind weighted pillow and are looking for an honest product review, we have its features and benefits covered in this article. Continue reading to discover why this product has earned the nickname "ADHD pillow" and whether it lives up to its claimed effects.

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Reviewing Quiet Mind: our criteria

In our review of the Quiet Mind weighted pillow, we assessed its quality based on the following criteria:

DurabilityMaterialsReturn and refundDesignUser feedbackBreathabilityPrice
Longevity of the pillowHypoallergenic and eco-friendly materialsMoney-back guaranteeSize and color optionsCustomer reviews on the productTemperature regulationPrice relative to benefits
  • Durability. We assessed the durability or longevity of this weighted pillow by its resilience to withstand regular use.
  • Materials. Hypoallergenic options may ensure the safety of bedding items suitable for people with sensitive skin. Moreover, Quiet Mind’s eco-friendly material choices showcase its commitment to sustainability.
  • Return and refund. Quiet Mind comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case the product doesn’t meet the expectations.
  • Design. When choosing a pillow, you may want it to suit your home aesthetics, be of comfortable size, and overall preferred design. Quiet Mind is available in 4 colors and 3 sizes.
  • User feedback. When reviewing Quiet Mind, we have considered customer feedback about the product to learn about their opinions regarding comfort, individual experience, shipping, value for price, and overall satisfaction.
  • Breathability. Quiet Mind is said to be breathable allowing air-flow for a comfortable temperature while sleeping or hugging the pillow.
  • Price. Comparing the features and suggested benefits of Quiet Mind, getting this weighted pillow may be a good investment for your well-being.

What is Quiet Mind?

Quiet Mind founder Mikey Goldman, growing up with ADHD, sought a gentle solution to calm his mind and alleviate stress. This led him to create the world's first weighted pillow.

By developing Quiet Mind, Goldman aimed to offer a natural, convenient, and, importantly, drug-free option for individuals facing the challenges of ADHD and stress.

Quiet Mind is a huggable weighted pillow filled with recycled glass beads adding a pleasant pressure to potentially alleviate anxiety and stress.

People who do not like massive weighted blankets or feel claustrophobic when covered with them may enjoy Quiet Mind’s soft and light design, as well as the temperature-controlling nature of this pillow. The hypoallergenic and machine-washable materials used are another positive point to quality.

Quiet Mind is not only a “weighted hug,” this pillow may also be a versatile companion for various aspects of your life — traveling, at work, or winding down for bed.

Why should you use Quiet Mind?

Here are some of the reasons you should try using Quiet Mind weighted pillow as a natural stress-relief means:

  • Improve sleep
  • Induce feelings of comfort and support
  • Promote a sense of calm
  • Increase relaxation on the go

Quiet Mind weighted pillow is developed to provide gentle pressure, which is believed to relax the mind, improve focus, and even help you sleep better. Known as an “anxiety pillow” among customers, Quiet Mind is also praised for potentially supporting ADHD-related symptoms in adults and children.

Safety note
Weighted blankets must not be used with babies and toddlers, as they pose a risk of suffocation or getting trapped. A weighted blanket cannot weigh more than 10% of the child's body weight. Children must be supervised and not left to sleep with a blanket overnight.

The science behind weighted pillows

Weighted pillows are believed to work through deep pressure stimulation (DPS), which has been shown to help induce a sense of calm and reduce anxiety. Although there is no direct research on the effects of weighted pillows in particular, their potential benefits are thought to be similar to those of weighted blankets.

In one study, people who used weighted blankets reported lowered anxiety and calming effects. The research suggests that DPS may affect autonomic nervous systems and, more specifically, increase the parasympathetic nervous system activity, which is linked to your body’s relaxation response.

Despite these links between the effects of weighted blankets and pillows, further research specifically focused on weighted pillows is required to fully establish their safety and effectiveness in achieving the aforementioned outcomes.

Safety note
Weighted products might not be suitable for some individuals, such as people with respiratory or cardiac health problems. Generally, it is best to consider one's health status and consult a health professional before using this pillow.

How to take care of the Quiet Mind weighted pillow?

The care for the Quiet Mind is very simple and requires several steps:

  1. Allow 1–2 days for the pillow to regain its shape.
  2. Over time, the pillow will soften with regular use.
  3. Start with short sessions to adapt to the weight.
  4. To clean the pillow, remove the cover for machine washing

Note that the pillow filling, consisting of polyurethane foam for cushioning and a durable polyester outer layer, should not be machine-washed. These materials are chosen for their durability and longevity.

How much does Quiet Mind cost?

Quiet Mind's original weighted pillow is available in various sizes, each priced differently.

SizePillow weightDimensionsHuman weightCost
S6 lbs (~3 kg)14” x 14” (36 x 36 cm)40–140 lbs (18–64 kg)$179
M9 lbs (4 kg)16” x 16” (41 x 41 cm)140–180 lbs (64–82 kg)$189
L12 lbs (5 kg)18” x 18” (46 x 46 cm)180+ lbs (82+ kg)$199

You have the option to select from four different cover colors for your weighted pillow, but the price remains consistent regardless of your choice. Choose from blueberry, agave green, cashew, or chili oil to complement your style and home decor.

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Quiet Mind reviews: customer feedback

Quiet Mind’s original weighted pillow is highly praised by its users, enjoying almost 200 customer reviews on the product’s official website. Here are the most highlighted aspects of this product commented on by the customers:

  • Calming and anxiety-relieving effects
  • Convenient for daytime napping or improving focus
  • Usage versatility
  • High-quality and pleasant materials
  • Comfortable design
  • Attention to delivery and packaging details

While there are some negative reviews, the overwhelming majority of customers express satisfaction with the Quiet Mind pillow. Some users mention discomfort due to ordering the wrong size.

Despite being considered pricey by some, customers recognize Quiet Mind's value, attributing its cost to its quality and effectiveness.

Conclusion: is Quiet Mind worth it?

Quiet Mind is a worthwhile investment for those seeking relief from anxiety, stress, and more. Let's take a final look at what we appreciate and what we find challenging about the Quiet Mind weighted anxiety pillow to help you determine if it's the right fit for you.

What we like

We appreciate the founder’s unique approach to helping people ease stress and anxiety with this convenient original weighted pillow. The size selection, versatile use, and high-quality materials are some of the factors we like the most about Quiet Mind.

The company adheres to sustainability standards with its recycled pillow filling, packaging, and pet-friendly product design. Another advantage noted is that Quiet Mind pillows are eligible for return in case of defects or damages caused by the provider or during delivery.

What we don't like

Although we do not like the high price of Quiet Mind weighted pillows, we understand that it’s justified by the quality and overall brand reputation.

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