Vetting Process | Healthtech Devices

Healthtech devices constitute the cornerstone of the tech wellness domain, a field driven by constant innovation to improve physical and mental well-being. In this dynamic sphere, we understand the importance of choosing reliable and effective devices, and for this reason, we are committed to providing accurate and transparent information.

Our dedication is underscored by a rigorous vetting process, which relies on evidence-backed research and a seasoned team of researchers and wellness writers. In our vetting process, we adhere to the following guidelines:

The process

At the forefront of our vetting process is our Research team, which holds expertise in various health and wellness fields, including nutrition, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacology, and neuropsychology. Our board of professionals shapes every decision of our in-house processes, examining the safety, potential effectiveness, and scientific validity of the devices we feature on Healthnews.

Initial assessment

Our vetting process commences with an overview of each brand. We consider each provider's suggested properties and proposed benefits to ensure it has the potential to address the health concerns or wellness goals it claims to target.

We prioritize brands that provide transparency regarding the technology utilized in their products and also consider their manufacturing and testing practices. Additionally, we assess their alignment with the recommendations of the scientific and medical organizations.

Device evaluation

All the devices featured on Healthnews undergo a thorough evaluation, placing a strong focus on their technology and functionality. We begin our product evaluation by reviewing the most up-to-date scientific literature available, including systematic reviews and clinical studies, to illuminate the effectiveness of each gadget while considering its side effects and potential risks.

Review and verification

We are committed to providing our readers with high-quality and transparent information. Consequently, every article goes through multiple rounds of fact-checking and proofreading by our team of health experts. Their input consolidates the last steps in our vetting process, guaranteeing the accuracy and integrity of the content.

Research methodology

Our approach involves consulting reputable health and science sources, thorough research, and meticulous data analysis to deliver content that is both trustworthy and accurate.

Scientific foundation

Science is the cornerstone of Healthnews — we operate by this principle throughout all the steps in our vetting process, from the early evaluation of products to the ultimate publication of our content.

During our vetting process, we ensure that devices meet the performance claims made by their respective brands, aligning with the recommendations from RoHS, CE, FCC, and the FDA, among others. We always prioritize the safety of our readers, particularly being mindful of population demographics and risk groups.


In Healthnews, transparency is our guiding compass. It is our mission to offer comprehensive, precise, and accurate information about every device featured on our website. For this reason, all of our articles include a compilation of scientific and medical references utilized by our team to assess the product. We always disclose all the pertinent information in each case, even when devices lack substantial scientific evidence to back up their claims.

We also need to emphasize that none of the gadgets featured on our website should be viewed as a replacement for healthcare or medical treatments. Additionally, some products may entail commissions, and in such cases, we openly disclose this information.

Continuous improvement

We strive to improve and grow along with our readers. At Healthnews, feedback is taken, considered, and worked upon to provide the most informative and valuable content that aligns with the needs of our audience.

Feedback cycle

Our mission is to offer guidance and education in the vast health and wellness landscape, ultimately helping you discover what is best for you and your body. If you have any questions about our vetting process or the gadgets featured on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly address any doubts you may have.

Evolving standards

Our vetting process comprises professionals in the health field, stringent guidelines, transparent processes, and compliance with official medical organizations. Our team constantly reviews and updates devices to align with the highest scientific and quality benchmarks. We are committed to providing you with the most advanced technology to accompany you at every stage of your wellness journey.