Vetting Process | Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and supplements constitute a category unlike any other. They contribute to our nutritional needs, fill gaps in our diets, and support various bodily functions, exerting a direct impact on our health. We understand that what you ingest matters deeply, and for this reason, we at Healthnews are committed to providing you and all of our readers with accurate, trustworthy information. Here is how we secure the integrity of our content:

The process

Driving the process is our in-house Research team, profiled by professionals from all sorts of fields, including nutrition, psychology, pharmacy, pharmacology, and pediatric neuropsychology. They are the ones at the helm of the vetting process, a process that entails evaluating partnering brands, products, and prospective collaborators. The objective is crystal clear — serving the Healthnews audience with honest content and product reviews built around safety, quality, and performance.

First impressions matter

While secondary to product evaluation, our team initiates research by first gaining a quick overview of each brand under consideration. It is crucial for us to determine from the outset whether the health claims and suggested benefits are exaggerated and overly promotional or if they are instead substantiated by scientific evidence. Transparent brands that present such evidence, including relevant documents like third-party testing reports, certificates of analysis (COAs), and proof of adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMPs), or otherwise referred to as current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs), are considered reliable and suitable for partnership.

Product evaluation

Products supported by scientific evidence form the foundation of our recommendations. To classify them as such, we begin by examining the ingredients or their combinations at play and evaluating their suggested benefits in light of the latest research. In an effort to accurately reflect the current understanding of vitamins and supplements within the scientific community, our team conducts thorough research to identify relevant peer-reviewed studies, focusing on available clinical trials for each supplement and its formulation under consideration.

Review and fact-check

Before publication, every article goes through multiple rounds of fact-checking and proofreading by our team of health experts. They mark the last step in our process, validating the facts and stamping the piece as factual and authentic.

Research methodology

Ensuring the reliability and depth of our insights requires a rigorous approach to research. Our methodology encompasses extensive investigation and consultation with reputable sources to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate information available.

Extent of research

Our health writers and researchers carry out comprehensive research for every review, comparison, and listicle article. This process involves scouring scientific literature, analyzing data, and consulting reputable sources. Whether it is identifying populations with increased risks due to specific ingredients or combinations thereof, or addressing any warnings and regulations issued by official institutions such as the FDA, FTC, and EFSA — our research efforts extend beyond the ordinary. We cover all bases to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.


We prioritize transparency every step of the way. Every article of ours includes detailed explanations of the research process and criteria behind our recommendations. This allows you to understand how we arrive at our conclusions. Also, our assertions are consistently backed by references to scientific literature and official guidelines from health authorities, granting you the option to explore the research further, should you choose to do so. Additionally, in cases where commissions are involved, we disclose them openly.

Continuous improvement

At Healthnews, we understand the importance of continual refinement. Our commitment to excellence drives us to welcome feedback and actively seek opportunities for enhancement.

Feedback loop

We value feedback from our readers and continuously strive to improve our processes. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding our vetting process or content in general, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We want you to know that your input helps us enhance the quality and reliability of our offerings.

Staying updated

As new research emerges and scientific understanding evolves, we remain committed to staying updated. Our team regularly reviews and updates our content to reflect the latest advancements and findings in the field of nutrition and dietary supplements.