Am I a Bicurious Person?

A bicurious person is a person who is exploring bisexuality. This means they are open to or interested in exploring sexual or romantic relationships with someone whose gender differs from whom they usually date. Some people may identify with the label throughout their life. Let's explore what it means to be bicurious and whether it aligns with how you feel about your sexuality.

Key takeaways:

What does bicurious mean?

Bicurious is a term to describe someone who is curious about exploring sexual and romantic relationships with someone of the same gender or other genders. People who identify with the label often do so in a period of exploration before deciding on their identity.

Sexuality is a spectrum, with heterosexuality up one end and homosexuality up the other. Many people who are bicurious are exploring their sexuality and trying to figure out just where they sit along the spectrum. People may choose to use the term when they are actively exploring relationships of the same or another gender, or they may choose to use the term when they are experiencing the desire to explore. It's important to remember that the term can be used by anyone who identifies with it, and you do not need to have had sexual or romantic experiences with someone to be able to identify with the label.

Discovering that you are bisexual can come at any age. Some people discover it when they are in their teenage years, while others may discover it much later in life.

Is the term only used for straight people?

The term is often used by people who usually identify as heterosexual and are curious about exploring relationships with genders they don't usually date. Although the term is primarily used by people originally identifying as heterosexual, it can be used for people who originally identified as other sexual orientations, for example, homosexual.

Do bicurious people remain bicurious?

People who identify with the label bicurious may choose to continue to identify with that label throughout their life and feel content to do so. In comparison, others may find that after some exploration, other labels may be more fitting to describe how they feel about their sexuality. Both situations are completely valid, and there is no need to move away from the label bicurious if you don't feel comfortable doing so. It’s important to remember that sexuality is fluid, and it is natural to change how you feel about your sexuality as you gain new experiences or information.

Bicurious vs bisexual – the difference:

There are many similarities between bisexuality and bicurious. However, there is a difference:

  • Bisexual. Those who identify as bisexual are often firmly established in their sexual identity.
  • Bicurious. This term is usually used for those who are still exploring their sexual identity.

A bicurious person may go on to become bisexual if they feel that the identity aligns with their feelings, or they may go on to identify with a different term.

Bicurious and heteroflexible explained

Bicurious differs from hetero flexible, as hetero flexible implies that a person usually identifies as heterosexual but is open to sexual and romantic relationships with other genders to some degree.

Although people who identify as hetero flexible may be fluid with their sexuality, they primarily identify as heterosexual. This differs from bi-curiosity, as a bicurious person does not need to have identified with heterosexuality at any time in the past.

People who use the label bicurious may have identified with any number of labels in the past, including homosexual and heterosexual.

How to know if you are bicurious

If you have currently or previously identified as gay or straight and now have the desire to explore sexual and romantic relationships with a gender who you don't typically date, then you may be bicurious. But ultimately, it's up to you to decide if you're bicurious or not. Sexual identity is deeply personal and is made up of many factors. You can have these desires and choose not to identify with the label or choose to identify with the label. It’s up to you!

Tips on exploring bi-curiosity

  1. Explore porn. Porn can be a good way to explore your sexuality in an easy and accessible manner. Start your journey by watching some of the many videos that explore bi-curiosity.
  2. Jump on the apps. Having conversations with people on dating apps is a fairly low-stakes way to explore your sexuality. The apps allow you to have a chat without the pressure of meeting up. And you never know what could eventuate.
  3. Try dating. Remember to be respectful of the people you are dating. While dating is an important step in exploring your identity, it's crucial that you don't treat the date as an experiment. Be open and honest with your date, and let them know where they stand.
  4. Connect with the community. There are many bicurious communities that you can connect with both online and in real life. There are even bicurious sex parties where you can explore sexually and connect with others.

Wherever you are on your sexual identity journey, remembering that questioning and exploring is a natural part of finding where you feel the most comfortable and aligned. Happy explorations!

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