How Can Sexual Wellness Apps Improve My Sexual Desire?

Sexual wellness apps can improve your sexual wellness by making you aware of the complex nature of sexual desire and providing you with personalized tools and lessons that help you to experience sexual desire.

Key takeaways:

The way this is done varies from app to app, but many apps offer sex education, lessons on mindfulness to reduce stress, as well as things to get you in the mood, like audio erotica.

Let's take a look at sexual desire

To understand just how sexual wellness apps can improve sexual wellness, it's important to understand how sexual desire works. We often hear the term ‘sex drive’ used to refer to a person’s sexual desire and arousal. However, the term isn't exactly correct. Scientifically speaking, a drive is an innate push to obtain something needed for basic survival, like food, water, or shelter. When examining sex, or sexual desire, we can see that it's not needed for survival, but it is something that can enhance our lives or is nice to have.

Instead of thinking about sexual desire as a drive, it is often more helpful to think of it using the dual control module, which states that sexual desire is the product of things that excite us sexually and inhibit us sexually. Sex educator Emily Nagoski likes to think of this using a car analogy, stating that we all have sexual accelerators and brakes that turn us off and on. An example of an accelerator may be responding to a kiss or sexual touch or listening to erotic audio. However, these accelerators may not work if we simultaneously have our feet slammed on the brake due to stress from work or home, illness, or many other situations. Therefore, we need to pay attention to both the accelerators and the brakes if we want to bring out our sexual desire.

Furthermore, sexual responsiveness can be divided into two types of desire: responsive and spontaneous. These styles aren't fixed and can change over a lifetime (or even over a week). Still, people with vaginas are generally more likely to have a responsive desire style, meaning their desire is sparked from a response to sexual stimuli. If we put all of this together, this means that many women often need to be free of stress and experience some sort of sexual stimuli to feel sexual desire.

How does this relate to sexual wellness apps?

So what does any of this have to do with sexual wellness apps? Well, sexual wellness apps understand the complexity of sexual desire and work with their users to help educate them on the matter, as well as provide tools and exercises to maximize things that turn us on and minimize things that turn us off. Like seeing a sex therapist, many apps offer personalized content that helps you reconnect with your sexual self, no matter your style of desire or accelerators and brakes, all for a fraction of the cost.

As sex is still a somewhat taboo topic, many of us don't know just how complex desire and arousal are or what can be done to increase them. And many people are often left frustrated when a partner has a different level of sexual interest or when they are unable to feel any pleasure during solo sex.

Sexual wellness apps help people understand themselves, their desire style, turn-offs, and turn-ons and provide tools that foster sexual desire and pleasure. Depending on the type of app, this can be done in various ways, from providing mindfulness-based exercise that helps minimize stress and allow people to notice sexual sensations within the body or tools designed to increase sexual arousal and desire, like audio erotica. There are apps created for each gender, as well as couples and individuals.

Sexual wellness apps to check out

If you're looking to increase your desire and pleasure, check out some of these sexual wellness apps available on the App Store and Google Play.


If you're looking to learn how to increase your sexual desire, build on your sexual performance, or become more mindful in the bedroom, then Coral may be for you. It offers personalized lessons and exercises developed by leading sexual health experts, as well as stories from real people explaining just how things went down for them. The app also features couples’ content that is perfect for exploring on date nights.


If part of tapping into your pleasure involves sexual stories, then Dipsea is a must for you. Founded by two women, the Dipsea app provides hundreds of sexy stories created in-house, assuring high-quality content bound to turn you on. Dipsea believes everybody deserves to feel good in their bodies and offers a wide range of stories from multiple perspectives to suit all needs and desires.

Sexual wellness apps help increase sexual desire and pleasure in a number of ways. Although it differs from app to app, most apps aim to build upon their users’ sex education, which helps them understand their desire style, turn-ons, and turn-offs, among a plethora of other things. This is done through a series of tools, exercises, and lessons for individuals and couples.

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