Types of Orgasms and How to Feel Each of Them

For people with vaginas, there are many different types of orgasms. The most common way of orgasm is through clitoral stimulation. Other types of orgasms include vaginal, anal, and cervical orgasms. Some people have even experienced orgasms from working out and giving birth. Let's look at the different kinds of orgasms, and the best ways to maximize your chances of experiencing them.

Key takeaways:

What exactly is an orgasm?

While there isn't an exact definition of an orgasm, as everyone experiences them slightly differently, most people can agree that an orgasm is the peak of sexual arousal. Orgasms are seen as an intense feeling of physical pleasure, often resulting from the build-up of sexual stimuli.

An orgasm is the third stage in the sexual response cycle. It is characterized by a number of physical symptoms, including:

  • Pleasurable feelings in the genitals.
  • Increased heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing.
  • Involuntary muscles spasms.
  • Uterus contractions (for uterus owners).
  • Ejaculation (for penis owners).
  • Psychological feelings of pleasure.

While these are typical symptoms of an orgasm, it's important to note that each person experiences them slightly differently.

Are there multiple types of orgasms?

Yes, however, the answer is a little more complicated, particularly for those with vaginas. Anecdotally, people with vaginas speak about experiencing different orgasms, such as clitoral and vaginal. But some research suggests that those who experience vaginal orgasms are doing so as a result of stimulation of the internal parts of the clitoris. The internal bulbs of the clitoris hug the outside of the vagina, so what some people may believe is a vaginal orgasm could be a clitoral orgasm.

Nevertheless, for many people, the sensations of these orgasms feel different and are obtained through different forms of stimulation, that's why they have different names. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what type of orgasm you experienced or how you got there. All that matters is that it felt good, and you and those around you were safe.

What types of orgasms are there?

Anecdotally, people have experienced many different types of orgasms, with some being more common than others. Below we'll explore some of the most common types of orgasms and some rarer types.

Clitoral orgasm

The clitoral orgasm is the most common type of orgasm for people with vaginas, with many people unable to orgasm without stimulation of the clitoris. Studies have found that 36.6% of people with vaginas can only orgasm from external clitoral stimulation. A further 36% of people say that while they don't need external clitoral stimulation to orgasm, the stimulation of the clitoris during sex makes orgasms feel better.

The clitoris is a highly sensitive erogenous zone, with recent research finding that it contains around 10,000 sensory nerve endings. This makes it the go-to place for stimulation for many people. If you're looking to orgasm from the clitoris, you're in luck, as it can be stimulated in several ways, including orally, with fingers, or with sex toys.

Vaginal orgasm

While not all people with vaginas can orgasm from stimulation of the vagina, some can. Many different pleasurable spots can be stimulated in the vagina which can lead to orgasms. Many people find stimulation of the top wall of the vagina pleasurable (sometimes referred to as the G-spot). This could be due to its proximity to the external parts of the clitoris that wrap around this section of the vagina.

If you're looking to orgasm from the vagina, try using a G-spot sex toy that is slightly curved, as this will help reach the specific area of the vagina. You can use the toy yourself or have a partner help you.

Anal orgasm

The anus and rectum also have a host of sensory nerve endings which can make anal play feel incredibly pleasurable, leading to an orgasm. However, unlike the vagina, the anus doesn't self-lubricate, so a lot of lubrication is needed when stimulating this area. When using sex toys to stimulate the anus, you must use toys with a flared base, as toys without one risk being lost in the rectum and could require surgical removal.

There are many ways to stimulate this area, including stimulating the outside area with a mouth, fingers, or vibrator. Or internal stimulation with anal toys, fingers, or a penis.

Other types of orgasms

  • Cervical orgasm. A cervical orgasm is reached through stimulation of the lower part of the cervix, which is located high in the vagina and separates the vagina from the uterus. If you're looking to orgasm from the cervix, only try stimulating it once you are turned on, as stimulation of this area at other times could feel uncomfortable;
  • Nipple orgasm. Some people can orgasm through stimulation of the breasts and nipples. Researchers believe that stimulation of this area may fire up the same part of the brain that lights up during genital stimulation. Orgasms in this area can be achieved through licking, sucking, and caressing the nipple and breasts;
  • Sleep orgasm. Many people can experience orgasms in their sleep by having sexually stimulating dreams, with no stimulation of the genitals. While this is more common in people with penises, people with vaginas also experience them. While this type of orgasm is a little harder to achieve, research suggests that it is more common for people who sleep on their stomachs;
  • Birth orgasm. While uncommon, some people have reported orgasms during birth, with no direct stimulation to the genitals;
  • Coregasm. Another rare form of orgasm, a ‘coregasm’ is a form of orgasm that is experienced when working out, particularly when lifting weights or working out the core. To achieve this kind of orgasm, get to the gym and explore multiple kinds of exercises such as squats, crunches, and pull-ups.

Can you feel all of them simultaneously?

While it may be hard to feel all forms of orgasms at once, it is possible to have what is known as a blended orgasm. A blended orgasm is achieved when stimulating two or more erogenous zones simultaneously to create a more intense and pleasurable orgasm.

This can be done by getting a partner to help you, using multiple sex toys or toys that are designed to stimulate two areas at once, like a rabbit-styled vibrator.

Tips for women looking to experience an orgasm

If you're new to self-pleasure or haven't been able to have an orgasm in the past, there are a few steps that you can apply to help you get there.

  1. Eliminate distractions. Worrying that someone may bust through the door mid-session is a big mood killer, so make sure that your door is locked, your phone is set to silent, and you create a nice and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy yourself in.
  2. Stay mindful. Another big mood killer is a busy mind. With too many thoughts racing around our heads, we're unable to listen to our bodies. When exploring pleasure within the body, a clear mind is needed to pick up on what feels good and what doesn't. To help clear the mind, practice mindfulness or meditation regularly.
  3. Use toys. The stimulations given by vibrators and other toys can feel great. If you’re having trouble trying to orgasm, try out a few different types of toys, making sure that you have one dedicated to clitoral stimulation.
  4. Use lube. Wetter is definitely better when it comes to sex. Any form of sex, whether it be solo play or penetration, feels more pleasurable with lubrication. Having sex without it can cause friction and tears, which is unlikely to result in an orgasm.
  5. Focus on solo play. Focusing on masturbation can help us learn exactly what our bodies like, which is essential for feeling pleasure. During solo play, keep an open mind and get curious while exploring your body.

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