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Best Menstrual Cups 2024: Top Picks

People with menstruation are expected to experience 452 periods in their lifetime and use up to 11,000 disposable sanitary products. These estimations do not only present a huge impact on the environment but also high expenses for those with a menstrual cycle.

For this reason, menstrual cups are blossoming on the market and aiming to make menstruation more affordable, eco-friendly, and accessible for all. Nonetheless, there are still certain doubts about its usage, with few individuals choosing cups over other disposable options.

So, what is a menstrual cup? Why are they considered a valuable alternative to other sanitary products? And most importantly, how do you determine the right menstrual product? Let’s discover the answer to these questions as we explore some of the best menstrual cups available on the market.

Best menstrual cups 2024: shortlist

  1. Venus — best menstrual cup for heavy flow
  2. VOXAPOD — best reusable menstrual cup for tampon lovers
  3. Flex — best menstrual cup for beginners
  4. Cora — most comfortable menstrual cup
  5. Saalt — best period cup for vegans

How did we choose the best menstrual cups?

Menstrual cups have started to gain popularity as an eco-friendly option to manage menstruation. However, their usage requires a learning curve, especially in comparison to other sanitary products. Consequently, it may be daunting to select the most optimal one for you.

Acknowledging these concerns, we have compiled some of the best menstruation cups to deliver comfort and convenience, uniting the needs of both cup beginners and experts:

PriceSizeFirmnessMaterialsCleaning and maintenance
$27.95–58.00Tailored for various sizes and vagina shapesMedium-firm and firm optionsHigh-quality and medical-grade materialsEasy to clean during and after periods
  • Price. We strived for a balance between affordability and convenience, selecting those brands that truly stand out for both beginners and experts.
  • Size. Choosing the wrong size in a menstrual cup may cause leakage and discomfort. For this reason, our selection encompasses brands that accommodate a wide range of menstruators, including beginners, teenagers, and those who have experienced giving birth.
  • Firmness. We have selected various types of firmness tailored to diverse menstrual profiles. The ranking includes cups with a sturdy feel, as well as softer options for those who may have leaks or a more sensitive vagina.
  • Materials. Our selection prioritized those brands that use medical-grade materials to produce their cups. Moreover, we also considered products free from latex, dyes, and other toxins.
  • Cleaning and maintenance. The ranking includes those providers offering products that are easy to clean and do not require extra fees for brand-specific cleaning products.

Overview of the best menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are products shaped like a cup and made out of silicone, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), or natural rubber and designed to collect menstrual blood. They are reusable and can be worn for up to 12 hours, becoming a remarkable alternative to sanitary disposable products.

We have curated a selection of some of the best period cups on the market — each with different sizes, shapes, and stems — so you can discover your perfect fit among our top-notch selection:

1. Venus — best menstrual cup for those with heavy flow periods

Venus Menstrual Cup large

Starting the menstrual cup journey may be daunting for many, particularly for those with heavy flow who hold several doubts about the usage and overall comfort of these devices. Venus Large Menstrual Cup streamlines the learning curve of cups with a soft and pliable product that can store up to 6 tampons worth (47 mL).

The brand unites the diverse profiles of menstruators in two sizes — small and large. While its small size is recommended for new users, teens, low cervix, or light to moderate flow, its large size is tailored towards medium to high cervix or someone with a moderate to heavy flow. The brand also offers the possibility to purchase a starter kit with both sizes to try out the products and select the one that best suits your needs.

Venus is not only easy to use but also crafted with customers' needs in mind. Following stringent manufacturing standards, the cup is BPA, latex, phthalates, and toxin free.

The large size is available for $27.95 in Amazon and includes a cotton pouch, a manual, and a box to store all the items.

2. VOXAPOD — best period cup for tampon users

VOXAPOD® Menstrual Cup Duo

For those fond of tampon usage but wishing to transition to a more eco-friendly alternative, VOXAPOD delivers the right solution. Made from hypoallergenic silicone, the cup collects up to 12 hours of blood flow without the dryness or odor that tampons may cause.

The product is available in two sizes: a small size with a capacity of 24 ml and a medium size, capable of accumulating 37 ml of fluids. While the smaller size is more suitable for beginners and those with a lighter flow, the medium one is more convenient for those who have given birth or have leaks.

VOXAPOD Menstrual Cup Duo also features a flexible stem to elevate comfort, pinch grips to help remove the cup after usage, and a rounded base to prevent pain or discomfort. Moreover, these cups are free from BPA, latex, and plastic.

The provider recommends washing the cup with warm water and mild soap during menstruation and sterilizing the product between cycles by boiling it for 5 minutes.

It is available for $58.00 and includes two cups.

3. Flex — best beginner-friendly menstrual cup

Flex Cup

Flex delivers a versatile product crafted from medical-grade silicone engineered for beginners in the menstrual cup universe. With a patented pull-tab stem, Flex Cup is particularly optimal for first-timers who may have trouble removing the cup after usage.

This menstrual product allows 12-hour usage and includes two sizes to accommodate various preferences and needs. Its size 1 is targeted to those menstrual cup first-timers and has a capacity of 22 ml, while its size 2 has a capacity of 30 ml and is tailored towards more experienced users or those who have undergone vaginal birth.

The product is also a standout in versatility, delivering a flexible menstrual product that can be folded in various ways to streamline its placement in the vagina — sitting, standing, or squatting. Moreover, it features a carrying pouch and 2 free single-use discs.

It is available for $29.99 and is FSA and HSA-eligible.

4. Cora — best design in a period cup

Cora The Easy-Does-It Cup

Cora delivers a flexible menstrual product for those looking for an intuitive design to streamline cup application. Crafted from silicone and free of dyes, phthalates, and latex, the cup may become a comfortable and durable menstrual ally.

The standout of the The Easy-Does-It Cup is its straightforward design, which features an intuitive finger indent and a tapered texture to reduce spillage and leaks during usage. Moreover, it is engineered to provide day and night protection, collecting fluids without causing the dryness and irritation associated with other menstrual products.

Cora features two sizes — size 1 and size 2. The smaller size may be suitable for those who have not given birth and do not experience bladder leaks, while its regular size may be tailored towards those who've given birth or have light bladder leaks.

The brand recommends washing the cup with mild, fragrance-free soap during periods and sterilizing the cup after the menstruation is over. It also highlights the importance of cleaning thoroughly the air holes to prevent the growth of bacteria.

It is available for $39.00 and includes free shipping.

5. Saalt — best cruelty-free menstrual cup

Saalt Soft Cup

Those with bladder sensitivities may feel left out in the period universe, often facing challenges in finding suitable menstrual cups. This is where Saalt Soft Cup comes in, delivering a cup with an ultra-soft silicone formula specially designed to be gentle and comforting for sensitivities or intense cramps.

Saalt is available in three colors and two sizes — small and regular. The small size is more suitable for those without a pregnancy record, while the regular one is more targeted towards those with a history of childbirth or heavy flow.

The cup is not only a standout in comfort but also an optimal match for animal lovers. Crafted with medical-grade materials, the product is vegan and cruelty-free, becoming an eco-conscious choice for both environmental and animal welfare concerns.

It is available for $29.00 and counts with a replacement policy to exchange the wrong size for a new one suitable for you.

Best menstrual cups: comparison

ProductPriceSizesCapacityBest forMaterialsFirmnessStem
Venus$27.95Small and large29 mL–47 mLHeavy flowMedical-grade siliconeMedium firmnessCone shaped stem
VOXAPOD$58.00Small and medium25 mL–37 mLTampon usersMedical-grade siliconeMedium firmnessSoft flexible silicone stem
Flex$29.99Small and medium22 mL–30 mLBeginnersMedical-grade siliconeMedium firmnessAdjustable pull-tab stem
Cora$39.00Small and medium22 mL–29 mLBeginnersMedical-grade siliconeMedium firmnessIntuitive finger indent stem
Saalt$29.00Small and regularNot specifiedBladder sensitivitiesSiliconeSoftSoft flexible stem

Benefits of menstrual cups

Periods continue to be taboo in many cultures, with those with menstrual cycles facing violence, discrimination, and various challenges in managing their periods. Menstrual cups offer a promising solution to support menstruation worldwide, making products more accessible and affordable. Some of their benefits include:

  • Eco-friendly. A menstruator will throw away more than 10,000 tampons and sanitary pads in their lifetime, leading to a significant impact on the environment. Reusable products may offer a solution to reduce waste footprint and decrease the overall consumption of disposable products.
  • Affordable option. As periods come around, many individuals spend substantial amounts of money on disposable hygiene products. Menstrual cups can last up to 10 years, becoming more affordable and convenient than other products.
  • Long-lasting. Menstrual cups are placed in the vaginal canal and tend to have a high capacity to collect fluids. These products can hold up to 12 hours of bleeding without the need of emptying the cup.
  • Safety. Some studies have reviewed the overall usage and safety of cups, determining that they do not pose high chances of infection risk or any other complications. Furthermore, a Kenyan study from 2016 even found lower bacterial vaginosis cases in users of a menstrual cup than in those who used sanitary pads.

How to choose the best menstrual cup?

Finding the right period product is not easy, particularly for first-timers, who often flock from page to page seeking menstrual cup reviews and other in-depth information on how to select the right product. To streamline this exhausting search, we have compiled some key criteria:

  • Size. Older adults with a history of pregnancy will generally require a larger size than young adults with no history of pregnancy or childbirth. However, size may also vary depending on cervix height. For this reason, it is always best to consult with your gynecologist on the most suitable one for you.
  • Firmness. Menstrual cups come in varying levels of firmness tailored for diverse individual's needs. The most suitable one will depend on several factors, such as pelvic floor strength, low or high cervix, and sensitivities, among others. If you are a beginner, it is always best to select a medium-firm option and switch it up based on your preferences.
  • Blood flow. Another factor to consider in menstrual cups is their overall fluid capacity. While some cups are crafted to hold a light to medium flow, others are specifically catered to individuals with heavy flow.
  • Stem. Menstrual cups usually incorporate a stem to aid in removing the product. Its choice depends mostly on comfort and preference. However, first-timers may find prominent stems more helpful.

How to use menstrual cups?

Using a menstrual cup requires getting familiarized with various aspects, including insertion, removal, and overall clearance of the cup. While there are many types of menstrual cups, all of them require a similar learning curve:

  • Place the cup. Before introducing the cup, it is paramount to find a comfortable position and relax the body. The cup can be folded in various ways, but a C shape is usually recommended to streamline insertion. It should pop open if it is placed correctly. If you feel uncomfortable, you can move the cup around or reinsert it. However, if pain persists, it could be an indication that the cup is not the correct size for you.
  • Wearing it. Once the menstrual cup is placed inside the vagina, it can collect blood for up to 12 hours. However, periods differ from person to person, so you should empty the cup based on your flow and needs.
  • Removal. To remove the cup, find a comfortable position and relax your vagina muscles. You can pinch the stem and slowly remove the seal, bringing the cup outside of the vaginal canal.
  • Cleaning and care. There are two types of cleaning procedures for menstrual cups: during menstruation and between the cycles. During periods, the menstrual cup needs to be washed with mild soap after emptying the blood. The cleaning between the cycles should be performed more thoroughly, either by boiling the cup or as indicated by the manufacturer.

Precautions and side effects of using menstrual cups

While the fever of reusable menstruation products keeps spreading, so does the proliferation of claims and misinformation on menstrual cup use and safety. For this reason, it is crucial to acknowledge menstruation products' side effects and their necessary precautions:

  • Urinary tract complaints. A meta-analysis from 2019 on menstrual cup use reported some side effects after the usage of these products, including urinary tract complaints and difficulty removing and inserting the cup. However, many of these studies were conducted in low-income countries with constrained settings, such as a lack of sanitation.
  • Pain. A potential side effect linked with the use of menstrual cups is discomfort. This is usually caused by incorrect placement of the cup on the vagina. Therefore, it is vital to select an optimal size and shape to prevent pressure and ensure optimal comfort during daily activities.
  • Allergies. Even though allergies to menstrual cups are not frequent, it is always best to review the products' materials and ensure they are suitable for you. Moreover, monitoring your body during the first time you use the product is paramount to prevent rashes or other side effects.
  • Intrauterine devices. Manufacturers do not recommend the usage of cups with IUDS due to the lack of research conducted on these devices and menstrual cups.

Menstrual cup vs. disc: what's the difference?

Cups have stormed the menstruation universe, delivering an eco-friendly way to approach periods. However, this red revolution has also brought in a hot debate on the depths of the internet — menstrual cup vs disc — with many individuals fiercely positioning in favor of one or another hygiene product.

Consequently, we have decided to shed some light on this debate, elucidating the advantages and disadvantages of each hygiene item and hopefully becoming a comprehensive guide for those looking to purchase a reusable menstruation item:

Period cupsPeriod discs
LocationVaginal canalBelow cervix
Blood capacityLess blood capacity (10–38 mL)More blood capacity (80 mL)
ApplianceLearning curveLearning curve
Wear time 4–12 hUp to 12 hours
SizeMay differ based on various criteria Universal
MessinessStays in place due to suctionMay auto-empty on its own and more challenging to extract

Best menstrual cups 2024: conclusion

Menstrual cups are gaining momentum online, with many individuals choosing this product over other disposable products due to its convenient, eco-friendly, and affordable nature.

Reusable products are not only an eco-conscious choice, but they also present some benefits when it comes to comfort and protection, lasting 10–12 hours without the necessity of changing it. Additionally, studies have shed light on the potential of these devices, presenting them as a potentially safe and leak-free choice to manage menstrual cycles worldwide.

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