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Best Period Tracker App 2024: Top Choices

Period tracker apps, integral to the rapidly growing FemTech sector, enjoy popularity among over 50 million women globally. With hundreds of menstrual cycle tracker apps out there, selecting the most accurate options becomes a complex task.

For this review article, we have gathered 7 products, allowing you to choose the best period tracker app based on the user-friendly interface and functionality.

Best period tracker app: shortlist

  1. Flo — best period tracker app for free
  2. Glow — overall best period tracker app
  3. Femometer — best ovulation and period tracker device
  4. Eve — best all-in-one period tracker app
  5. Natural Cycles — best period tracking app for birth control
  6. Teena — best period tracker for a 12-year-old
  7. balance — best free period tracker app for perimenopause

How we chose the best period tracker app

We rigorously assessed various period tracker apps, narrowing down the best by evaluating their quality based on the factors listed below.

User experienceEase of use
AccuracyMaximum prediction precision
SafetySecure user data
AccessibilityDevice integrity and free version availability
PriceValue for money
  • User experience. Intuitive design and interface define our list of top-rated period tracker apps and devices.
  • Accuracy. Keeping in mind that period tracker apps work by predicting ovulation and menstruation based on comparable data, we listed the applications with the maximum accuracy.
  • Safety. Period tracking apps hold sensitive information regarding women’s reproductive health and more that are trusted to be kept safe. Thus, these applications should ensure data security against breaches.
  • Accessibility. Accessibility involves accommodating diverse devices and making services inclusive. Offering a free version with essential features and information allows equal access to more people.
  • Price. The cost of the tracker apps is about obtaining quality, utility, benefits, and satisfaction with the amount spent on a product or service.

Best period tracker app in 2024: overview

Period tracking apps are now a popular tool for women, helping them gain insights into their menstrual cycles. Surveys and studies reveal their widespread use for preparing for periods and understanding PMS symptoms, variations, and fertile windows.

The following section is dedicated to the reviews of 7 top-rated period tracker apps, assessing their features to help you choose the best for your goals.

1. Flo — best period tracker app for free

Flo Health app

Flo is a well-known and extensively downloaded period tracker app that allows the use of their free version with many features.

People use Flo not only for period tracking but also for pregnancy monitoring and birth control. One drawback of the app is that it cannot read pregnancy and ovulation tests, and you have to put BBT, ovulation, and other results manually.

You can engage in discussions in the “secret chats” section. With the paid version, you may also be able to read in-app articles written by medical experts about reproductive health and menstruation, and get personalized reports about your daily logs.

Flo has a simple interface, and you may be able to navigate in the app right after you download it. However, some people report disruptive ads and spontaneous pop-ups for subscribing to premium versions.

Flo period tracker offers various plans where the prices may vary depending on the intended use and subscription duration. For ovulation and health tracking, Flo has the following pricing:

  • Monthly: $11.49
  • Annually: $39.99
  • Weekly: $1.39

2. Glow — overall best period and fertility tracker app

Glow Premium app

We recognized Glow as the best period tracker app, acclaimed as one of the few to achieve HIPAA certification. This certification highlights Glow's commitment to data security and privacy according to established user-safety standards.

Having all the necessary features for tracking periods, the application’s primary usage intent is family planning. Glow allows adding pregnancy or ovulation tests to translate the results accurately for predicting fertility windows. The in-app community is another corner to share personal success stories, ask relevant questions, and get support.

With Glow, you can share information regarding reproductive health with your partner. Moreover, Glow allows users to sync data with other family applications of the provider.

While necessary features for period and fertility tracking are available with the app's free version, the paid option will offer more insights and accuracy. The paid version of the Glow tracker app will also clean the screen from popping ads.

The following pricing is available for the app:

  • Annually: $59.99 ($4.99/month)
  • Monthly: $15.99 month
  • Lifetime: $99.99 charged once + access to Glow Premium across 4 Glow apps (Baby, Nurture, Glow, Eve)

3. Femometer — best ovulation and period tracker device + app

Femometer smart ring and app + logo

Femometer introduces its Smart Ring, designed to help women track vital aspects of reproductive health, such as menstrual cycle length, ovulation, sleep patterns, and more. By seamlessly connecting the Smart Ring to the Femometer period tracker app, users can access real-time insights into their overall well-being.

The Femometer application collects data on your menstrual cycles overnight by detecting basal body temperature (BBT) using the Smart Ring and incorporating the PMS symptoms you input into the app.

The ring is available in 3 sizes, in a sleek white color, and is waterproof with an IP68 rating. Keep in mind that this period tracker device cannot be worn in the presence of an implanted electronic device, such as a pacemaker.

The Femometer Smart Ring is priced at $149 and can only be used with the app. Considering this is a one-time payment for usage convenience, consistency, and real-time insights into reproductive health and more, the value becomes evident.

4. Eve — best all-in-one and interactive period tracker app

Eve by Glow

Eve is an all-in-one period tracker app powered by Glow. You can use the app on its own, yet by pairing it with other trackers by the developer, you will get more insights about your menstrual cycle and general information about reproductive health.

Users praise the interactive features of the app, such as customizable "Daily gems" that encourage engagement through daily quizzes, anxiety management tips, quotes, and more. In the huge in-app community, you can always find support, share your story, or get suggestions from other users.

Similar to its sister apps, Eve allows pairing with Oura ring to collect more data about overall health. In the health log section, you may find entertaining icons for each symptom or activity you had during the cycle.

Eve by Glow has a minimalistic interface yet has an immense amount of educational materials. If you want to use the app on its own, here is the price list based on the subscription plan:

  • Monthly: $7.99
  • Yearly: $47.99
  • Lifetime: $59.99

5. Natural Cycles — best period tracker app for birth control

Natural Cycles app

Claimed to be the only application cleared by the FDA, Natural Cycles (NC°) may be the best app for women aiming to avoid conception without using “the pill” or other contraceptives.

The primary way NC° works is by collecting data from your BBT that you should log every morning. The application uses this information to detect the most fertile days when you should either use protection or avoid sexual intercourse.

Although designed to assist with birth control, Natural Cycles may also be used for planning and following pregnancy. According to the developer, the application may also suit women with irregular periods where the algorithm may still catch peak fertile days.

It’s worth noting that this period tracker app does not offer a free version. To start your tracking journey, you should obtain either an NC° thermometer, Apple Watch Series 8+, or Oura ring and opt for an annual or monthly subscription with the following pricing:

  • Annually: $9.99/month + free thermometer
  • Monthly: $14.99/month

6. Teena — best period tracker app for a 12-year-old

Teena is a simple BBT thermometer with connectivity to the free application. It’s so far evaluated as the best period tracker device and one of the safest apps for teens, where they are the only ones with access to their data.

The developers of the Teena app and thermometer aim to help teen girls get ready for their menstruation by tracking their BBT first thing every morning. Though you will not see the temperature on the thermometer, the flashing light on it may indicate it’s ready on the app.

The application, in its turn, is very minimalistic and simple to use. It is more of a notebook allowing teenagers to log their emotions and track periods rather than an application with communities, ovulation, or other metrics. The application is rich in educational materials about menstruation, self-care, anatomy, and more.

The Teena app comes free of charge, and to use it, you need to obtain the thermometer, which is available in 5 colors for $109.

7. balance — best free period tracker app for perimenopause

Certified by the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA), balance is designed to support women in perimenopause and menopause. Founded by Dr. Louise Newson, a GP, and Menopause Specialist, the app offers a free version with ample resources to help with menopausal symptoms.

In balance, users can find yoga, meditation, and self-care regimen recommendations. Besides this, it’s possible to register a session with Dr. Newson for personalized help.

Analyzing the daily logs, balance gives users insights into the changes in those lifestyles and health patterns. Users can download the collected health records to share with their healthcare provider.

With the paid version of the app, users will have access to live sessions with doctors, join a real-life consultation, and read medically proven content for well-being.

The prices for monthly and yearly subscriptions are the following:

  • Monthly: $11.99
  • Yearly: $69.99 + 1 year free trial

Comparing the top period tracker apps in 2024

BrandPriceTypeAccessibilityIntended useRatings
FloMonthly: $11.49
Annually: $39.99
Weekly: $1.39

AppAndroid, iOSPeriod, ovulation, pregnancy, and reproductive health trackingAndroid — 4.6
iOS — 4.8
GlowAnnually: $59.99
Quarterly: $29.99/3 months
Lifetime: $99.99
AppAndroid, iOSPeriod tracking, pregnancy planning and trackingAndroid — 4.3
iOS — 4.7
Femometer$149.00Smart ring + appMobile app integration, Android, iOSSleep patterns, BBT, ovulation, and period trackingAndroid — 4.8
iOS — 4.9
Eve by GlowMonthly: $7.99
Yearly: $47.99
Lifetime: $59.99
AppAndroid, iOSOverall reproductive and sexual wellness trackingAndroid — 4.1
iOS — 4.7
Natural CyclesAnnually: $9.99/month + free thermometer
Monthly: $14.99/month
AppAndroid, iOSBirth control, planning, and following pregnancyAndroid — 4.6
iOS — 4.8
Teena$109.00Device + appMobile app integration, Android, iOSPeriod tracker for pre-teens and teensAndroid — N/A
iOS — 4.8
balanceMonthly: $11.99
Yearly: $69.99
AppAndroid, iOSMenopause trackingAndroid — 4.3
iOS — 4.7

The working mechanism of period tracker apps

By combining user input with algorithmic analysis, period tracker apps learn from your data to provide personalized period predictions with the highest possible accuracy. Period trackers are aimed at helping users better understand and supervise their menstrual health.

Each month, users should log information regarding their menstrual cycle, symptoms, or other relevant data to help the application make the following predictions:

  • Future cycles
  • Irregularities
  • Ovulation
  • Possible health concerns

Certain period tracking apps are also designed to help in family planning by providing insights regarding fertility windows. They may also allow uploading data from LH, hCG, or PhG tests for accurate reading and support in preparing for conception.

Remember that applications give recommendations and predictions based on millions of data points. Hence, they are not always 100% accurate. For more personalized recommendations and reproductive health tracking, you should talk to your healthcare provider.

What to look for when choosing the best period and ovulation tracker app?

When choosing a period tracker app, consider factors such as:

  • Functionalities. Opt for apps that offer educational materials and allow symptom tracking, as well as LH, PhG, and hCG test interpretation.
  • Free version. Some applications offer free version where the available features still allow tracking periods and other menstrual aspects.
  • Integration with wearables. Devices such as smart rings, watches, or thermometers are great tools that help you understand your body better and prepare for periods.
  • Intended use. Tracker apps may be designed to help track specific aspects of reproductive health. Specify your goals and select one for either period predictions, pregnancy tracking and planning, birth control, or perimenopausal support.

Tips on how to effectively use a period tracker

The effectiveness of a period tracker may vary based on many factors. To make the most of the application, grab the following usage tips:

  • Stay consistent. For precise predictions, enter data daily, including the start and end of your menstrual cycle, any symptoms, and information about medication use if applicable.
  • Use in-app resources. Many period tracker apps provide a pool of educational material that could be helpful in understanding your body and menstrual health better.
  • Use reminders. Some period trackers allow setting reminders to get ready for the upcoming periods or fertile days. Other than this, you can use them as habit trackers and create reminders for medication intake, daily exercise, and others.
  • Sync. If applicable, you can synchronize with other tracker apps for a broader comprehension of your general health. If you are using tracker devices that can be paired with applications, keep them up to date.
  • Specify your goal. Upon setting your period tracker, identify the intended use. Customize the app settings in accordance with your goals — to plan your periods, contraception, or for getting pregnant.

Are period tracker apps safe to use?

Period tracker apps are generally safe to use. While period tracker apps have gained popularity, it's crucial to consider both their benefits and potential drawbacks. Many users find these apps helpful for tracking menstrual cycles, predicting ovulation, and supporting reproductive health.

Some apps employ advanced features like the symptothermal method (physical changes and BBT), offering a nuanced approach. Additionally, apps, when used correctly, might serve as a safe method of contraception.

However, users should be mindful of privacy concerns associated with data collection and sharing. Recent criticisms have prompted some app providers to update privacy policies and enhance data protection measures.

As with any technology, choosing reputable apps, staying informed about updates, and prioritizing user privacy is advisable.

When used responsibly, period tracker apps can be valuable tools for menstrual health support and family planning.

Both Flo and Glow apps faced safety concerns in the past, but both companies have taken steps to address these issues. Glow adheres to HIPAA standards, ensuring the protection of users' health data. Flo, on the other hand, seeks explicit user permission to access and utilize data, emphasizing a commitment to user privacy.

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